JANUARY 2005 - AUGUST 2005

Dear DMFC : Is Dean Martin related at another Italian singer Tony Martin?
(Helen Rittcon - Oregon)
Hi Helen - We get this question quite often. No, Tony Martin is Not related to Dean.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : Your bulletin board hasn't had many posts to it in quite a few weeks. Are the fans not there anymore?
(Nancy Lamen - Texas)
Hi Nancy - There has been a flurry of messages forwarded to us over the summer, but somehow our server has had problems and not forwarded our mail and posts correctly. Instead, they were being sent to our order department who didn't have a clue as to what they were. We are aware of this problem and have tried to correct it. Thanks for asking and also letting us know!
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : First of all, Happy Fourth of July to all those in America. You have given us so much including the greatest gift of all - Dean Martin! While celebrating with fireworks, light one for Dean and may it be the brightest and biggest of all.
(Laurie Canett - CANADA)
Dear DMFC : Regis Philbin showed an issue of your magazine on his television program this morning. I didn't know that a fan club and magazine existed. This is the best news I have heard in years!
(Steve Morrison - Minnesota)
Dear DMFC : I was watching Live! With Regis and Kelly, and Regis held up a copy of the magazine devoted to Greg Garrison (Dean's TV Show Producer). I know that Regis is a huge Dean Martin fan, and that is what got my whole family hooked on him. Now we can't seem to get enough. Thank you for all the information we see on your Website. I can't wait to see the magazine next!
(Christopher E. Mitchell - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : When my mother took her own life Ten years ago now, I bought a greatest hits CD of Deans. It just helped me out a lot... It made me remember.. We are given today...and to just be happy for that...
(Jimm Russak - California)
Dear DMFC : Hi, Hope you can help. We took our 93 year old uncle to an Italian restaurant in Seattle the other day and they were playing Dean Martin's songs. In particular there was the mention of "Pasta Fazul" in one song. Do you know the name of that song or is it called Pasta Fazul? We would love to get it for him. Thanks for any help.
(Bob & Jan De Felice - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Hi ,The song that Niek Heizenberg referenced in a previous message is titled 'Change of Heart' . Dean recorded this song in October 1955 and it was ultimately released as the 'flip' side to the hit single 'Memories Are Made of This' in December 1955. It's a rather whimsical, light-hearted song that lends itself to Dean's singing style. To my knowledge it never charted on it's own.
On another note I was also deeply sad and sorry to hear about the death of Greg Garrison recently. Yet another link to Dean's life and career has been taken away from us all and what an important link. He was a true giant in TV entertainment and his talents and abilities like Dean's are sorley missed when compared to what passes as TV entertainment today. My sincere condolences to his family. He'll be missed ! Sincerely
(David Badal - Virginia)
Dear DMFC : Hi, my name is Dario Alvez, I am 29 years old , and I live in Argentine. I was looking for some info about Dino lyrics, then I found your website and it was amazing, I found a lot of info , thanks to you guys. Like so many people in this earth , we love Dean and his music , I don't know when I started hearing Dean's music, I think it was so long time ago , since I saw Him and Jerry on movies making us so happy when I was a child. I hear Him any time I can , He makes me fill so good, and I made my wife a fun too!!! , We love the song "That's Amore" I can't stop singing it. Thanks so much , your friend from Argentine.Bye bye to everybody.
(Dario Alvez - Argentina)
Dear DMFC : I was wondering if anyone can share their memories and/or encounters with Dean Martin's son, Dean-Paul. I would love to hear them.
(Megan - New Mexico)
Dear DMFC : Was Dean Martin related to Tony Martin, the singer?
(Lalo Russler - Canada)
Lalo - We get asked this question quite often. People also ask if Dean is related to Perry Como, Bing Crosby and a few other (mostly Italian) singers. The answer is NO. Dean was the only known singer in his small family. Two of his children, however, have established a singing career... Gail Martin and Ricci Martin.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : June 7th, 2005 - Happy Birthday to Dean Martin.
(Christopher Jameson - California)
Dear DMFC : Happy Birthday, Dino !!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday, Dino!!!! The love and laughter you have given to this world will always burn brightly in the smiles you have given us, your loyal, loving fans!!
Chase a few angels today!! Love,
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Dear sir/ma'am, Hello, I am only fifteen years of age, but I am a huge fan of Dean Martin music and have been for a few years now. My first love of Dean Martin was when i went over to my friends place and it was only him and his mates there, yet they were listening to a Dean Martin C.D.
Lately I have been searching for a song by Dean Martin every where, for example, on the net, in music stores, excreta... but I just can not seem to find it. My friend has it on cassette but that is the only place that I have heard it. The reason that I am trying to find this particular song is because my very close mate, that i consider a father figure to me, has cancer and has requested that i sing it at his funeral, as that is his favorite song. I know that most people think that a female can not sing a Dean Martin song but he said that the last person he wants to hear sing that song, is me, and I can not let him down!
The song is called "I'll leave this world loving you"! I just want to have it with me so that I can learn the words, tune, and notes so that I do not let him down. Another song that is my second favourite is "On the wings of a silver bird"!
If you could please help me to find these songs I will be forever grateful, and it would mean a lot to him. His name is Ian Oliver, his cancer has luckily stopped growing at the moment but I do not know how long for. It is in his gut. The cassette that I told you about is almost ruined because we listened to it so many times, and sadly I had to move away so I do not know what state the cassette is in now. Yours sincerely,
(Lynnette McRae - New Zealand)
Dear DMFC : I have been enjoying the Dean Martin Variety tapes. I have 24 different volumes, and was wondering if any more are planned? They are the greatest thing next to having the complete shows put out. It's hard to believe that these were made so many years ago. I wish the TV executives would learn something and go back to make television today like they had done back then. Maybe then, more people would stay home and watch television. It's a strange world where people eat bugs and pick a bride out of contestants like a game show.
(Lonnie Gallagher - California)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for the notice about the new ad on the telly that features Dean Martin singing with a female partner selling Tropicana Juice. Your website is the greatest!
(Julie Schiffer - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : I just read that Greg Garrison has passed away. Time seems to be marching on faster and faster. We all need to slow down a bit and appreciate the things we all have around us and take for granted. I for one, take 30 minutes each day to stop whatever I am doing and relax. Of course, you know what music I relax to... Dino. Stop and listen to the words of the songs. Listen to the way Dean interprets them. Listen to his breath control, and you too will enjoy life a little more. I promise.
(Tyra Lyons - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : I am sitting hear listening to Dean! My Dad loved him and it has rubbed off on me. My lovely Dad died of cancer last year (2004) at the age of 63yrs. A lover of life, his family and Dean Martin. We played "Memories are made of this" as we left the crematorium! I love my Dad and I love Dean Martin's songs as I can do nothing but smile when I hear them. My Dad had a bad weekend one week before he died and I played Dean's tape. He made us (my brother and I) listen to the words of certain songs as they were "beautiful". They made one of our worst weekends our most memorable! Need I say more?
(Eileen Fern - SCOTLAND)
Dear DMFC : I am saddened to hear about the passing of Greg Garrison. He was truly admired by all of Dean's fans everywhere.
(James Locklear - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : Hi there from the Netherlands. I am a fan of Dean Martin for a very long time and have most of his lyrics. One, however, escapes me over all those years. Finding your site on the internet gives my new hope . It goes somewhat like this : .... if the icy winds that blasts us in December bring in April flowers to the vine.... and ...but I have recently heard an old fox learned new tricks.... and .... have a change of heart and be my Valentine.... etc.etc. Can you help me ?. Thx in advance.
(Niek Heizenberg - NETHERLANDS)
Dear DMFC : I have been seeing more and more mention of Dean Martin in the newspapers lately. It looks like another wave of "Rat Pack" mania is coming!
(Elizabeth Nelson - Iowa)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for the update on the TV Commercial that we have been hearing over here. It was nice to know the woman's voice that sang along.
(James McAlister - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : I am very sorry and shocked to hear that Greg Garrison passed away on 25 March (my birthday, of all days). I'd like to offer my condolences to Mr. Daniels, losing a friend is never easy. I'd also like to send my condolences to Greg Garrison's family and friends and wish them well in these sad times. Sincerely,
(Wishes to Remain Anonymous - The Netherlands)
Dear DMFC : I would like to add my request to the growing chorus for a biographical movie about Dean Martin. Think of the great material-the Jerry Lewis period, the Rat Pack years, his friendship with Presidents Kennedy and Reagan. Movies have been made about much lesser men. We should honor our great entertainers. Jerry Lewis turns eighty next year- his birthday should be a national celebration.
(Rodney Kreider - Georgia)
Dear DMFC : Please accept my condolences on the passing of your friend Greg Garrison Mr. Daniels. Send my condolences to his family also. Mr. Garrisons passing leaves that void in our lives a little larger. His ability to bend over backwards to please his partner Dean Martin, to enable what we look back on as the best time of our lives and my DVD collection of the Dean Martin Show clips is something that will be treasured for the rest of my life.
Now Dean Has Greg directing and producing a “star” studded production, with all his other “pallies” Frank, Sammy, and all the other greats that we will never ever again see the caliber of.
Thank You for letting me post these thoughts on yet another sad day. Sincerely,
(Paul Bischoff - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : I know that your founder, Neil Daniels, had been associated with NBC since the Dean Martin TV Show first started, and that he had knwon Greg Garrison for all these years. It was he and your organization that has kept the Dean Martin light alive and burning for all these past years. That also includes the light on Greg Garrison, Lee Hale, and all the other friends that Dean worked with or knew.
Now upon hearing of the news that Greg Garrison has passed away from Regis Philbin on his morning show, Live! With Regis and Kelly, I am saddened again, just like the Christmas morning I heard of Dean's death.
Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into the life of Greg Garrison over all these years, as you do with so many other talented people. I know that you must miss your friend very much, and please accept my condolences.
Mr. Daniels, if I can speak for the other Dean Martin fans out here, I have to say that we all love what you and the work and passion you put into everything you have done over the years. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You do make a difference for the most of us!
(Kelly A. Lucas - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I live in South Wales (UK) and have been a Dino fan since the 50s. I do an impression of our King and am rehearsing at the moment with a view of going out with a Tribute. It was a delight to read your pages and thanks so much for that opportunity to do so.
Kind regards to all Dino Fans and of course his beloved family.
(Bill Bennett - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : Hey All – My name is John Saviano and I live in Los Angeles. I am 41 years old and I have been a huge Dean fan from the days my parents would play his records over and over for years at meal times. I never grew tired of them. Now I have a family of my own and my 5 year old son’s school sponsors a parent culture day where parents come into the class and tell about their family’s cultural history. Since Dean is such a big part of this for me, and I play guitar, I wanted to sing “That’s Amore” for them. If anyone out there has the music (guitar chords etc) I would sure appreciate them sending it my way. I want these kids to hear something that has made me smile for 35 years. Grazie mille a tutti!
(John Saviano - California)
Dear DMFC : I heard this morning the tail end of a comment made by Regis on television alluding to Greg Garrison. All I can remember is him saying something to the effect that, ' Well, he's up there with Dean now probably producing more shows'. Your site proclaims him dead, so I realize he did pass away.
I looked at the obituaries in the Los Angeles Times, but can find no mention there. I did a search for him, but could find no article on his death. Where does an obituary exist? Did he live in California at all?
On a lighter note, it was a pleasure to meet you last year. You may remember that my mother and I said we were from Dallas, Texas. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to any info about where I can find Greg's obituary, I am Your Dean Martin Friend in Texas,
(Robert Azzarello - Texas)
Dear DMFC: I wish to express my sincere condolences to all of the family and friends of Greg Garrison. The news of his passing deeply saddens me. I feel like we have lost Dean all over again. Greg seemed more than just a director/producer to Dean. More like a brother to him and when you watch the variety show DVD interviews, you can really see how much Greg cared and loved Dean. This is really a hard loss to take. I always hoped that Greg would write his own book about his life and times with Dean. Now that opportunity is lost. Greg, you will be missed very much. The way you carried the torch for Dean's legacy will never be forgotten as well as your own legacy will live on as long as we pallies are here on earth. Thank you dear Greg for all of your good work, chase a few angels around and put Dino to work up in Heaven. We need some laughter and music to rain down on this sad world.
Your fan always,
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : This is the first time that I have posted on this bulletin bored. I'm sixteen years old and I have been a fan of Dean Martin for about a year and a half. I first discovered him through another love of mine...Frank Sinatra. Since then...I have loved him dearly. I love his music. His voice is so romantic and beautiful. His music always seems to make me smile. I love it.
I think that he is very handsome and he is very funny. I've only seen three of his movies: "Rio Bravo", "The Sons of Katie Elder", and "Kiss Me, Stupid". I think they are some of the best movies that I have seen. I own his essentials CD and the "That's Amore" DVD. I think they are spectacular. There is just so much to admire him for.
I only regret that I wasn't born in a time where I could truly experience him. I was born in 1988 and I wasn't aware that he existed until a year and a half ago...long after his death. I wish I could go back in time and watch him perform or even meet him!
(Megan - New Mexico)
Dear DMFC : The story that Neil Daniels wrote on page 19 in the current issue of Playboy is wonderful. The photograph that accompanied it was also equally enthralling -- the way we all remember Dino. It's amazing how in a few selected words (I'm sure your story had been shortened to fit) told the essence of the man we all grew to love in the movies, on TV and on records. I am also glad that there is a Dean Martin Fan Center to come to. By everything I am seeing, please keep up the good work!
(Chris Wyngarde - New York)
Dear DMFC : Just thought I would tell a story fellow fans might understand. I am 47 yrs old and have grown up in a musical family. My father was quite famous musician in country music in the 40's-70's. He was in Bob Wills &Texas Playboys, Tex Williams Band, and his own band The Country Gentleman. I was always around music. My parents loved Dean Martin and I grew up hearing his voice. He was part of my childhood and is now again a part of my life and grief.
My Daddy would bounce me on his knee while singing me "Angel Baby" and my mother would play her Dean Martin LP's for me when my Daddy was away on tour.
I have lost my Mother to MS and my Daddy died on Sept 11.2001 from Cancer. It was a terrible day. But, when you loose both parents, you have nothing to comfort you but memories. I listen to "Memories are made of this" and cry. I have found Dean Martin again for the first time in many years and his music has given me comfort and sweet memories.
I remember one night as my mother was getting ready for my daddy to return home from a long European and Asian tour. He had been gone for over 9 months. She was beautiful! I watched her get ready. She wore black silk taffeta gown, black spike high heels, her hair flowing down her back in ringlets and her ruby red lips were perfect. I wanted to be like my Mother. I was about 4 yrs old and we both were excited while we waited. Daddy arrived and he and I danced (me on his boots) to the Sleeping Beauty waltz as he put me to bed. Later, I hear the sweet sounds of Dean Martin's voice from the living room. It was the song, "sway." I snuck out to peek around the hallway. I saw my Mother and Daddy in a wonderful embrace as they waltzed and "swayed" to the rumba beat. As they looked at each other in such love, I was completely frozen in awe. As Dean finished the song, my Daddy flung her into a deep romantic "dip" and they quickly kissed. I toddled off to bed with a memory that has stayed in my mind all my life. I told my mother the next morning as I looked at Dean Martins picture on the record "Hey Mamma, He's Cute !" My mother fell apart laughing and agreed with me. At 16, I married my husband. He is also Italian. My Mother said she wasn't surprised.
But the best memory came just 2 months ago.. The year before my Daddy died, my husband and I went to Italy and a Mediterranean cruise. I called my daddy from Rome. I told him we were off next to Morocco, and he broke into song on the phone to me. It was a verse from Dean Martin's song "You belong to me." He was always singing little snippets from songs to me as I grew up and I often didn't know what song they were. But I didn't care. The words to me were so sweet that I remember them ringing in my ears. " See the market place in old Algiers, send me post cards and souvenirs.Just remember as a dream comes near, You belong to me." Two months ago I bought Dean Martin's Greatest Hits CD. I listened and heard "You belong to me" and I fell apart. I heard my Daddy's voice again in my heart and now I knew what song it was. And now I knew the rest of the words to the song. My heart was broken and mended at the same time. When we grieve, songs comfort us and bring back sweet memories. Dean Martin will forever hold a special place in my heart. I am sure my Mamma and Daddy are "Swaying" up there to Dean's sweet voice. What a band there must be up there. Just wanted to share what he has meant to my life and thank you for having the fan club. And for letting me know I am not alone out there. We all loved him and still do. God Bless you al.
(Mrs. Bettie Russo - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Your Playboy article was "right-on"! Thanks for everything you guys do (we see your name everyplace).
Don Granger - Mississippi)
Dear DMFC : I am 52 years old. I have loved Dean for over 30 years. I have a lot of Dean's record albums. I have a lot of "45's", which I play on my 1950 Seeburg Jukebox. I have seen most of Dean's movies. Dean is so very handsome. TD&H (Tall, Dark, and Handsome). From a Fan in Spokane.
(Sharon Vontersch - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Hi! Maybe you can help me.... do you now who's the singer of the song "My Friend Irma" from the same movie.... maybe you know it. Thank you very much for your help! Greetings,
(Sadj - Denmark)
Dear DMFC : Hi my name is Frank Molinaro. I really enjoy this website. I am 19 years old and my family is really involved in music and my grandfather's uncle started a band in Italy and brought it over here about 90 years ago. When it first started it was called the Royal Italian Band. Now it has changed to the Molinaro Band . My Grandfather plays in several bands and really has a lot of musical talent. He first got me to listen to Dean when I was very little and ever since I have loved his music he is like a role model to me . I would like to receive some info on dean if u could do me that favor I would really appreciate that ... thank you very much
(Frank Molinaro - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : I read that Jerry Lewis is coming out with a book about his ten years with Dean Martin. I certainly hope that it's more in depth and honest than what has ever been written... but then again, this will be Jerry Lewis' version. Please Jerry, keep it honest and don't change history for us.
(Rhonda Liecher - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Recently, our Media Class opened up a discussion on what is called "variety show" television. We were so honored and happy to have your Dean Martin chairman, Neil Daniels, as our guest speaker yesterday. Not only did he recall the impact of what performers meant to television from the 1950's through the 1980's, but also had such keen insight as to the public conscience about current events and how they had much more of a say-so in what was dealt to them in the way of radio and television.
Many of his examples were taken from the Dean Martin Show, and how for nearly a decade, it became a staple of Thursday nights in America, much how phrases (such as "How's Your Bippy?" and "Sock-it-to-me" were talitified from programs such as "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in", a spin-off from a Dean Martin Summer Series.
Once again, a special thank you to your chairman, and for entertaining and educating us for three hours (The best three hours I have ever spent in a forum). We have now all become Dean Martin Fans ourselves.
(Russ Tinnerland - UBC, California)
Dear DMFC : Hello,I am a Taxi Driver in Dublin, Ireland. I always have Dean on my CD player in my Taxi. The younger passengers, 20s-30s, are amazed at the quality of Dean's voice and the sincerity of the lyrics, and the older passengers look back with fondness and memories of their youth listening to Dean. Sometimes, I can't get my passengers to leave the Taxi until they hear their favourite song! I have all the CDs. Passengers buy my CDs from me to bring home.I don't sell them for profit. I replace them the next day, If i can't buy them in Dublin, I get them on the Internet. I always start off my CD with "Arrividecci Roma". If some of my passengers are drunk or argumentive, "Roma"calms them down, haha! Then, its "Amore" and they sing along and everybody's happy!! As long as I drive a Taxi, I will educate and introduce the younger generation to Dean Martin. I'm 40 years of age.I get old ,you get old, but Dean's sweet voice never gets old. You know that old saying,"They Don't make 'Em Like That Anymore"? Well,whoever coined that phrase just had to be talking about Dean Martin. Ah, May God Grant his Soul Eternal Rest and Cradle Dean close To Him. I'm going to work now ,key in the ignition, seat belt on, Dean on the CD player. I t doesn't get any better than this!! Here's to you, Pally. Regards,
(Patrick Sweeny - Ireland)
Dear DMFC : I have a cute story for you about my daughter. I thought this would be a good place to tell it.
My daughter who is in the first grade is starting to think about Valentine's Day and making Valentines for her classmates at school. She wants to put Dean Martin's picture on the front of each one because she loves his music and thinks that would be the best Valentine to give her friends.
Just thought your readers would like to hear this story.
(Caprice Miller - Delaware)
Dear DMFC : I am only fifteen. I just saw Dear DMFC : For a man who had a career with the magnitude of Dean Martin, how come I have never yet seen a truthful, in depth and honest biography produced about the man? Everything that has been said or written is pretty much surface analysis. A lot relies on the same tried-and-true stories that have been told in folklore over the years. I am sure that once someone uncovers the real story, a movie or book about Dean Martin would possibly come close to the level of success that Dean Martin himself had. That's just my humble opinion as I wait for "The Great American Novel", a good fact filled piece of work about Dean to come along.
(Arthur Richards - New York)
Dear DMFC : I have seen Jerry Lewis making the talk show circuit recently. Everyone always mentions his rise to fame with Dean Martin. Jerry has nice things to say about their partnership and how important Dean was to the team (we all knew that!). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has any idea why he's appearing on all these shows? The only thing they have in common is that he talks about a company that has come up with a muscle stimulator that rids the body (brain) of pain.
By the way, I am not a huge Jerry Lewis follower, but there isn't too many celebrities out there who have devoted as much time as Jerry has to finding a cure for a dreaded disease as Muscular Dystrophy. If he is to be remembered for anything, it would be his humanitarian efforts over his entire lifetime.
(Tina Leardini - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : I live in Manchester, England and have heard on the local radio that Dean Martin was in fact born in Ardwick, Manchester and not Ohio. Could you please let me know the correct place of his birth. Many thanks,
(Eric Tetlow - England)
Dear Eric - Dean was born in Ohio.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : Your fans might enjoy seeing this mention of your magazine in the Las Vegas Leisure Guide: http://www.lasvegas-nv.com/norm/nj123104.htm
(Richard Gleason - England)
Dear DMFC : I have an answer for Jaynie who asked about Dean's song. Dean opened his variety show every week with a few lines from "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime" until the 7th or 8th season when it was changed to "A Whole Lotta Lovin' With Dean" that the Dingaling Sisters would sing to introduce him. For a while, Dean would also sing a few lines from "Everybody" at the ends of the show also, but there were many other songs that you might remember, such as the concert melody starting with "Welcome to My World" every week for a year or so. Then there was "At The Movies" , another melody that showcased various musicals with the guest stars singing along. I hope this helps jog your memory. To me, It seems as though it was yesterday.
(John Prima - California)
Dear DMFC : We live in a part of Canada that did not have a lot of television stations back in the 1960's. My dad had crawled on top of the telephone pole right next to out house and hooked up an antenna with a long wire, so we could receive the signals from the closest station across the border in the U.S. Every Thursday night, our house would be filled with the neighbors wanting to squeeze around our snowy little television screen to watch the Dean Martin Show. Now with technology, everything is so different. I guess we were living in the stone age back then, but to catch a glimpse of Dean Martin every week, we felt that we were in the middle of what was happening.
(Alex Chambray - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone know if Dean Martin was a good swimmer or even swam at all? I remember seeing a story in an old movie magazine with pictures of his house and family around a big swimming pool at home. Also, speaking of pool, did Dean Martin ever play billiard pool? If so, was he good at it? I know he was a good golfer. Thanks for allowing me to ask.
(J. Barilla - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Thanks so much for all you do concerning Dean Martin. Since before Mr. Martin died, it was your website and fan club that kept all us fans informed and excited. While no one else was doing anything, you guys were working like a publicity machine. When his hometown wanted to have a special memorial, it was you guys who got the ball rolling and invited us fans to join. Before the cocktail rage among the new generation took flight, it was you guys who were out there keeping Dean at the top of the pack.
Now after all these years of letting time slip by, as a member of your wonderful Dean Martin Fan Center and visiting this website every week to see what's new, I wanted to say thank you. I know all of your work comes from a shared passion we all have. Please keep up the good work for many many many more years to come.
(Taylor Johnson - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Hey, Found your website through a google search. WOW and thanks! My son (24) is a huge Dean Martin fan. I was trying to remember if he ended his television shows with a particular song every week. Any help?? Thanks,
Dear DMFC : As part of my Xmas gift I was given the DVD 'That's amore'. Xmas doesn't come better than that, I sat in my lounge at 6.30 am and once again enjoyed the immense talent that was Dean Martin. The songs perfectly delivered by an immaculately turned out ultra-cool guy. What a joy to hear and see a performer who gave such enjoyment whilst at the same time not being afraid to send himself up when he wanted to, a classic example is the rendition of 'Houston' with Dean 'supposedly' playing the harmonica.
Someday SKY TV will show all of the Dean Martin Show programmes, after all almost all of its entire output is repeats. About time they showed a multi-talented super star instead of those modern bland, tuneless and talentless so called 'celebrities' they insist on showing.
(Eric Jolliffe - England)
Dear DMFC : I have finally gotten through to my family that all I've ever wanted for Christmas, birthdays, any day.....is anything to do with Dean Martin! I received so many things this past Christmas that I sat there and cried!!! Tears of joy, mind you. I can't begin to tell anyone what he means to me. Since I was a little girl watching his TV show I've been mesmerized with Dean. He fills me with so much emotion. I love this site. Thank you so much for everything!
(Lisa McGough - Wisconsin
Dear DMFC : Hello, Could you tell me if Dean Martin ever recorded the song There goes my everything?If so is it available for purchase?
(Senta Lockett)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin is simply THE BEST! I have been a fan forever! As this Christmas Day begins, I will play his songs, and light a candle. Wondering if anyone out there knows the song "Sleep Warm"? This is one of my very favorites along with "In The Chapel In The Moonlight".The man can sing!!!! MMMMMMM! The passing of Dean was just devastating to me. Such a handsome guy and that smooth croon. I love you Dean!
(Barbara Reinhardt - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : My husband gave me my wish for Christmas, a complete set of Dean Martin cds and a new car cd radio. Now I can enjoy Dean Martin every minute I'm in my car driving!
(Casey Miller - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Happy New Year. On this first day of the new year, they played a countdown of the top songs of the last fifty years. Dean Martin was included with several songs. After the countdown, there was a special show dedicated to five different artists, Dino being one of them. It was nice hearing such special taped remembrances from the people who worked with him, from Greg Garrison, Joe Pesci and Dom DeLuise to your club president Neil Daniels, who shed more insight and special stories that I had not heard before. Daniels was asked about writing a book, and mentioned that he has been tossing around the idea that would bring hundreds of stories and facts to light that no one has known before. I hope so, for all us fans who want more. My wish for everyone in the new year is to have a safe and very peaceful one. For many, 2004 brought much sadness, especially overseas with the victims in Sri Lanka and India. Our prayers and thought go out to you as we sometimes forget to count our own blessings everyday. We can go out and buy a Dean Martin cd for enjoyment, while thousands of people stand without food, water or shelter praying they don't die of starvation or disease. Sorry, I know this is a Dean Martin website, but I just wanted to make a little mention of a new years resolution to think more about our fellow man in this world, and pray for peace. I want to go back to an innocent time when we could all sit back and watch a Dean Martin show or listen to his music and not worry so much. Thanks for allowing me to digress.
(Marilyn Crouch - Canada)
Dear DMFC: I remember Leonard Barr on T.V. (I think it was in the 70's) To the best of my recollection this guy was one of the funniest standups ever.It took an old timer to help me remember his name. Now that I found him I would love to hear him perform.Can anyone help me find an album or anything else I could play? It would really be a treat for me (I have been looking for over 6 months to find this guy doing his thing....with no avail) I know he was on Deans show as well as others,but I have had no luck finding him.I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO HEAR HIM AGAIN !!! Thanks Kenny.
Dear DMFC : Hi!! My name is Maddy Milton.I know this is going to sound weird, but I'm 11 years old and my favorite singer is DEAN MARTIN!! know its really weird. I would do any I mean anything to meet Dean Martin! Well,I just wanted to get my feeling out. I LOVE DEAN MARTIN!
(Maddy Milton - California)