JANUARY 2011 - JUNE 2012

Dear DMFC : What a coincidence: Exactly on June 7th, one of our digital German TV programs brought “Charlie’s Angels”, the episode “Vegas” with Dean! Not being a real fan of the series so far I was really lurking for this special ep. I couldn’t realise that my wish came finally true. Dean at his best: wearing his tux showing his card tricks, around blackjack tables, very entertaining, serious, but very sympathetic. What a pity that he wasn’t performing in 1992, when I first visit Vegas. Hope for more cameos. A digital gift to be remembering!
(Dry Lukacovic  - SWITZERLAND)
Dear DMFC : I just wanted to add a Happy Birthday greeting to Mister Dean Martin. I am sorry that I am late, but I just now found your site because of the information that was broadcast on our radio station.
(Kindra Cummings - ENGLAND)
Dear DMFC : I bought the new Dean Martin Uncut DVD set and have to say, what a great delight it is to see those wonderful shows again, after all these years - and UNCUT. No one else in the world could sing like Dean, especially the couch songs. If anyone is wondering about this set, wonder no more. Go out and buy yourself one!
(Jeremy Addison - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : On Dean's birthday we played his cd's all day and night long. What a stress reliever. All of us woke up happier today all because of Dean's voice!
(Gardner Family - Ohio)


Dear DMFC : I'll bet the entire Rat Pack is lighting a candle today and singing Happy Birthday to their own. You may have left us in body, but your spirit live on forever. Like the lyrics say, "It's easy to remember, and so hard to forget."
(John Cameron - California)
Dear DMFC : Everybody Loves Dean Martin all the time. Happy Birthday, we all miss you very much.
(Jillian Barstow)
Dear DMFC : Happy Birthday Dean!
(Kerry Small - Oklahoma)
Dear DMFC : I Miss Dean Martin - It is his birthday today.
(Ken Grammal - New York)
Dear DMFC : Today our local radio station is playing Dean Martin songs for two straight hours in honor of his birthday. What a wonderfully talented man he was.
(Johnny Parkins - Texas)
Dear DMFC : A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout to Dean and also his family. We will always remember and cherrish Dean forever!!
(Mr. and Mrs. Doug Manning - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : Today would have been Dean's birthday. We love his music and movies and think of him on this day. From all in Germany.
(Gustav Family - GERMANY)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin Uncut! YES! I just got mine and it's a dream come true!
(Cori Campbell - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : Am I calculating right? Would Dean have been 95 years old this coming June 7th?
(Anna Ramirez - Columbia)
Dear DMFC : I just read that you are having an interview with Elke Sommer in your next issue of your Dean Martin magazine. I remember how beautiful she was, and I remember that she was in one of the Matt Helm secret agent movies that was out in the late 1960's. How do I go about getting a copy of the magazine?
(Eric Wolford - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for all your hard work getting the last Dean Martin Shows out for fans to buy. It's been a long time since anyone has ever seen these.
(Lorraine Walker - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I wish the Dean Martin Variety Shows were made available in my country. Your format is not the same as we have here in The U.K., so I can't even buy one from the States to be able to watch. Maybe someone can make that dream come true for us worldwide fans.
(Madelyn Baird - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : For all Dean fans: the latest release of Dean Martin shows on DVD are great. They look and sound excellent considering the years that they were from. I have been a Dean Martin fan ever since my parents let me watch his TV show growing up. I am now 61 years old, and Dean Martin was a big part of my years growing up. These shows are so precious. Please: all Dean Martin fans go out an get these so more can be put out!
(Kendall Tenaro - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I met your fan center president, Neil Daniels and Dean Martin's musical director, Lee Hale, last month at the honor for Julie Andrews.
I wanted to take the time to say that the show was great and that Lee Hale's video montage's were wonderful! Thank you for producing a great show.
I had bought a copy of "The Lee Hale Story" (Mr. Hale's biography) while I was there, and just now finished reading it. I wanted to also say that it was one of the best books I have read in a long time.
Again, thank you for informing me of your Website and organization. I am also joining today and will be your newest member!
(Kevin Vance - California)
Dear DMFC : I just bought the new Dean Martin Uncut DVD's and am most impressed. Yes, they are complete episodes and had much more of Dean singing included!
(Oscar Crosswaite - Oregon)
Dear DMFC: For those who may not know... actress Scarlett Johansson, who plays Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow in the new movie "The Avengers" had recorded a duet with Dean Martin called "I'll Be Home For Christmas on Dean's "White Christmas" CD released in 2011. She's really not that great of a singer, but listen... it's DEAN!!!!
(Jim Caldwell - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : A big 'thank you' to Neil Daniels for all his work on the new Dean Martin Show DVD's. I can't wait to get the newest one "Dean Uncut" due out in a couple of weeks!
Dear DMFC : Hi, Tim Beasley of TBC Stars - 'Las Vegas-style Entertainment Coast To Coast" here.... Yes, I'm very much a first generation Dean Martin fan, as I grew up watching the show with mom and dad every Thursday night...(later "Tonight Show with Johnny Carson").
You see, I credit Dean and Johnny with my becoming a career entertainer. Yes, I perform as "Dean" also "Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Tony Bennett and Johnny Carson."
I'd like to share something very personal on this Mother's Day, Sunday May 13, 2012. My mom being the fan of Dean's she was, had all of his albums, collected one by one...As a professional variety vocalist entertainer I was performing for the B'Nai Brith Youth Organization delegate's conference in Ocean City, MD on Friday December 22, 1995. Unknown to me, that same evening, my Mom, alone at home, fell into a coma. She was found by my brother later that evening , who had to call an ambulance and paramedics, who took her to the hospital...this led into the wee hours, and my brother didn't know where I was, and this was in the days before everyone a cell phone.
My brother finally located me from calling my friends, but ...I missed his calls not noticing my hotel had tried to ring my room repeatedly. I finally saw the phone's message light blinking and was too late to make the trip back home (6 hour drive) to be with here before she died...this was the morning of Dec 23, 1995....Yes, only two days before Christmas, and also only two days before Dean also passed away.
I always get misty-eyed, but smile as I think that if there is a "welcome home" in Heaven, my mom finally got to meet Dean in spirit. ...and yes, I have the albums which I treasure.
(Tim Beasley)
Dear DMFC : I remember seeing Dean Martin shows that were actually made and aired "before" his weekly color series by the same name. Can these be released with no problem due to ownership?
(Kevin Boldenshot - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone know what Dean's favorite holiday was?
(Carmen Revelle - ITALY)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for the information on the new Dean Martin show releases called "Dean Martin Uncut". Most of us realize that it is your organization that works hard on getting Dean Martin's career of work released for us fans. Even though the past couple of TV Show DVD releases were a bit disappointing, it led us to this point where uncut episodes are making it to the public.
Thanks again for being there for us fans!
(Lisa Ann Nelson - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : I was 22 (60) when Dean Martin signed his picture for me... (that photo is on your site). He had just finished his Vegas show around 1977.  I could see his patent leather shoes, I was that close.
He signed autographs for Seagram Distillers salesman.  He was so gracious.  I was too young to understand the greatness before me, plus it was Vegas…. Dean’s photo is still in my office and is still, a prized possession.  How lucky can it be … to sit with that incredible man.
(Bruce Treadwell)
Dear DMFC : Just wanted to spread the word right now, on Ebay you can bid or purchase a portion of the original stage from the Copa Room at the Sands hotel and Casino. This is a true piece of American history!  Dean performed on this stage!
(Michael Evans)
Dear DMFC : Dear Doug (below) - that video was called "Since I Met You Baby." It was produced and directed by Dean's son Ricci. This was off Dean's last album "The Nashville Sessions." This was Dean's only music video at a cost of $20,000 and was recorded the week of January 17, 1983. Hope this helps you.
(Kevin Fontaine - Connecticut).
Dear DMFC : Since the movie "Titanic" has now been re-released, how about another mega-blockbuster - namely a movie with a giant cast called "Airport"? Airport was one of those original blockbuster movies with an all star cast (Burt Lancaster - Dean Martin). It was in that group of films like "The Posiden Adventure" and "Earthquake" that featured dramatic and romance themes built around a huge cast of stars. "Airport" even spawned sequels of it's own. How about re-releasing Airport next?
(Dillon Garnett - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I remember an old video I saw on MTV way back when cable TV was first starting. Dean sang a song surrounded by a bevy of beautiful girls around a swimming pool. While he sang, he held a golf club. Does anyone else remember this video?
What was the name of the song? What was the video all about?
Thanks to anyone who can remember!
(Doug Seringo - West Virginia)
Dear DMFC : My family returned from an Easter break week in Las Vegas and we saw The Rat Pack Show there. It was astounding. The person doing Frank Sinatra was good. Sammy Davis was okay, but DEAN was a pin-point knockout! Wow did he bring back the memories of seeing Dean Martin on his TV Show (We never originally got to see Dean on stage in Las Vegas). Anyway, if anyone travels to Vegas, you have to see The Rat Pack Show!
(The Faber Family - Washington)
Dear DMFC : I recently read in my local paper about a show that a fellow named Lee Hale has produced for the Professional Dancers Society featuring Julie Andrews. The article stated that he was an executive on The Dean Martin Show and that his work in producing awards shows for The Dancers Society is brilliant. I did some Googling, and found your site and now know who Lee Hale is. I am going to buy his book as soon as I leave this message. I was a big time Dean Martin fan when his TV show was on. Too bad there isn't anything like his show today.
(Brian McCarthy - California)
Dear DMFC : Your latest issue spotlighting Sailor Beware! was fantastic! Sailor Beware was my favorite Martin and Lewis picture. I am curious... since it was Dean and Jerry's highest money making movie, how come we don't hear as much about it as we do other Martin & Lewis movies?
(Liz Bratton - CANADA)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for advising us fans about the third installment of DVD's from Dean's show. It will be so good to have uncut episodes finally! From a fan in Florida-
(Jenny Darren - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I just bought a copy of "The Lee Hale Story" and I have to tell other Dean Martin fans that this book is different than Mr. Hale's first book, ":Backstage at The Dean Martin Show".
Not only do we get a closer look at Lee Hale's illustrious career leading up to The Dean Martin Show, but we learn more about the making of Dean's variety show not included in his first book.
I highly recommend book to anyone who wants to hear about Dean Martin and how life was in those early glory years!
(Wayne Glosser - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I remember that Dean Martin did a series of specials called "The Dean Martin Show" long before his NBC Variety series that started in 1965. Can't these episodes be released on DVD for his fans to enjoy? Who owns these? I remember seeing Fabian appearing on his early show once, and Frank Sinatra too.
(Marion Tenfly - Washington)
Dear DMFC : To add to the comment made by Gary Simon's of New Jersey ; When I visited the States last month, a friend of mine took me to see the place that Dean Martin was buried at. It's in a strange location in the Los Angeles area in back of a busy street and old movie theatre. Interesting is that Marilyn Monroe lies not too far from where Mr. Martin is.
(Albert Lennon - United Kingdom)
Dear DMFC : Last Sunday my wife and I attended a show at Citrus College that featured Dean Martin's original Golddiggers. We were so happy to have met Mr. Daniels of your Dean Martin Center. He spent time talking to us and telling us so many wonderful stories about Dean Martin and his TV Show. He also gave us a free 1-year membership to the Dean Martin Fan Center, along with a book called "Backstage at the Dean Martin Show" which my wife is currently reading.
I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Dean Martin was our favorite singer, and we even played his songs at our wedding. Our 45th anniversary is coming this May. This was a great present for my wife and I, and something we can share with our children.
(David and June Wilson - California)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for all the information in the Dean Martin Fan Center's December issue. It was nice to learn about all the new Dean Martin items available, and to know that he has not been forgotten!
(John Namo - Texas)
Dear DMFC : A quick question for anyone out there who can answer my question - how come I see so many things with Audrey Hepburn, John Wayne, Elvis Presley and even Marilyn Monroe (she's talked about in every episode of "Smash"), yet I don't see anything out there on Dean Martin. Dean made more movies (recordings, TV shows, etc) than Marilyn did, yet she's still remembered like it was yesterday!
(Gary Simons - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Just saw The Golddiggers / Jonathan Winters Show at The Haugh Performing Arts Center and have to report that it was a totally enjoyable show. I especially enjoyed the opening video montage they had.
(Kelly Reynolds - California)
Dear DMFC : I'll bet that Dean is up in heaven laying odds on who is going to win the Super Bowl.
(Terry Frankel - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : We just came back from Las Vegas and I was thrilled to see a slot machine with Dean Martin's image on it. It even plays Dean's music as you push the button on a wager. How cool???
(Doug Baggosian - California)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin's music and spirit have a heart filling, calming effect on everyone! The world was so lucky and privileged to have such a bright light in our midst!!!! We continue to keep our home and hearts filled with the music and essence of that gorgeous man. You just know the spirit lives on in his lovely children! Just had to relay how Dean Martin has made our lives happier! PS our son's name is Dean and he loves it, and thinks Dino is the coolest! (he's 9!!!!)
Dear DMFC : Brian, I own a few live cds of Dean: 9/4/79 MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas, 3 from The Sands 9/6/63, 2/8/64 and 4/4/67, Apollo Victoria Theatre, London 6/9/83, and a few individual recordings from The Sands 1/15/55 and 3/4/56.
They are out there, you just have look around for them.
P.S. Does anyone have any info if there are full recordings from the shows on the Ain't That A Kick cd ?
(Kevin Fontaine)
Dear DMFC : For the new year, I promise to watch the Dean Martin movies I had missed and never seen. I wonder if they are all out there on DVD?
(Chase Landers - Washington)
Dear DMFC : We have found your Website because someone sent a link to a clip of Regis Philbin showing your magazine on Jimmy Kimmel's show to us.
We always remember Dean and his fun show and movies. We're glad to see that he still has a huge following and thanks to your Website, people seem to be able to stay in touch.
If anyone else wants to see the clips of Regis on Jimmy Kimmel, I will list the links below. Thanks again! :
PART ONE  :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Av98Hwesg8
PART TWO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH6s1ll3gV0
PART THREE : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XetIK_pTl4s
(Heather Knobbe - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone know if anyone had taped Dean Martin's nightclub act (The one he performed in Las Vegas)? I know that his act didn't really change a whole lot over the years when he started at Balley's, then went to The MGM. I just never saw anything from his nightclub act on DVD or even it recorded on CD.
(Brian Bessler - New Jersey)
(Howard Oaks)
Dear DMFC : My New Year's wish is to have more Dean Martin TV shows put out without any editing to his wonderful songs!
(Drew Musuk - Alabama)
Dear DMFC : I hope all Dean Martin fans have a Happy New Year and that more Dean Martin music gets released this coming new year!
(Shelly Canliss - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC :  Merry Christmas to all Dean Martin fans out there!
(Charlene Pillar)
Dear DMFC : We've been playing Dean's Christmas music all week long at our house. Our two sons and our daughter are coming home to celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the whole week between Christmas and New Years Day, with their families.
They all grew up listening to Dean Martin's Christmas music during the holidays, and they continue the tradition for their children.
What would Christmas be without Dean Martin helping us get into the spirit and remembering what Christmas is really all about.
We know that Dean is singing his songs for all the other angels in heaven while we play his music here. Merry Christmas!
(Julie and Craig Donaldson - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : Tomorrow is the anniversary of Dean Martin's passing. Let all his fans toast to his life and legacy. Here's to you Dean!
(Robert McMurray - IRELAND)
Dear DMFC : While listening to streaming audio, I was treated to an hour of Dean Martin and I learned about your organization.
I remember watching The Dean Martin Show as a kid with my parents and two brothers. It was a wonderful show and I was lucky to see and learn about so many of the world's biggest stars all because of Dean's show. He had everybody that was anybody on his show.
I remember my Mom and Dad buying every Dean Martin album when it would come out. By the time Dean sang a song on his show, they already knew all the lyrics. What wonderful memories. To this day, when I put on a Dean Martin song or see a Dean Martin clip on The Internet, I am taken back to those special years of growing up with my family.
(Ken Crandel - New York)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin was the greatest singer and all around actor there ever was. I wish Hollywood would wake up and go back to the way things were with variety shows and songs that are written with love and care instead of songs they have today. I heard a new song with the lyrics "I Whip My Hair To The Left" and I can't believe that this passes for "music" today! What are we teaching our younger generation? No - I'm not turning into 'my Dad' as I get older. It just that we have regressed as a society. I'll take Dean Martin any day over what's out there today!
(Billy Trommel - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Just heard your president, Neil Daniels on "On The Grid" with Debbie Barth along with Patty Julius who was one of Dean Martin's Golddiggers. What a fascinating show. It went so fast and I was so mad that they didn't have enough time to take phone calls. I would have loved to say hello to both of you. You have such wonderful memories and stories, and I have a million questions that I would have loved to have asked.
Thank you for such an entertaining morning right before Christmas!
(Gayle Coach - Tennessee)
Dear DMFC : I am remembering Dean Martin at this time of the year (he passed on Christmas Day in 1995) by playing his music 24-hours a day. My kids thought it would be cool to place tuxedo's bow-tie next to the glass of milk and cookies they will leave for Santa by the fireplace with a note saying "Don't forget the man who gave us lots of cheer the rest of the year!".
Merry Christmas Dino! My kids will always remember this new tradition!
(John Page - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : We saw a clip on YouTube from the JKL section where he shows a couple of Dean Martin magazines. It was from November 28th's Broadcast. That's how we found your wonderful Website devoted to Mr. Martin. We have both been a fans of his for almost 45 years, since we first were married in 1967. His movies, records and TV shows were the best. He could do it all!
(Mr. and Mrs. Owens - CANADA)
Dear DMFC : I saw Regis Philbin at a book signing event for his new book, "How I Got This Way". He was talking about Dean Martin and how much he loved the man. He also mentioned your magazine and what you do. That's why I am writing. I just wanted to say that I am one of those million of fans who thinks Dean Martin was and still is the best!
Thank you!
(Stephen Celec - California)
Dear DMFC : The memories I have of Dean Martin is when my mum made us sit there and watch him and Jerry Lewis. So going into a second hand shop a couple of months ago, I saw a autographed photo of Dean Martin. Straight away I thought of my mum and the memories came back. I just had to get it. I told my sisters, we had a laugh of how mum made us watch them. Oh the memories!!!!
Dear DMFC : I just saw Regis Philbin on Jimmy Kimmel's Show showing a copy of your magazine. I'm glad I was able to find your organization, just in time for a great Christmas gift of membership for my Dad.
(Leslie Forcine - New Hampshire)
Dear DMFC : Live! With Jimmy Kimmel had Regis on talking about Dean Martin and talking about your publication. How can I get a copy? I will search your Website more after typing this message.
(James Torra - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I caught Regis Philbin just an hour ago. He was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and talked all about one of his Idols, Dean Martin. He mentioned your club and showed your magazine that he's on the cover of. I have always wondered if Dean Martin had some sort of club or bulletin for the many fans he has.
(Linda Grant)
Dear DMFC : I just bought the new Dean Martin Christmas CD with a duet that has Scarlet Johansaan singing with Dean Martin. It is great! I'm glad I found your site because I am a new Dean Martin fan!
(Angie Amudson - Illinois)
Dear DMFC:  I have heard that a soap-opera is using Dean Martin old studio at NBC to tape their shows. Does anyone know which one?
(G. Brosman - Idaho)
Dear DMFC : I wanted to reply to the person who asked if anyone has a copy of Dean's 78 recording on the Embassy Record label. The answer is "Yes".
We (Record Review & Prices) did a story of the most valuable record discs of all time, and Dean's Embassy recording of "One Foot in Heaven" was included in the top 100.
We believe that there are only three (3) copies in existence today. Two of them are in the possession of your Fan Center's president, Neil Daniels (which one of them was displayed in the Bear Family set he produced), along with another copy we knew changed hands over 25 years ago, but have lost track of who has it today in their possession. If anyone turns up another copy, they would have a Goldmine on their hands.
(James Riverton - Illinois)
Dear DMFC: I read all about Miss Caterina Valente in your latest Dean Martin magazine. I am a huge fan of Miss. Valente's. To all the younger fans, I would compare Caterina's appeal to that of Celine Dion today.
Caterina was so popular world over, especially in our European countries.
I just wanted to thank you for the story and pictures of her with Dean Martin.
(Katherine Brisco - FRANCE)
Dear DMFC : I know a lot of people have complained that the Time-Life DVDs don't have enough of Dean Martin singing, but I'll take what I can get. He's just so handsome to watch!
(Stephanie Latman - CANADA)
Dear DMFC : It was 60 years ago today that Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis' movie "That's My Boy" was released in theaters! Their fourth film was terrific, earning almost 4 million dollars during it's release. They were on their way to becoming box-office champs!
(Mrs. Alice Serenty - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone know if a 78RPM copy of Dean's Embassy record "One Foot in Heaven" even exists? I am a huge Dean record collector and have never seen a copy or heard of anyone having a copy of it, although there is a picture of the record's label in the first Bear Family Box set.
(Paul Fresco - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I recently visited a casino in West Virginia and found a Dean Martin slot machine that plays Dean songs while putting money in and gambling. It's really fun, and brings back the nostalgia of listening to Dean on his TV show. A slot machine fits perfectly into his image. I suppose they have these machines in Las Vegas too.
(Melaine Halper - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : I recently saw a photograph of a Dean Martin robot! True - he's in a tux holding a wine glass in one hand and a cigarette in the other. It was an old photo, but I wish someone out there would know more about this robot and post it here.
(Roth Previn - FRANCE)
Dear DMFC : A couple of weeks ago there was a huge John Wayne memorabilia auction. His children auctioned off many personal letters, awards he had received and costumes that John Wayne had worn in various movies.
My question is: Did the Martin family ever do the same? Has there ever been an auction of personal items belonging to Dean Martin?
I was just wondering if anyone out there knows. Thanks.
(Audrina Barrett - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : Has anyone recently seen Dean's son, Ricci, in concert recently? I remember seeing him a couple of times do his show in honor of his father, but I haven't heard or seen anything of him lately.
(Francis Kodar - California)
Dear DMFC : I am a member of your Dean Martin Fan Center and was wondering if you could do an issue of the magazine on how Dean and Jerry Lewis started the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon back in New York. Many people don't know that Dean was there too. Now it seems that the MD people want people to forget that Jerry had been there for decades himself.
(Anthony Misen - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : I think the estates of Elvis and Dean should work together. Elvis always gave credit to Dean for being one of his inspirations. I think it would be fun to have songs that Elvis did in movies and songs Dean did in movies somehow edited together to make a fantastic DVD for all us fans of both!
(Jeremy Billings - North Dakota)
Dear DMFC : I sure wish the movie studios would release more Dean Martin movies on DVD with extra bonus features. You can't tell me that there aren't outtakes or extra footage laying around in the vaults someplace. Everyone else seems to have this included on their movies!
(Emily Shen - HONG KONG)
Dear DMFC : It's a little late, but I wanted to officially say "thank you" to Jerry Lewis for hosting the MDA telethon and giving of his time all these years. Dean and Jerry started the very first one way back in the 1950's, and Jerry has made it his life-long pursuit to keep raising money for this charity. That is the true essence of a man who cares about other human beings.
Jerry --- We Dean Martin fans salute you!
(Howard Jackson - New York)
Dear DMFC : Am I the only one who doesn't understand why there isn't any memorials to him either in Las Vegas or in his Beverly Hills-Hollywood area? Elvis Presley has Graceland, and thousands of people all go and visit there every year. Com'on MGM or Riveria - you really don't see an opportunity here? My goodness!
(Alice Mayfield - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I was reading a question on your bulletin board about if James Arness ever appeared on The Dean Martin Show. No, only his late brother Peter Graves did.
(Sam Linkford - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : Hi. Could anyone tell me where Dean's walk of fame star is located in Las Vegas? I know that the ceremony was held at the flamingo but I have never actually located the star despite traveling to Vegas and asking several flamingo employees? Thanks
(Brenda Winrow - ENGLAND)
Dear DMFC: Does anyone know why Dean Martin's last album has never made it to CD?
(Deborah Colume - CANADA)
Dear DMFC : Reading the posts about The Dean Martin Variety Show, I have a question: What about those TV "Specials" that Dean made after the Variety Shows? They would be interesting to see, even if they could make a "Best of" from the Specials. I think one was called "Red Hot Scandals". Oh, and then there were those specials, "Dean at Sea World" or "Dean at The Wild Animal Park". What about these?
(Karen Millstone - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I am one of those people who dream of having complete uncut episodes of The Dean Martin Show. It just seems all too simple - why not put them out in their entirety? It's a question that I posed to my 41-year old son who works in the entertainment industry.
His answer was exactly the same as I have heard from others before who have asked the same question - copyrights and lawsuits. But, my son also brought up a word one does not often hear: PROFIT . No one is going to do this for free.
Like most companies, the reason they are in business is to make money. And like most companies, if making a better product, that could be sold for more money was possible, they would do it in a heartbeat.
The simple fact of the matter is that, although Dean Martin is and always will be a precious entertainer to all of us Dean Martin fans, time has marched on. New generations have been born. There is not a large enough mass of people to market to.
My son's words hit me like a ton of bricks. "What do you mean, there are not enough people that have an interest in buying complete shows, or for that matter, shows with less material cut out?" I cried.
Then he explained it in a way I could better understand: "How come you don't see any old Dean Martin movies re-released into movie theaters like "Bells Are Ringing" or Dean and Jerry's 3-D movie "Money From Home"? Even the titles that are not available to buy on home DVD or video? For that matter, how come you don't see anyone else's movie re-released into theatres? Elvis movies? Science Fiction movies?" he asked."You would think that it wouldn't cost much at all to re-release an old movie again, would you? They already have them made. All they would have to do it transfer the film to a digital media, since theatres are now leaving actual film projection for a better and cheaper was of using digital media on a few discs rather than hundred pound film reels?"
My son had me thinking. The light started to dawn on me. Time has moved on. He was right, not enough people would attend a movie showing to make a decent profit from, or else they would be doing it. The days of what were called "Art Theatres" are gone. "Art Theatres" would run older movies, but they have gone by the wayside, as drive-in theatres and cassette tapes have.
I started recalling other people I grew up liking. I loved music, and watched other variety shows too (Even though Dean's was my favorite by far!). I watched "The Hollywood Palace" along with "The Carol Burnett Show" and "Johnny Carson's Tonight Show" when my favorite singers were on them. I also watched some who even had their own shows, like "Tony Orlando and Dawn", "The Tom Jones Show" and "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour".
Hey, I thought - these shows aren't out either (or at least entire uncut episodes). Then something I dreaded to acknowledge sunk in. There just isn't enough interest in a majority of people to warrant a company to spend a lot of money and not see any return. They would go out of business themselves.
Sure, Dean Martin is known all over the world, and I assume his estate still makes a lot of money. Why, I have heard that Elvis Presley's estate is making more money now after he has passed on, then when he was here. But my son explained it to me that people like Elvis or Dean make their money on a "whole" package, rather than an individual aspect of their output.
In-other-words : A little revenue comes from the movies, a little comes from the recordings, a little comes from the souvenirs, a little from the TV shows, a little from books, a little from their songs being used in commercials - well, a little from here and there adds up to a nice sum in the end. But to simply try and make a profit on simply one aspect, such as relying on people to obtain complete Dean Martin shows, by charging more to offset the costs of copyright clearances, just isn't going to work. There are simply not enough people who are interested. Sad to say, people have moved on.
I know that you (like I) don't want to hear that. I want my memories to be preserved, and the hope of seeing those shows will make my dreams come true, but that doesn't mean I will never give up being a number one Dean Martin fan, or that I won't buy whatever comes out concerning Dean Martin. It just means that I understand that time has marched on.
I'm suppose to attend my high school reunion in a few weeks, and I just saw the message board on my school's Website. Many of the people I attended with, who were really into the student body and into the school spirit left comments that they won't be attending. Life has moved on for them, and even though they are interested, other things in life seem to hold more for at the present.
I'll always have my memories and I'll always have my dreams!
(Eric Lasarow - California)
Dear DMFC : I recently saw Ricci Martin perform his show. It was such a thrill to be able to meet him and shake his hand afterwards. His show is filled with so much respect and admiration for his father, and you can feel Dean's presence when you approach his son Ricci.
(Lisa Schober - CANADA)
Dear DMFC : Just a quick note to let Dean Martin fans know that the Las Vegas show called "The Rat Pack Is Back" has moved locations from the Union Plaza in downtown Las Vegas to The Rio Hotel. They are performing nightly in the Crown Theater.
I believe that the show has been going for 13 years now.
(James Jensen - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : I am a huge Dean Martin fan and have bought the new Time-Life DVDs of the Dean Martin Variety Show with the extra bonus interviews. I was really hoping that they would be complete shows, uncut, as I remember them being on TV originally. It's too bad that some of the comedy and some of the songs have been cut out of each of the episodes. Thank you for letting us fans know that this was the case before we got them.
For those who don't understand, a lot of the material (especially the songs) are copyrighted by the publishers who own such. In some cases, they will not grant use of the song on a DVD or in some cases, the publishers want way too much money for their song to be included. Another obstacle, as I have learned, is that some songs have already been leased out to someone else, such as another record company, or to a company who has paid for exclusive rights to a song that they want to use for their product. Maybe in a commercial or endorsement, and the publisher can not lease the song out until their contract with someone else expires.
I have even heard that many artists have family or management that will not allow their usage of their client's image after they agreed to the original performance on Dean's show originally.
If I recall, many of the musical numbers were medley's of two, three, or even four songs mixed together. If just ONE song cannot be used, then the entire medley can't be used because the musicians union requires that the original taped segment be left as a whole unit and not edited.
I gotta tell you, it's really complicated. The laws back in the 60's and 70's are so different than the union laws and copyright laws today. This is why we never see much from any of those wonderful variety shows released, such as "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour", "The Sonny and Cher Show", "Tony Orlando and Dawn", "The Mac Davis Show", "Donny and Marie", "The Ed Sullivan Show", "Johnny Carson's Tonight Show"etc., etc. Basically the DVD's released of any variety show from the same era has the same editing as these new Time-Life DVD's.
All I can say is that I am happy and thrilled that I can get what I can get, even if they are edited. I'm always hoping that someday I'll see full unedited shows, but honestly, in this world today, that would be very wishful thinking.
I have read another Website where they really tear apart these DVD's and try to go into pin-point comparisons, with a dark view of what these new DVDs hold for us, the consumer. Believe me, all they are going to do is discourage people from buying these, and eliminate anyone else in the future, of trying to get more material released if they are not successful with the sales of these.
My view is simple... they don't cost an arm-and-a-leg to buy. They make me happy (even though songs and comedy segments have been cut out), and I would rather support and applaud someone like Time-Life for stepping up to give us something than having all this material sit in the vaults for even longer and longer, maybe never seeing the light of day.
I am sure that there are a lot more reasons that even I don't know, why some of the material has to be edited out. I'm not an expert --- just a Dean Martin fan.
Oh, one last thing - the interviews in my opinion, are great to have as extras. Why not? As the word implies, they are "extras". Some of the celebrities are interesting to me, some are less - but others can say the same about the different celebrities being interviewed. Has anyone ever given thought to the fact that many of the people who appeared on Dean's Variety Show are no longer with us? It's such a wonderful treat to have the one who are still here, able to share their memories, even if only fleeting.
This has only been my opinion. Thank you for giving me the space to give my own personal views. I, like everyone else who is coming to this Website or belong's the Dean Martin Fan Center as a member, all have the same thing in common - we are DEAN MARTIN fans and always will be!
(Leo Holliston - New York)
Dear DMFC : Hi, Deanagers everywhere. Although it's always great to see any new released material of Dean's , I wasn't very pleased with these new DVD releases. Far too much of Dean is cut from the compilations, with far too much time given to his guests. I've read several comments about copyrights , etc.. governing what can be released. It doesn't seem to concern Dean's guests on the DVD's though. They seem to "grab the limelight" as regards the singing segments. Dean's renditions are very few and far between . The packaging and pre release statements on this set, I consider to be very mis-leading. I'm sure I speak for the vast majority of Dean's fans, we want to SEE more of Dean , and have MORE of him singing in these releases. I don't mind paying a bit more for the privilage of that either. With best regards,
(Graham - South Wales Great Britian)
Dear DMFC : I recently joined the Fan Club and received your latest issue showing behind the scenes of the new Dean Martin Show interviews. I found everyone interviewed so interesting, especially Lee Hale and Gail Martin. They both shed light into what Dean was really like both in front of the camera and at home.
(Mel Jordan - Washington)
Dear DMFC : When will they ever release Dean's movie "Mr. Ricco" with Cindy Williams?
(Jay Dimbrowski - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : Today July 25, 2011 is the 65th anniversary of the teaming of Dean & Jerry. And also, the 55th of the ending of their partnership. Happy Anniversary guys. Thanks for all the memories!!!!
(Kevin Fontaine)
Dear DMFC : I am a bit disappointed that the new DVD's of the Dean Martin Show have been chopped up to exclude a lot of Dean singing. Don't they know that we never watched it for the guest comedians? We watched it for DEAN!
(Liz Paragon - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : The best gift for Dean's birthday are the new TimeLife DVD releases. Happy Birthday Dino!
(Craig Leary - South Dakota)
Dear DMFC : Dean's birthday is coming on June 7th. On his birthday, I will be playing all Dean CD's and watching as many of his movies I can. All of us fans miss him so much.
(Gary Canterbury - California)
Dear DMFC : Would someone help me with a question: Is the Dean Martin movie Mr. Ricco available or was it ever put on tape or DVD? I have been looking for it for many years and haven't seen it since I saw it in the theatre a long time ago. Thanks.
(Jill Naomi - Hawaii)
Dear DMFC : I wish the new Dean Martin Show DVDs would have more music included. The music is what made the show, the comedy is what separated the music. Doesn't anyone get that?
(Craig Morris - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : Dean would be approaching 94 this coming birthday. I think we all need to plan something for his 100th celebration. Does anyone have any ideas?
(Sue Blayman - ENGLAND)
Dear DMFC : I just received my copy of the Dean Martin Show DVD (I ordered the 2-disc set). Wow, it is fantastic! I know that the shows have been cut down in length because of not being able to obtain some clearances. I read about that problem in the many posts and reviews  you  have given. Nevertheless, it's wonderful having these memories than to only have what I recall in my head.
So - for anyone else out there who may be thinking about buying these DVD's, I would say YES. I am now anxious to get the 6-DVD set when it comes out!
(Kevin Perchlack - New York)
Dear DMFC : I just read your Website page about the new Dean Martin Show releases. I enjoyed seeing photographs of the people behind the scenes that are included as bonus interviews. This has got me so excited, that I want to become a member of your fan club / fan center as soon as possible to read all about them. I have been waiting for so many years to see the Dean Martin Shows I remember as a teenager growing up!
(Angie Boorman - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : I read with some excitement about the new releases bit am wondering if there is any news of them being released in Australia as Region 4? Once again it seems we miss out!
Hi David, I'm sorry to have to report that the Time Life "Dean Martin Show" releases are only intended for the U.S. at this time.... the reason is because of copyright laws.
Copyright laws in the U.S. differ from each and every other country in the world. A huge amount of money is paid for U.S. rights to use both music and artists images. Even in the U.S. releases, some of the musical numbers and guest stars are removed or left out because the copyright owners refuse to accept a reasonable offer or they have previously signed an agreement with someone else in the past for exclusive rights to a song for a period of time.
Also, some artists and some music publishers do not want their work distributed overseas. There is a famous actor in the US who has made a series of television commercials that are only allowed to be broadcast here in the US, so that his wage demand and stature won't be jeporadized in foreign markets.
Also, many companies are not licensed to sell out of the country for many reasons (mostly the cost of doing business)... taxes and tarrifs, shipping dilemmas, payment control, return control, etc. Many would need to set up offices overseas.
Hopefully that helps answer why many companies (especially video production companies) do not offer their products in other places and in different region coding.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I'm ordering the new Dean Martin Show discs. My wife heard an interview with you (Mr. Daniels) on the radio, and learned that these shows will be different from the ones put out years ago through mail order TV ads. She said that she heard you mention these shows were in the same order as they we originally seen, instead of skipping around from year to year. She also heard that some of the material was not permitted due to copyrights, but that a lot will be included and that you also had a hand in these. That's wonderful news. Thanks for all you do.
(Lynn Hodson - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for the heads-up on the new Dean Martin Show releases! We have all waited so long!
(Gary Scouts - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : I just realized that Dean Martin's centenial celebration (100 years!) will be in 2017 - only six years away. He was born in June of 1917. That sounds nearly impossible! To think, he's still popular today, nearly one hundred years later!
(Ashley Modem - California)
Dear DMFC : I have read on the Internet that Time/Life is going to put out the Dean Martin Shows on DVD in May. Where can I get these?
(Gary Walton - Idaho)
Hi Gary - "The Best of The Dean Martin Show" DVD's will be available in stores (for the first time!) such as Target, WalMart, Best Buys, Blockbuster, etc. They will also be available for on-line purchase. Go to "Dean's Mall" on our website and you can pre-order them right now!
- Web Director
Dear DMFC : I recently purchased a box set called "Lay Some Happiness on Me" which I have discovered covers about a quarter of Dean Martin's recorded career. I was very impressed by the book that was included and all of the photographs you used. I would advise anyone out there, that this box set is the best. I would assume that the others are just as well produced (I will be getting them soon). They are made by The Bear Family, and are a bit pricey, but well worth every penny!
(Luke McLassen - IRELAND)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone out there know what became of Dean's children? I have read a little about a couple of them, but most of them we don't hear much about. Can anyone shed any light? Thanks.
(Kimberly Ardario - Pennsylavania)
Dear DMFC : I recently saw your organization's president, Mr. Daniels, on an A&E Biography talking about Dean Martin. I had no idea that there was a fan club and Website for Dean, but I am overjoyed to discover it!
I have been a fan of Mr. Martin's since about 1962 or 1963, when my family visited Las Vegas, Nevada for a vacation. I was only 19 years old at the time, but somehow my Mother and Father managed to get me into the showroom with them. It was at The Sands, and the act was comprised of Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Dean. I swear it made such an impression on me that I became a life long fan of each of them, especially Dean.
Then when Dean Martin got his own show, I guess he became my number one favorite.
Anyway, I just wanted to say what a treat it is to find you and to see and read all the information about Dean. I'm glad he still lives on for all of those who remember him.
(James S. Aaron - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I have just about every record Dean ever made in my collection. He had a voice that really showed emotion. We hear a lot about how great his friend, Frank Sinatra was, but I think Dean was overlooked by the critics for his true singing voice. He was truly amazing. I hope the powers that be will find a trove of unreleased songs that they can put out for those of us who long for more!
(Judy Sinclair - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : I'm a young fan of Mr. Martin's, and have been reading about how popular he was when he was teamed up with Jerry Lewis.
Dean must have been a phenominal talent to say the least, because he managed to stay on top of everything after he broke up and went his own way. I know he played in Las Vegas to standing room only crowds, and had his own TV show for many years. I've also seen a lot of his movies he starred in too.
How come Dean is being forgotten today, when people like Elvis Presley or Jayne Mansfield are still very much remembered?
(Bob Harrington - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : I remember seeing Pater Graves (Mission:Impossible) on the Dean Martin Show back in the 1970's. I was wondering if anyone out there knew if Peter's brother, James Arness (Gunsmoke) ever appeared on the show too?
(Casey Tomlin - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Happy New Year to all Dean Martin fans worldwide!
(Karen Genovise - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : I have been a true Dean Martin fan my entire life. Today I turned 65 years old and spent the entire day listening to Dean's music, including his Christmas songs. My wife gave me a huge cake with "That's Amore" written on it, and my gifts included The Dean Martin Bear Family Box Sets and many DVD of the best of his variety show.
Now I have to worry. If this is what I got for my birthday from my family, what will I get for Christmas? I'm hoping for both a renewal in the Dean Martin fan club, and an autographed copy of Jerry's book about Dean (they are on my wish list).
I am also hoping that the new year will bring more Dean Martin releases in music and movies (and hopefully TV). I can't live without my shot of Dino every morning!
Thanks for everything and Happy New Year to all the other Dean Martin fans out there!!!
(Dan Farber - New York)
Dear DMFC : I wish a very Merry Christmas to all Ye Dinopallies out there! I want to thank the elves at the DMFC for all the great work you do to keep Dino's legacy alive. Be safe, be good and sing along with Dino to Marshmallow World! Thank you.
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : It's Christmas Day... the day our beloved Dean Martin passed away. Dino, we are still thinking of you!
(Jack Jarvis - Utah)
Dear DMFC : I can't believe it's been 15 years since Dean Martin had died. It only seems like yesterday, we were watching him slide down that firepole and chase the bad guys who were after Matt Helm. We know you don't have any bad guys to chase where you are - in heaven. We also know that your firepole reached from the clouds to the earth, and we know you're sliding down all the time when we hear your songs on the radio or see one of your movies on the television.
Here's to you Dean Martin - Merry Christmas 2010!
(Bob Scott - Florida)
Dear DMFC : It's a Marshmallow World
(Terry Grassion - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Santa - All I want for Christmas this year are the four Dean Martin Bear Family box sets!
(Lynne Carter - Ireland)
Dear DMFC : Thanksgiving marks my celebration of the life of Dean Martin. He died on Christmas Day in 1995, and every year I put everything aside to remember Mr. Martin by playing his records and watching his movies every day. Thanks for allowing me to express my thought to all the Dean Martin fans who come here to read about the greatest entertainer in the world - EVER!
(Tom Lean - Georgia)
Dear DMFC : I am so amazed that the world has moved on and seems to have left Dean behind. They seem to have taken Elvis and The Beatles with them, but forgot to let Dino on the "future bus".
(Sally DellaMarie Stafford - New York)
Dear DMFC : This Thanksgiving I will give my thanks to the one person that helped me through the rough times. That person was Mister Dean Martin. Whenever life had handed me some bad news, and I was depressed and down-and-out, Thursday nights were my days of enlightenment because I looked forward to ten o'clock when the Dean Martin Show would be on. Dean always made my troubles a little lighter. It was his smile, and the way he sang a song that simple took me away to a better place.
Thank you Dean Martin. I'll always be your number one fan!
(Kevin Grubbins - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : Dean Rocks!
(Albert Wallis - California)
Dear DMFC : I always loved to listen to Dean as a kid when I didn't even know who Jerry Lewis or Frank Sinatra were! I was a Beatle fan but, I thought he was a great singer too! And then as I got older and watched him on TV and in the movies and thought it would be great to be him with all of the girls; I loved his style and even thought Elvis tried sing and be like him too, but in a rock and roll way.
I still didn't know his history with Jerry Lewis and thought Frank Sinatra was just his pal that tagged along... I grew up and realized his association to these other giants and legends in their own right and still I thought he was the best of the best.
Now that I'm able to put it all into perspective, I still think he was the best of the best of the best!!! Everybody loves somebody... I love Dean's style to the end!!!
Thanks to all of the others, but especially to Dean for inspiring me to be my best and remain cool to the end! What a voice and what a guy! I wish I could appear as cool and relaxed as Dean...
With much appreciation...
(Kelly Tippett - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : How come someone doesn't think about re-releasing some of the older Dean Martin movies back into theatres? They could have a Matt Helm festival (since Dean did 4 Matt Helm adventures) - or how about a Martin and Lewis double bill? Bring back a couple of their movies for the big screen. I'll bet being able to see Hollywood or Bust or The Caddy on the big screen would attract a lot of moviegoers, and the cost of distributing the movie would be very inexpensive since the films have already been made and all they would have to do is re-master them for the theatre (and new DVD release).
Just like some of the fans have posted to this bulletin board in the past, we need some NEW Dean Martin things to keep his flame alive and satisfy us fans out here! Can ANYONE HEAR ME?!?!
(Sean Matthews - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone know how much Dean Martin was actually worth at the height of his career, and at the time of his death?
(Leon Raischmidt - Germany)
Dear DMFC : This has been one long hot summer here in Las Vegas. Our economy has tanked... houses that were once selling for $400,000 are now on the market for $100,000 ! Everyone is hurting. The casinos are laying off restaurant help. Some hotels are even asking their guests if they can do without having their beds changed and rooms made up!
I often wondered why someone in town doesn't start some sort of gimmick to get people to visit? I would think that a hotel would start a museum or have a "Rat Pack Month".. You guys could really furnish a casino with all the memorabilia and even with guest speakers.
I think it would even make the national news and get tourism back in full swing.
Just a wild thought... the ones in charge never seem to have an imagination on doing something like this.
(Jerry Tremaine - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : I know that I'm a little late in finding your Website for Dean Martin, but the wait was well worth it.
Thanks to Regis Philbin for always talking about Dean Martin and telling us about your fan club. There will never be another entertainer like Dean. We miss him, but he lives on in movies, recordings and your fan club!
(Mark Price - New York)
Dear DMFC : At the wax museum located in Harrah's Imperial Palace in Las Vegas, there is a wax figure of Dean Martin (along with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr.). They allow you to pose and touch the figures. It is a Dean Martin fan's fantasy!
(Julie Highlander - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin was the quintessential star. He really could and did do it all. Most Importantly, his smile was infectious and we laughed with him.
There will never be another Dean Martin. It all continues on...
Thank you Dean
(Jimmy Muller)
Dear DMFC : Thanks to Regis Philbin, I was able to find your Website and wonderful tribute to Dean. Wow, you have everything. I just wanted to say "hi" to all the other Dean fans out there!
(Cindy Strey - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Your last fan club magazine issue was fantastic! The rare photos you showed put such a light on all that we as fans have read. Thank you for such a wonderful magazine. I am glad I joined, and that is not a commercial to sell others on joining (but you should!)
(Cameo Singulan - India)
Dear DMFC : I just saw that the Elvis Presley Estate (Enterprises) is going all out to celebrate Elvis' 75th birthday this August. Not only did they have a special one-day-only screening of Elvis' last film/documentary "Elvis On Tour", but they also opened the screening with a 25-minute documentary hosted by Priscilla Presley describing the 38-year-old film, and how life was with Elvis back then.
They also advertised the fact that Elvis' home in Tennessee (Graceland) will be open to the public in August, they are having an "Elvis Cruise", they are releasing a huge CD box set of EP's greatest hits, and the movie "Elvis On Tour" is being released for THE FIRST TIME on DVD and BlueRay.
My question is: Why can't someone do this with Dean Martin? Is someone "missing the boat here?!?" Most Elvis fans are Dino fans too --- after all, Elvis loved Dean Martin and Dean was a big influence on Elvis' singing .
Let's go! Let's get something started for Dean!
(Lawrence Trull - California)
Dear DMFC : Thanks to Regis Philbin for letting us know that there is your wonderful fan club for our favorite (and very much missed) performer/singer, Mister Dean Martin. Thanks for your Website and fan club, which I am joining today!
(Michael Goodwin - Virginia)
Dear DMFC : Except for the videos that were being sold on television for Dean Martin's roasts and best of variety shows, we haven't heard much else at all. How come? Isn't there enough material, like "out-takes" or unreleased material in the vaults to put out a new CD or two? Can't there be some sort of "Dean Martin Movie Festival" on TV, maybe around the time of his birthday or when he passed away? Where's Dean?
(Steve Grayson - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : How come there isn't any Dean Martin museum in Las Vegas? I can understand there being nothing in Beverly Hills because there would not be the tourist traffic, but Las Vegas is nothing BUT tourists looking to see so many exciting things. Come on Vegas: do more than just name a street on the edge of town after Dean - showcase your past stars!
(Linden Albertson - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : We just joined your fan club for Dean, thanks to hearing Regis Philbin talk about you on his show. The first issue of the magazine arrived today and we were blown away. We just wished we knew about your fan center years ago. Thank you for such a memorable issue and we can't wait until the next one.
(Greg and Karen Morrison - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Here in our town they had a 4th of July Fireworks show last night and besides playing all the patriotic songs like "God Bless America" and "The Star Spangled Banner", they also included Dean Martin's songs, "That's Amore" and "Memories Are Made of This". Dean went out in a bang and everyone was still singing the lyrics after the show ended!
(Judy Fabone - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie... WE LOVE DEAN!
(Carpenter Family - Georgia)
Dear DMFC : Regis Philbin showed a couple of Dean Martin magazines on his show "Live with Regis and Kelly" this morning.
I grew up on Dean Martin's music and watching all of his movies and television shows. How do I go about getting the magazines that Regis showed?
(Chris Latten - Rhode Island)
Hi Chris - It's easy to become a yearly member of the Dean Martin Fan Center's Fan Club. You can join either by using Visa or MasterCard with PayPal or we even have a mail-in form if you want to join by check or money order. We publish between 3 to 4 issues a year (closer to 4) and each magazine is devoted entirely to Dean!
- Web Director (DMFC)
Dear DMFC: My husband and I returned from a trip to Las Vegas and was stunned and happy to find that they have an entire street named Dean Martin Boulevard.
We saw Dean's show in Las Vegas at the MGM six times in the past. There was nothing like him and by the looks of it, will never be again. Las Vegas just isn't the same as when Dean, Frank and Sammy played there.
(Sharon Purchlak - California)
Dear DMFC : Just saw Regis on his show mention that you have the best Dean Martin fan magazines. I'll be looking forward to getting them. I have been a life long fan.
(Shawn McWeirter - New York)
Dear DMFC : Thank you guys for all you do to keep Dean Martin's memory alive and going!
(Sue Landry - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I remember the ‘Moonraker’ films as a kid ... I didn’t get (then) how trulycool Deano (if I may) was ...  ‘til later in life that is ... I would love to share various recollections ... if anyone’s interested ... in a Kelowna, B.C., Canada kid’s take on the Martin era from where I was ... then ...
(Kevin McIntosh - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Happy Birthday this June 7, 2010. We all still miss you but know that you are looking down with the rest of the pack. I hope your golf game is going well!
(Haspin Wellsham - England)
Dear DMFC: Happy Birthday #93, Dino!!!!! I know they are throwing you a heckuva party up there!
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC: Reading the posts from people who wonder what happened to Dean after he passed on, you would not believe what we hear over here in Germany. Dean is still highly regarded and often heard on Germany radio. Even his old movies are shown once in a while and most people attribute Dean Martin to one of the good things which came from America.
Even The Bear Family, a German record and CD company, released four huge box sets incorporating every song ever recorded byt Mister Martin, year ago. I hear that there is nothing like these sets in your country.
I just wanted you to know how much Dean Martin in loved over here.
(Greta Rumburg - West Germany)
Dear DMFC: A Big Happy Birthday to the coolest guy ever - Dean Martin!
(Gary Havochek - Oregon)
Dear DMFC: It's so funny that a man as powerful and known the world over has been forgotten by his own team that surrounded him. One wonders why everything ceased to continue as compared to Elvis Presley or The Beatles. At least they try and keep their mortality in check. What's the story behind Dino? A Cover-Up?
(Jonathan Maratti - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC: As I look back over the past posts (from many years ago, in fact) I see that you guys were working several times on getting the United States Postal Service to honor Dean Martin with a commenorative stamp. The idea keeps popping back up on new Dean Martin blogs. Thanks for your continuing efforts. From a loyal Dean Martin fan...
(Janet Brimley - Texas)
Dear DMFC : In answer to – Mrs Anne Mulrooney: I can only assume that you have seen Dean and Perry perform together to have asked your question. Who wouldn’t  think they were related- they were absolutely perfect together. Although they are not related in the traditional sense their families did come from the same part of Italy called the Abruzzi so maybe many many years ago you could find a link.
This area is interesting , a story in itself & may explain why the two men are the way they are. If I am wrong & you have never seen them together,  you must.
Dean guest starred on Perry‘s Kraft show at least twice. One was available on VHS some years back & most or all of it can be seen on the Internet . Both shows were available for viewing at the Broadcasting Museums in Chicago & New York.
There is also a clip on the Internet which I recently found of the two men doing a duet of "Return to Me" which is simply BEAUTIFUL. It appears that Dean came on right at the end of one of Perry’s shows to plug a telethon.
In closing may I say that if you wish these two men did more together, you have exquisite taste.
(Tom Geigner - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone out there have any recordings of Dean Martin that have never been released? That's audio or video or anything.
(Chu Wang - China)
Dear DMFC : Do you know what Dean Martins favorite fragrances were?
(Carlo Di Febo)
Dear DMFC : We love Dean Martin and his music over here. Thank you for having this forum and information.
(Gan Kreskin - Germany)
Dear DMFC : Our kids have grown up and are out of the house now. My husband has become very weary of his surroundings and the new neighbors that have moved in around us. All we hear is rap music pouring out of their automobiles late at night, or we see some mighty desperate looking souls with a lack of social skills learking around the neighborhood.
To combat the problem, my husband has decided to start playing HIS generations music loud with all the windows and doors wide open. The neighbors get an earful of Dean Martin, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, etc.
One of the neighbors threatened us because they hated our loud music, but when the police showed up, all they did was laugh and told us that we had good taste.
We're thinking about having a huge party where everyone can come dressed in fine clothes and chauffered cars. Can you imagine the look on the neighborhood punks that don't have a dime or a future for themselves? Maybe we'll convert a few of them.
(Mrs. Cooley - West Virginia)
Dear DMFC : I agree with a previous post about losing interest in Dean Martin. Everyone today, no matter what age, knows who Elvis Presley is because they continued keeping him in the spotlight even after his death. What has anyone (with the exception of you guys) done to keep the Dean Martin legacy alive? Where are all the unreleased songs? Where are the TV Shows? I think the time has passed and it's beginning to be too late to capture his memory for the generation of today. Sad.
(Julie Lohan - Texas)
Dear DMFC : In answer to- Don Barone. The movie was Robin & the 7 hoods. Classic Rat Pack.
(Tom Geigner - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : Why does the support and interest in Dean Martin seem to be waining today? Have we come so far and forgotten to take Dean with us? Please tell me it isn't so! His people have left him behind.
(Robert Severce - Oklahoma)
Dear DMFC : Wonder if you could answer a movie quote question for me...what movie was it where Dean was palying cards (I believe) and he said to a woman something along the line of , "I like a bank with strong assets…" as he was eyeing her up and down?  Thanks!
(Don Barone)
Dear DMFC : My son made his own Valentine Day cards for his 4th grade classmates using pictures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis from the Internet. They are adorable. The funny thing is... I don't have a clue how he knows who Martin and Lewis is !?! (We never showed him any of the Martin and Lewis movies).
(Gail Bressler - Oregon)
Dear DMFC: I just purchased a box set of Dean Martin music that the Bear Family Company in Germany put out. It is such a beautiful box with over 120 songs, and this is onkly volume number one of four!
I love the way it also came with a hard cover book that measures about 12" x 12" and has a lot of colour photographs and lots of information. I can't wait to aquire the other three sets now. Thank you for producing and making this available to us fans!
(Roger Hakus - Germany)
Dear DMFC : In answer to - Mrs Anne Mulrooney: I can only assume that you have seen Dean and Perry perform together to have asked your question. Who wouldn't think they were related- they were absolutely perfect together.
Although they are not related in the traditional sense their families did come from the same part of Italy called the Abruzzi so maybe many many years ago you could find a link. This area is interesting , a story in itself & may explain why the two men are the way they are.
If I am wrong & you have never seen them together, you must. Dean guest starred on Perry 's Kraft show at least twice. One was available on vhs some years back & most or all of it can be seen on the Internet . Both shows were available for viewing at the Broadcasting Museums in Chicago & New York. There is also a clip on the Internet which I recently found of the two men doing a duet of Return to Me which is simply BEAUTIFUL. It appears that Dean came on right at the end of one of Perry's shows to plug a telethon.
In closing may I say that if you wish these two men did more together, you have exquisite taste.
(Tom Geigner, Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : I would agree with Deborah Tarin of Oregon, that it would be a blast to see older movies cleaned up and put out on the big screen again. Also, how about another documentary/movie like "That's Dancing" or "That's Entertainment". Maybe "That's Funny!" or "That's Dean and Jerry"?!
(G. Latham - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : I just saw that the Grammy's gave young country singer Taylor Swift the award for "Album of the Year". Wow... it's about time someone who sings "Main-stream" wins! Dean... your type of music may not be dead!
(Julian Young)
Dear DMFC : Can any other fan out there tell me if Dean Martin was ever related to Perry Como? I know this question probably gets asked a million times.
(Mrs. Anne Mulrooney - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Has anyone thought of restoring and re-releasing a couple of the older Martin and Lewis movies to movie theatres? Don't you think that this might work? I mean, the cost would be relatively inexpensive, since the movies are already made, and it might give a whole new generation something to go see and have a fun night over.
(Deborah Taring - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : Aren't there any new UNreleased Dean Martin songs in the vaults? All we are getting is a cd here or there, once or twice a year, with the same old stuff.
(Craig Bastille - Canada)
Dear DMFC : My wife and I are in our early 60's, and we were invited to a New Years Eve party thrown by my son and his family tonight. There were over 60 people in attendance, and it was wonderful meeting a lot of their friends. We couldn't believe how many of them knew who Dean Martin was, and one couple even gave us your Website address. Wow, we are not only impressed but we are so ever grateful to have a place to go to see Dean Martin, knowing that he still has many people who love him.
(Terry & Linda McCallister - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : The letter from Kanada was weird. Why would anyone who had a dislike for Dean Martin spend so much time writing a letter as he did? I think this person has some real social or educational problems. It is interesting to see that there are all kinds of people out there.
Anyway, I am keeping my fingers crossed that 2011 will be much better for all of us, and maybe some of us "normal" people will start standing up once again and start taking control of our own futures. It seems like the Dean Martin years were a much better time to be living in compared to the changes that are being created a such a fast rate today.
Happy New Year everyone!
(Carmine Clarkson - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : Happy 2011! I hope this is going to be a good year for Dino fans. We would sure like to see more of our hero. Thanks to you guys for always being there for us fans!
(Jasmine Taylor - Canada)