Dear DMFC : If Ricci Martin ever comes to your town, make sure that you catch his show. It will make you laugh, tap your feet, and walk away happy. I'll even bet that you will go out and buy a Dean Martin cd the very next day. He really shows his love for his father in what he does. His band is the best too, which includes his conductor and leader Billy Hinsche (of Beach Boys fame), Bobby Figueroa (band leader on "Larry Sanders" show), and Wayne Tweed (who played a long time with Smokey Robinson & others). It's a tight band and a loose show, as Ricci delivers his comfortable rapport with the audience.
(Julie Kirkus)
Dear DMFC : We read an article about your Fan Center's president in our paper, and it told all about his connection with Dean Martin, and also had information about Dean's son, Ricci Martin, and his tribute show that was coming to town. We have lived in Monrovia for almost thirty years, and quite frequently go out to dine, shop and see shows in Pasadena's "Old Town" area that's nearby.
When saw that there was a Restaurant and Supper Club at the other end of town (actually closer to us) called, "Frank & Dean's", we couldn't wait to check it out! Not only was it elegant and warm, but it was also a small and cozy place to dine.
Their menu was specially printed with many Dean Martin items, including dishes named after Jeanne Martin and Jerry Lewis. The food was excellent. The show itself, featuring Dean Martin's youngest son Ricci, was to say the least, "Terrific!". This place is one of the best kept secrets in town, and they specialize in the era of the great popular singers like Sinatra, Bennett, Grecco, Vale, Crosby, and of course Dino!
It was a wonderful evening for us!
(Mr. & Mrs. Annenberg - California)
Dear DMFC : We attended the Ricci Martin Show in Pasadena last night. The folks sitting next to us had a copy of your fan club magazine and was kind enough to share it with us. That is how I got your web address. You have such an impressive site for Dean Martin. Now, between Ricci's show, and your website, we can't stop talking about Dean Martin and how great an entertainer he was. We are going to become members of the fan club this week, and just wanted to tell everyone that Ricci Martin's show was the best!
(Janet and Bobby Cusman - California)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for a wonderful new issue. The cover that has Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with their co-stars from "Money From Home" is worth framing itself! You always seem to pack each issue with so much information on Dean Martin. I read your note inside this issue about the stories that you do on others who have known or worked with Dean. That's the true way that us fans can know more about him and also keep abreast as to what is happening concerning Dean and his influence on all he touched.
There isn't another club, newsletter or magazine out there that can compete with the level of quality and respect you show for the greatest entertainer of all time, Dean Martin. I am so happy to be a member of the Dean Martin Fan Center.
(Arlene Heddy - New York)
Hi Arlene - Thanks so much for your compliments. The Fan Center is surely a labor-of-love, and it is so gratifying to hear letters like yours.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Hi, I am hoping you can help me with this. Several decades ago I was collecting Motown 45s as a hobby. An artist by the name of Tony Martin recorded for the label and on hearing the song(s) he sounded so much like Dean Martin. I am wondering if Tony Martin is related to Dean Martin. Does Dean Martin have any brothers or cousins named Tony? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
(Herb Maton)
Hi Herb - This question comes up once in a while. Tony Martin is NOT related to Dean, other than having performed together. Tony is a wonderful singer and had a string of hits himself, along with starring in over thirty movies in the last sixty years. As a matter of fact, we just saw Tony at Lee Hale's (Dean's Musical Director & Producer) wonderful tribute from the Professional Dancers Society a couple of weeks ago. Tony was with his beautiful wife of 55 years, Cyd Charisse.
Cyd, by the way, is a famous dancer known mainly for her work in films along sides names like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelley. Cyd was the girl who is seen dancing in the opening credits of Dean' Martin's movie "The Silencers".
Both Dean and Tony are Italian 'pop singers', and have sung many of the same songs throughout their careers. We can see how you could become confused. Tony's biggest hit in 1950 was "There's No Tomorrow" also known as "O Sole Mio". Some of his movie titles include "Hit The Deck", "Here Come The Girls" and "Till The Clouds Roll By" which also starred a skinny kid named Frank Sinatra, among a cast of heavy-weights.
(Neil Daniels - DMFC President)
Dear DMFC : I noticed so many people said they first noticed Dean Martin when they were children and were fans right from then - same happened to me. I was just a small child when I first heard his singing voice, smile and laughing and was so attracted that I have been a fan - and I NEVER have been so interested in any other entertainer in my life. There was something magical about Dean and children seemed to have felt it immediately - and it never left. He was my hero who never let me down! He definitely was one of the "good guys"! Thank you Dean.
(Roberta - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : I'm going as Dean Martin for Halloween this year. Everyone that I have told this to seems to think it's one of the best ideas ever!
(Gary T. Hyman - New York)
Dear DMFC : I live in California. Between the State going broke, the businesses leaving because of terribly high workman's comp insurance and the cost of living... The crazy bills being passed by the departing Governor who wants to keep his job at all costs, and a Lt. Governor who seeks to reap the benefits of groups giving him money... we are in the middle of a statewide transit strike, and a major grocery union strike at the same time... now the fires are burning tons of land and homes across Southern California, and when I want to find someone to complain to, they don't even speak my language, I go numb with the thought of "what's happening?". The ONLY thing that keeps me sane is being able to go home after work and putting on Dean Martin songs. I have started getting his TV show 'best of Dean' series, and I mellow out and drift away until the following morning when I have to get up and face the world again.
At my desk at work, I usually go to your site (this one) at least once a day to give me a little lift until I can get home.
Dean Martin, if you are listening "hanks for keeping me from going crazy! I sure do miss you!"
(Ed Lawrence - California)
Dear DMFC : Dear dean Martin Fan Center: I have been a Dean Martin Fan since about 1969, (give or take a year or two) when I first saw Dean make a guest appearance on "The Lucy Show" with Lucille Ball. I was all of about three or four years old at the time. Needless to say he made a BIG impression on me at the time.
Here it is 2003 and I'm begging my wife to to tape Larry King because I'm at work and won't be home until well after the show airs on the East Coast. I get home from work at 3:20 am on the 24th of October to find a note on the floor in front of the tv..."I taped the show for you." So, I turn on the tv and the Larry King Show is being re-broadcast at that very moment!
I forgot about the tape in the VCR and watched the Tribute on tv. I must say that this turned out to be a very touching show. For those who did not get to see it, Guests included Deana Martin, Ricci Martin, Jerry Lewis, Nancy Sinatra Jr., Dom DeLuise, and Greg Garrison. The most poiniant moment came when Larry asked the guests: "Where were you when you learned that Dean had died?" Deanna and Ricci explained that they were home with their families on Christmas Day, 1995 when they heard the news. Nancy Sinatra broke down, bowed her head before the camera and was unable to answer the question. (later in the show Nancy stated that her father took the news of Dean's death very, very hard: "It was bad for him,,,real bad....like loosing a brother" she said.) Dom De Luise, also emotionally moved by the question was comforted by Greg Garrison, who patted Dom on the back as he answered how he learned of Dean's death. Jerry Lewis, visibly in tears at this point also gave his story of learning of Deans passing.
I am grateful for Larry King for doing this tribute. I also miss Dean and find it hard to believe that it will be 8 years this Christmas Day since his passing. Thanks, Dino for all the music and the laughs...all of us miss you!
(Mark J. Roberts - New York)
Dear DMFC : Judy, Dean played Sam Harmon in Ocean's Eleven.
(Kate Meno - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : I was really touched the other night while watching the special "Larry King Live" on Dean, when those in attendance (Deana Martin, Nancy Sinatra, Dom Deluise, and Ricci Martin and Jerry Lewis via satellite among others) recalled when they heard of Dean's passing. They were still quite moved by the loss, to tears in some cases. My heart goes out to them and all of Dean's fans. Dino was a rare entertainer that made you think he was performing just for you and that you were his "pallie." He was one of a kind and I'm glad we still have his voice, face and talent in music and video. He's missed!
(Jeremy Harvey - Virginia)
Dear DMFC : As an avid fan of Larry King Live, I was glued to the TV last night watching his show devoted to legendary entertainer Dean Martin. Who in the world has not heard of Dino, let alone been a fan in some sort. It was great and I hope more shows featuring Dean Martin come along soon!
(Steve Guest - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Hi, My name is Harold Britt. I have been a Dean Martin fan for a long time. I remember watching his show when I was a kid. I am now forty two years old. It seems that in the last few years, there has been a redicovery of the Rat Pack and Dean. I recieved my first video of the show the other day and enjoyed watching the show again, also I enjoyed the Martin and Lewis movie that was on awhile back. The two actors that portraded them were good.
A unique thing about myself is I am a muscian playing a variety of music. Also I put on different types of shows. One of the shows that I do I call a Las Vegas show. I really never say it, but during the show, I'm impersonating Dean Martin. My audiences figure it out and seem to enjoy the show. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy the website and to say hello. Sincerly,
(Harold W. Britt)
Dear DMFC : I really love this website! You couldn't have picked a better person to honor in my book. It seems like everyday I hear a Dean Martin song, see a Dean Martin movie on TV or haer mention of 'The Rat Pack' or 'Martin and Lewis' in my travels. He sure made an impression on society and continues to do so.
(Mike Brewster - ENGLAND)
Dear DMFC : Hello, Just wanted to put my 2 cents in and say what a big fan I am. I have most of Dean's records and they are in pristine shape. I am now collecting the same songs on CD's.
(Frank Fritton)
Dear DMFC : I had the debut show for years on video... and yearned for the regular shows to follow but they never did. Years later the roasts were offered and I bought all of them, but still I was looking for that classic time capsule of Thursday nights from the mid sixties to the early seventies that no other show could match like the Dean Martin Show. I miss those years so much and when (finally) they were introduced, I immediately called and started getting them. The first sent shivers up my spine when I heard that old familiar voice. It was indeed a time warp. I was 15 when the show first aired and ironically wasn't that big a fan then (although I always liked him, he remined me of my Dad in looks and persona)and like Elvis, Dean was always around but I didn't appreciate the moment, taking things for granted like most teens I guess. But as time goes by, those icons from the sixties mean so much to me and at the head of the list is dean, far and above. Thanks to you Mr. Garrison for providing an apparent life's blood for me to continue looking back at the most enjoyable period in my life.
(Jeff Shipes)
Dear DMFC : Larry King --- you FINALLY had a great show! DEAN MARTIN could not have been a better choice. I wish that you had fewer guests to be able to ask more detailed and personal questions, but a little of Dean is better than no Dean at all!
(Carrie Loxtrom - New York)
Dear DMFC : In the movie "Artists and Models", Dean sings and dances the "Lucky Song" with a little girl in pink. I see no mention of her in the credits or any cast list. Any Idea who she is?
(Jim Gibbs)
Dear DMFC : I have some answers for Terry D'Souza and Mack. Terry D'Souza: Bear se: 'Return To Me' has 'I Know I Can't Forget' on CD#1. There was also a song 'I Can't Forget (You're Memory Haunts Me Yet)' on a 33 LP which was called Best Hits Vol. 2 or something like that. 'Buttercup A Golden Hair' is also available on same Bear set, CD#3, and I've also seen at on iMesh site occasionally.
For Mack: The song 'Luna Mezzo Mare' is available on Bear set 'Memories are Made of This', CD#3. I believe that it's also available on a 1-or-2 CD set. Yes, Lou Monte sang this as well (song also known as Lazy Mary), available on Viva Italia, as well as one or more of his own CD's.
(Claudio DeMarco - New Hampshire)
Dear DMFC : What was Dean Martin's character's name in Ocean's 11?
(Judy Passerello)
Dear DMFC : Larry King's show was great last night! He also said they were going to have more shows on like this one about Dean, because let's face it, you can never get too much of Dean, (I said that) and you can't cover everything about him in an hour (Larry said that) !! Three cheers for Larry !!!
(Kate Meno - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : I just finished watching Larry King and his whole show was dedicated to Dean. It was wonderful to see such a tribute to a man that all of America loved so dearly.
(Alexander Ritten - Oklahoma)
Dear DMFC : We wanted to thank you for the nice magazine that you gave us at the tribute for Lee Hale. It was a wonderful evening, and we were so excited to attend with my wife's aunt. We have all been huge Dean Martin fans, and to be in a room filled with the talented people that made the Dean Martin show a success was thrilling and something we won't forget.
We would like to join the fan club and become members and don't want to miss getting your next issue that will have pictures from the tribute to Mr. Hale. Please tell him that we had a wonderful time!
(Mr. and Mrs. John Grecy)
Dear DMFC : I live in Los Angeles and heard Deana Martin on the radio this morning talking about singers that her family listened to. I sure miss Dean Martin a lot. If ever there was a time we needed his kind of music and humor to get us through, now would be it!
(Ken Lockwood - California)
Dear DMFC : It seems to me that the "Rat Pack" trio is starting to make a comeback once again with the buzz about a new DVD and CD. I wonder if we will ever see a GOOD movie about these guys, and not just the fluf they have put together in the past.
(Audrey Meeker - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : Hi,My wife and I are wanting to get your opinion on Dean Martin greatest album/CD. Preferably a greatest hits. Any advice you can lend would be appreciated.
Dear DMFC : Hi- I just came across your site and it is great. I've been a Dean Martin Fan for many a long years. And that's a long, long time.
Keep up the good work!!!
(Vinnie Crisci - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Mack, you are correct. Dean sang Luna Mezza Mare. I sang it Saturday night at an Italian restaurant in Connecticut for the owner because he requested an Italian song. It was the hit of the night!!!
(Kate Meno - Connecticut)MEZZA MARE, I SANG IT SATURDAY
Dear DMFC : I got the new CD The Rat Pack it has a CD of then doing sets and then of course the pack in their comedy act and then it has a DVD of the same show, it is great I love it, but I can't get enough of Dean Martin anyway, I also have to new Dean Martin doll that sings three songs and his head and arms move and he is holding a microphone, the only thing missing is the cig. and his glass of apple juice, I hope some of you fans have went out and bought the CD it is great, it was done in ST. Louis 1965, it was a charity event.
(Barbara Wilder)
Dear DMFC : I do not have a question at this time . I just want to say that Dean Martin was blessed with a beautiful soft ,smooth and sexy voice . His voice has brought me great pleasure . My Grandmother and my mother played his songs very frequently. My brother and I listen to his music often .
(Rose Bushey - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : Great site! I have a question that's driving me up the wall, and I've searched all over your incredible site, but I can't find the information. I swear that in a recent movie (the last 6 months or so), I had heard "Ain't That A Kick in the Head" as part of the sound track. It seems it was a recent theatrical release, but I can't place it. Can you help??? Also, it might be another really neat feature to somehow document all the Dean Martin songs used as incidental music or soundtrack selections (even if they didn't make the C.D or L.P.). Just an idea. I'd appreciate any ideas on "Ain't That a Kick..." Thanks.
(George Zahn)
Dear DMFC : Dear DMCF: I love Dean and I am inquiring about the words in one of his fantastic songs, in The naughty lady of Shady Lane at the beginning and all the way through the song their is a bit they sing, it sounds like papaya but I'm sure its not could you please tell me what it says it will settle a debate in my house!!!
(Clare Sweeney - UK)
Dear DMFC: In response to Carrie Jones' message, the movie was "The Ambushers"where Dean plays super-spy Matt Helm. I thought the inflatable room was pretty cool, myself!
(Mike Wiggins - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I am writing to express how much my mother loves Dean Martin!!!! I am 34 years old & I don't remember a time I didn't know of Dean Martin. Mom has movies, books, music, a singing doll & clippings of him everywhere. We watch his celebrity roasts together & laugh so hard we cry. Even my children who are 8 & 3 1/2 years old know who he is. I was a big fan of Dean Paul & when he died it was like a part of our family had passed on. My name is Jeanne & if you hadn't guessed I was named after Jeanne Martin. Dean was a terrific entertainer. My mom was lucky to have seen two of his shows in Las Vegas. Those were treasured times to her. She belongs to the fan club & so enjoys the news letters & web site. Thank you!!!
(Jeanne Curran - Iowa)
Dear DMFC : There's a few of Dean's best songs that are not as well known as his big hits that I love dearly. If any members know where I can find them, I'd love to hear from them:
I Can't Forget
The King of Holiday Island
The Man With The Mandolino
Buttercup A Golden Hair
It Takes So Long To Say Goodbye
Ciao and best regards,
(Terry D'Souza)
Dear DMFC : Did Dean sing an Italian song named " Lezza Mare"? I believe that Lou Monte sang this song also. Thanks
Dear DMFC : To answer a question that Carrie Jones asked. The scean with the inflatable room, and bed, and the magnetized zipper was from the movie The Ambushers. It was one of four movies that Dean made, where he played secret agent man, Matt Helm.
(Paul Curioso - Rhode Island)
Dear DMFC : I wanted to leave a message that Dean Martin is still the 'in' singer here in England and all over Europe when I travel. Many of our clubs play Dean's songs and his older recordings are starting to become collectible among the younger fans. Who would have thought that vinyl records would be wanted again?
(Perry Yates - England)
Dear DMFC : I just heard them mention your website on the radio. They love to play lots of Dean Martin and others like Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney, Doris Day, Jack Jones and others. Dean is the greatest of them all. I am excited by your website!
(Nancy Veniero - Kansas)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin starred in a movie that had a scene with an inflatable room, bed and magnetized zippers that... well, what movie was that? Anybody?
(Carrie Jones)
Dear DMFC : I just finished Robert Sidney's book, With Malice Towards Some - Tales From A Life Dancing With The Stars and I would highly recommend it. Bob Sidney knew and worked with many big stars and he has a lot of interesting stories to tell. Bob Sidney comes across as a nice guy. Creative, well liked and a good friend to many of the people he writes about. The chapter about Dean is very good. He liked Dean and enjoyed working with him. There's one thing Bob Sidney has to say about The Dean Martin Show that surprised me. It's more implied than overtly stated but you'll have to read the book to find out what that is. The only criticism I have about the book is that it's too short. This book could easily been twice as long. The book is available from the fan center. It's very enjoyable and I think any fan of Dean's and old time Hollywood will really enjoy it.
(Tom Bergin - California)
Dear DMFC : Dear Fan Center, In the movie "Artists and Models", Dean sings and dances the "Lucky Song" with a little girl in pink. I see no mention of her in the credits or any cast list. Any Idea who she is? (Jim Gibbs)
Dear DMFC : There have been a few promos on TV for the upcoming movie, "Under the Tuscan Sun". My ears perked up when I heard Dean singing the Italian part of "On An Evening in Roma" in the first two ads I saw, but I haven't heard him on subsequent ads, although some of the clips were the same. Does anyone know if this movie does feature this song (like "Return to Me" which I recall from a few years back)? I also heard Perry Como in another clip. It is interesting the choices of old songs that are chosen for background in today's movies--some people have taste and aren't afraid to show it!
(Ann Hockey - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for informing us of the new book by Robert Sidney, the choreographer who worked with many great people in Hollywood including Dean Martin. I loved his book and wanted to say that you people do a great job in finding all of these little gems for us Dean Martin fans.
(Lindsay Tanning - California)
Dear DMFC : I heard recently that there was mention of a Dean Martin Las Vegas week long event that will be sponsored by the major hotels in that city. I have heard rumors of that in the past, but like anything else, it takes a while before anything good and major actually takes place. When it becomes reality, I will be first in line with my plane ticket and hotel reservation!
(Mike Sayre - Nebraska)
Dear DMFC : I also attended the reunion show and was amazed that some people traveled great distances to be there. There was even a lady who came all the way from Connecticut! I was able to get a few autographs from everyone including Mr. Daniels of your centre. I agree, it was one of the best shows I have ever seen.
(J.D. - California)
Dear DMFC: Thank you so much for letting us be a part of the Dean Martin Roast Reunion show! My husband and I were thrilled when the invitation came, and we had the best time in the world. Greg Garrison was a very charming man, as well as the others, Don Rickles, Rich Little and Ruth Buzzi. Even the host, John O'Hurley was right on target and kept the show lively and entertaining.
This was one of the finest retrospectives we have ever seen. I hope that they could make this whole show available on video for everyone to see, it was so good! Thank you so much again!
(Linda - California)
To all attendees of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast Reunion Show:
Wow, what a great turnout of fans! It was great to finally meet many of you who are members of the Dean Martin Fan Center's Fan Club, to those of you who hadn't heard of us before. We had a great time didn't we? What a rare moment to see Rich Little, Ruth Buzzi, Don Rickles, John O'Hurley and Greg Garrison, all together on stage. Their energy bounced off one another, as they kept each other going, making the audience belly-laugh 'till it hurt (and they were laughing just as hard themselves!).
It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime event that I am glad was captured on videotape, and hopefully will be included in a new infomercial by Guthy-Renker. The only problem that I see is how they are going to fit this whole show into a mere half hour!
During the breaks in taping, all of these stars allowed the audience to take pictures with them, and ask them questions along with signing autographs. What a RARE treat!
At one point in the show, the friendship between Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra was discussed, but I truly think most people in the audience thought the title "Chairman of the Board" really belongs to Greg Garrison. Without Greg, there would not have been a "Dean Martin Celebrity Roast" series, and many of the stars that appeared on those roasts might not have propelled their careers into the directions they all took!
We are going to feature more about this reunion show and have lots of photos in our year end edition of the Dean Martin Fan Center's magazine. Our October issue is coming first, with stories and articles on two other reunions (Dean's 'Golddiggers'), along with an in-depth look at Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis' 1954 movie "Money From Home". Don't forget to join or renew your membership so you don't miss these issues! And to those of you who I met this weekend at the Celebrity Roast reunion... thank you for coming out and being a part of this!
(Neil T Daniels - Chairman of Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : Thank you so very much for this website. Dean Martin was the very best singer we ever had, and his movies and TV show were on top of the heap. We need more of Dean and less of reality TV. We need more "Everybody Loves Somebody" and less "Hate the Man Who Has The Keys" (a song I overheard on my car radio!). Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I would rather lock myself in my house when I get home and put on a Dean Martin cd, then to watch the news on TV or pay $2.25 for a gallon of gas to sit on the freeway. Now I can't wait to join the Dean Martin fan center's club for Dean. I'm sure it will be much more fascinating to read your magazine then it is to read the magazines I have recently stopped subscribing to. Thanks again.
(Steve Fischler - North Carolina)
Dear DMFC : I am reminded again this year as I watch the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, how powerful the team of Martin & Lewis were in this country for a whole decade. It may have been a long time ago, but they shaped the future for our culture, as did Elvis Presley, Sandy Kofax, Color Television Sets, Home Computers, The Beatles, George Lucas, and many other people and events.
Jerry Lewis does not look anything like himself due to his health problems, but he keeps on going with his telethon to raise money for a much needed cause. If a cure can be found for Muscular Dystrophy, it will lead to cures for many other types of diseases that exist.
If you're not much of a Jerry Lewis fan, you have to give the man a lot of credit for doing what he has dedicated his life to - raising money for research. Many of us sit on the couch watching and criticizing, but not many of us would do what Jerry has done. He doesn't need to do a telethon. He could be like so many others, and live off the money he has packed away.
I remember when the MD telethon first started way back in the 1950's. Both Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were chairmen of the event. Both gave of their time during their busiest years. Both started an organization that has led to many discoveries and medicines. Many families who have been stricken give their blessings to MDA and Jerry Lewis. If it were not for them, these people would have no place to go, and no one to help guide them through the terrible ordeal on how to cope.
Martin and Lewis may go down in the history books as a very successful comedy & musical team, but in the big picture that isn't as important as going down in the history books as founders of a cure for a disease that affects millions. That's what I will remember Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis for. God Bless them both!
(Alicia Lawrence - Florida)
Dear DMFC: Hello! My name is Maria and I am a 15 year old girl from Sweden and I just love Dean Martin!!!! I had never heard about before but my dad gave me a CD with him to me in Christmas present and I just loved it... My favorite songs with Dean are Everybody Loves Somebody and You Can´t Love Them All....
I have seen a lot of Deans movies to. My favorite are Bells Are Ringing and The Caddy... He is just so wonderful in those movies... I also what to thank DMFC for being the best site about Dean Martin... Thank you...
(Maria Emilsson - Sweden)
Dear DMFC : My mother has been a big Dean Martin fan for over 40 years. In fact if the truth were known that's the only music she listens to. She suffers from depression and it gives her great comfort to listen to all of dean martin's music on cod.
(Denise DeRose)
Dear DMFC : My mom passed away when I was only two years old. She was hit by a drunk driver while crossing the street with me. I am now 16 years old, and two weeks ago my Dad passed away with of cancer. It's really hard to write this message without crying. My Dad was all I had, and he was a very hard working man who spent all of his time with me instead of going out with his friends. He was my best friend.
I always remember him talking about Dean Martin and he always had tapes in the car, so when we went on drives we would listen to him. I asked them to play a Dean Martin song at his funeral because I knew that Dean Martin was his favorite.
A lot of my friends from school came to the funeral, even though it's summer time, and this morning my friends and a lot of other people that I go to school with came over. There was probably over 24 of them. They rang my doorbell and surprised me with two huge box sets of cd's of Deans. I nearly broke down not realizing how many true friends I really had.We all looked at the books that came with them, but I didn't have cd player that worked (it was what my Dad was going to get me for my birthday next month). Well, a couple hours later a few of the parents from my school rang my doorbell. Some of my friends must have called their parents to tell them that I didn't have a cd player because they brought over a brand new cd player for me, along with a whole new electronics unit that had a DVD player and a new 32" Sony TV! I also got a gift certificate for Suncoast to go and buy some Dean Martin dvd's. The parents didn't stay, but my friends did, and I also made some really nice new friends that I didn't even know went to my school.
Anyway, I wanted to list their names to say thank you. I know this won't mean much to anyone else who reads this, but it does to me (and my Dad);
Lisa Yeoman ; Craig Buttram ; Lyle Richmond ; Bob Herdon ; Bob McAllister ; Pat Caffrey ; Michelle Cohn ; Ben Curtis ; Stockard Braun ; Charles Bialik ; Toni Powter ; Nokie Diamonde ; Dave De Freitas ; John O'Neal ; MacKenzie Singleton ; Debbie Ruehl ; Tim Roman ; Linda Black ; Ellen Doyle ; Doug Gaines ; Michael Simon ; Steve Hammet ; Elliot Wallach ; Luke Faulkner ; Susie Chen ; Marlee Johnson.
Many more people have called and stopped by since my I lost my Dad, and right now I just can't remember everybody to list.
Anyway, the music that my Dad listened to is now my music and it's a comfort to me. I will always know my Dad is here with me when I hear Dean Martin sing.
Thank you for reading my Email.
(Chris Hadley - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I just recently bought my first computer, and what a true joy to find this web page. I first met Dean in Las Vegas with my parents along. My father spotted Dean, walked over to him and told him what a big fan I was at age 17, this at the Sands Hotel. He invited us to be his personal guests for his Sunday night show. My parents had to work on Monday so they had to say no. I will never forget that night. What a wonderful gesture. My dad and I went to a taping of Dean's specials at that time, after the show my father said, lets go back stage. We walked past the guard and went backstage, found his dressing room, and found Dean, Jeanne, Frank Sinatra, Sammy, looked in and said hello. Dean was the only one to come over and say hi. This could not happen today due to security. What a truly nice guy he was!
(Jerry Ragland)
Dear DMFC : I just opened my copy of "The Hollywood Reporter" this morning (August 1st) and saw your wonderful tribute to Bob Hope signed by the Dean Martin Fan Center chairman all of Dean Martin's Golddiggers who accompained him overseas. Please express a thank-you to each and everyone of them from a person who was there when they performed during the Vietnam war.
(Robert Biggs - Florida)
Dear DMFC : As a golfer, Bob Hope probably means something different to me than others. I always remember him and Dean Martin playing golf around town at the various courses and tourneyments. These guys lead respect and notarity to the golf world, and opened the doors for more people to become interested in the game. We'll surely miss him.
(Gil Neppers - California)
Dear DMFC : I just heard that Bob Hope died. I was a Vietnam veteran, and must say that this news has brought tears to my eyes. One of the few good memories that many of us had was when Bob brought his USO shows to us at Christmas. Being so far away from home, we sometimes thought that no one even knew we were out there fighting. Bob Hope brought us all a message of how much we meant to the people of the United States.
The brightest spot in the two Christmas shows that I was able to see, were Dean Martin's Golddiggers! All those girls were the fantasies of every serviceman out there. It's too bad that they were a big group of twelve performing under "The Golddiggers", for many of us will never know what some of their actual names were.
I see by reading other messages left here, that you have been putting these girls in your magazine publication for all of us to be able to read. I am wanting to join the fan club and also get all the back issues with The Golddiggers. Again, even though this is a Dean Martin website and bulletin board, There was a connection in many ways between Bob Hope and Dean Martin. God Bless you Mr. Hope and please give that same blessing to Dean when you see him!
(John J. Arson - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : A lot of well known celebrities have been passing away in the last couple of months. Many of these people had performed at one tiome or another with Dean Martin on his TV show or a TV special. The latest to leave this world is Bob Hope. I never made it to Vietnam during the late 1960's and early 1970's, but I remember seeing all those Bob Hope Christmas specials on TV. Bob not only aided in the well being of our troops, but also shed light on what it was like in the faces of those 'kids' for us here at home. I remember when Ann-Margret and Joey Heatherton went with Bob, but equally I remember the group of girls that were with Dean Martin called "The Golddiggers". They were there year after year. What memories they must also have with thousands and thousands of young men as far as they eye could see, crowing together to get a glimpse of them. I remember every show ended with the song "Silent Night". It would be great if NBC would put one of these old shows on the air RIGHT NOW... Maybe we could reflect on the current world situation today by viewing a little of our past. Goodnight (Not Goodbye) Mr. Hope.
(Lance Dunhill - New York)
Dear DMFC : Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that you guys did a great job on the latest edition of the DMFC magazine. It was nice reading about Cindy Williams and her experience with Dean Martin. That was really special. I also watched "Mr. Ricco", and it was not a bad movie! They were both very good in it. I hope it will be released on DVD and video in the near future.
(Mike Wiggins - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I was too young to think of Dean as "cool" when i first heard him sing. However, I loved his version of "Everybody Loves Somebody" as soon as I heard it, and I used it as my closing theme for many years as a Disc Jockey. Relatively recently, I have become facinated with Dean's movie "Rio Bravo". It is an absolute masterpiece for all actors involved. I agree with a Director who said of the film, that it justifies the existence of Hollywood making movies. As far as the movies Dean and Jerry made together, my favorite is "You're Never Too Young". The color, direction, acting production etc. are the best of what they did together in my opinion.
Recently, I was listening to Dean when my father walked in the room. He didn't know who was singing. I knew that my father was a Classical music expert, and I tested him. I asked him to identify the singer, and he couldn't. Well, the song I was listening to was "Return to Me". I asked my Dad what he thought of the singer, and he agreed that he was great. When I told him that it was Dean Martin, he was surprised. But I felt like he respected my taste in music at last.
Along those lines, I remember a teacher of mine in the 60's saying that Dean was a "crooner", and not a "singer". As if a crooner was not in the same league as a singer. Well, folks, you tell me: If you were stranded on an island with a choice of CD's to keep, which would you choose? Sinatra or Dean Martin? There is no contest for me. Dino is absolutely Number One!
(Paul D. Myers - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : I just wanted to say that I wish I could have met Dino when he was still living. I cried my heart out when he died, and I never got to see him,live on stage, and now evey time I play his songs, tears come rolling down my face. I'v been in love with him since I was very young. So this is for you Dino,the biggest kiss from your long lost fan (Naomi Kaucher - Alaska)
Dear DMFC : Hi, from Great Britain. I was very saddened to read of the passing of Dean's long time agent/manager/friend, Mort Viner, at the age of 72. He will always hold a very special part in my memories of Dean, because it was thanks to him, that I was to meet Dean in person , during his 1987 London Palladium concerts. Although a very professional, distinguished person, Mort Viner was also one of the nicest, kindest people I've ever met. He really fulfilled my dream, and took it on himself to satisfy the wishes of a mere "fan" of a super-star. True to his word, he "fixed" it for me and I'll never forget it. And, of
course, I'll NEVER forget those few minutes I spent with Dean on the boards of that famous London stage, behind the curtain , before his final London appearence. Memories REALLY are made of that. Regards, and best wishes,
(Graham Daniels - Great Britain)
Dear DMFC : Thanks so much for being the center of everything that is happening that is Dean related. Dean Martin was both my mother and father's favorite. He was such a relaxed performer that everyone could relate to. The talent that he had was always a constant surprise with everything he attempted throughout the years. He is really missed in a time when talent is so badly needed.
I wanted to let the newbees (that don't really know much about Dean Martin) know that he was incredible, and to just go out a buy a couple of cd's and see for yourself. You'll be added to the list of fans that is already a mile long!
(Robert Spencer - England)
Dear DMFC : I have recently (in the last few years) become a huge Dean Martin fan. I would easily say that he is my favorite singer and actor of all time. I have also introduced Dean to my 2 1/2 year old daughter who absolutely loves him. Her favorite song according to her is "Standing on the Corner", and also "Houston". She can recognize his voice and when we eat out if a song of his comes over the speakers she screams, "It's Dean Martin". In fact when we were in the grocery store a Dean song came on and she proclaimed, "that's Dean Martin". An older couple were walking by and the wife asked me what she said. I told her and she seemed flabbergasted that a 2 year old would know who Dean Martin is. My personal favorite is "You Belong to Me", the song sparks so many emotions just by his singing and the background music. I do have one question, why is Sargeants 3 not available anywhere? I would think that they could release it, and should because I would love to see it. Thanks for the site, and a late Happy Birthday to the MAN!
(Drew Zimmer - Missouri)
Dear DMFC : As it was Dean's birthday I thought I'd make an extra visit to your site and to the bulletin board, it bought a tear to my eye to see all of the lovely messages that people had left. I am 22 years old and have been a huge fan of Dean Martin for just over a year now and everytime I think of Dean I smile. I'm so glad that i found him. What a great funny, handsome, kind and generous man he was . I'll never forget you Dino.
(Jaclyn Ulyatt - UK)