MARCH - MAY 2000
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin is cooler than Iceberg lettuce.
(Andy Jones - UK)
Dear DMFC : Has it really been 5 years since Dean Martin passed away? Wow. I still feel that he is still with us everytime I hear one of his songs. That's a powerful legacy to leave behind.
(Adam Nichols - ENGLAND)
Dear DMFC : Recently my husband found an old roll of film that has been sitting in his camera that was given to him as a teen in the 1950's. It was a roll of black and white film size 620. For the fun of it, we took it to the camera store, and when we got the pictures back, there was Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. The pictures look fantastic after all these years. There are 10 different pictures, and 9 of them have Dean in them and look beautiful. The other is of Jerry alone, and isn't too clear. We are going to mail them to you if you wanted to use them in your magazine or for whatever you wish. It sure brought a flood of memories back for my husband who forgot all about seeing them in New York. He guesses about 1954 or so.
(Paula Hartoch - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC: I recently contacted Bear Family Records about any compilations of Dean's Reprise material in the works.I got the dreaded returned email:
Dear Christopher,
Sorry to disappoint you but we are having license problems. The Reprise Recordings will not be released by Bear Family. Sincerely, Heidi Cordsmeier, Bear Family Records, Germany.
I was devastated. There is a whole "Label" of Dean Martin Songs that I can only get a taste of through scant CD's and my old scratchy LP's and "hiss-ful" Reel to Reels. Don't get me wrong, I love these items but I want the whole thing. Is there any breaking news that I can sink my teeth into? (I know how you dislike re-answering the Dean Martin Show inquiries but I couldn't find any news in the past bulletins on the Reprise CD's). I am printing out the Membership entry forms now and can't wait to become official. Thank you so much for being here.
(Christopher-North Carolina)
Dear Christopher - Once you become a member, you'll be able to get your questions answered and also be first to know about any breaking news about the Reprise recordings. We are sending you an "auto-responder" describing some of the reason for the delay in not having them available yet. Rest assured... we are working on it!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I was watching the Cannonball Run movie here on TV in Los Angeles. I forgot just how entertaining that movie really was. There were so many stars in it that aren't even listed on the posters and video boxes or in the TV guide credits. I was not going to really sit and watch, but two hours later, I was grinning, but also missing ol' Dino. In the big Cannonball race, Dean, you finished first!
(Clark Bowling - California)
Dear DMFC : Watching the Special "Movin with Nancy" was great. It was so neat to watch Dean and listen to his voice. I have been a fan since I was 6 years old and I think I have almost every recording he made and I have all of the Martin and Lewis videos. I hope someday they will bring back his TV show it was my favorite TV show and I never missed a one of them.
He was so funny and easy going and no one had a better voice than he did. I was wondering if you have heard any new news on the movie by Mr. Scorsese "Dino" I am so excited and can not wait for it to come out. Thanks so much
Terry, Oklahoma City
Hi Terry - The movie bio on Dean is still a go! Warner Brothers just re-optioned one of the books on Dean and they are talking about moving along with it... finally!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I have just reached a Dino-burn out. I have had it up to here with all this Dean Martin stuff! Dean Martin this, and Dean Martin that. Over and over and over again. I want something else! Something new! I want new recordings. I want the TV shows. I want Dean back again. Oh, how I ache!
(Lynne Marstoni - New York)
Dear DMFC : Hi, Just had a chance to view the 1967 TV special "Movin' With Nancy" on AMC. What a joy to see Dean singing "Bumming Around" and dueting with Nancy on "Things". The video and audio quality was outstanding, and it made me even more nostalgic for Dean's TV show. I know of all the reasons why the show will be difficult to distribute, but the thought of digitally enhanced editions of The Dean Martin Show is something to keep wishing for.
(Matt Nardo - Massachusetts)
Dear DMFC : I just joined your fan club for Dean Martin, and what a surprise to get my first package in the mail. The letter from Deana Martin was especially nice, and the letter from the boy in Steubenville, John Meyers, was very touching to read. I also enjoyed reading the article about Jeannie Martin you reprinted. But most of all, the information on the Hall of Fame awards was great! I can't wait until I get my next issue. Keep up the great work!
(Georgie Roberts - Delaware)
Dear DMFC : A new movie called Return to Me has a bunch of Dean Martin's music in it. It's a cute little picture that starts Mini Driver.
(Bree Flanston - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I just wanted to write to say thank you for providing this site. Dean Martin not only is one of the greatest entertainers in history, he is also the king of cool. I just thank the Lord above that we had the chance to have such an individual amongst us. God bless the only man who could say no to "The Chairman".
(Tim Kitching)
Dear DMFC : I recently saw the movie "Return to me", and was reminded about the wonderful voice that Dean Martin possessed. His songs are in the movie and it is a good movie that will make you cry.
(Laurie Edison - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : I just discovered your fan club/Web site and I'm so excited about it! Dean Martin (who shared my grandmother's birthday) is my hero! He had it all--charisma, class, good looks, the most beautiful voice EVER, acting talent, compassion, you name it! I wish I could have known him! He's the best. There will never be anyone like him again.
Dear DMFC : I am a huge fan of Martin and Lewis and have several of their videos. However, I have searched everywhere for a few of them and cannot find certain ones..."My Friend Irma Goes West; "Sailor Beware;" "That's My Boy." Could someone tell me why? Is there a copyright law or something. Did Dean or Jerry request that they not be made into videos? Looking for answers.
(Janet Skelley)
Hi Janet - All three films that you have mentioned are owned by Paramount Pictures. Dean and Jerry owned "At War With The Army" and when the team split up, Jerry acquired the rights to the film in a buy-out. The copyright of "At War" ran out (before home video was thought of) and now that film has become public domain.
The decisions to release the rest of the Martin and Lewis videos are solely that of Paramount Pictures (with possible deals they worked out with the different directors and producers). Without making them available on home video, they can ask more money by leasing the rights to Cable TV, so it's a balancing act to keep some of the titles constantly going on TV so that the new generations see Martin and Lewis and go out and buy the other titles that are available.
Other companies, such as Disney, put out their titles (mostly geared to children) every five years or so, leave them on the market for a year, then delete them. They operate with the theory that they can resell the titles to a new (half) generation that has never seen them.
At least that is how we see their decisions, but a studio and film library like that at Paramount, has experts in the field of marketing who know much more than we do about all of their reasons.
We NEVER want to report rumors, but we hear that a couple of titles that have not been released yet, might be soon. Keep your fingers crossed!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I'm 27 and Dean was the coolest guy. I wish he were still around. There is nobody like him today. God bless Dean Martin.
Dear DMFC : I see that Nancy Sinatra's old TV special "Movin' With Nancy" is finally going to be televised. There is a great duet with Dean and Nancy (Nancy overdubbed her vocal on Dean's original Reprise recording). I have had the cd of this for about a year now, and love playing it every now and then.
(H. Latomi - Virginia)
Dear DMFC : I was lucky to be at the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills to catch the author of a new book called 'Backstage at the Dean Martin Show'. Having been a fan and follower of Dean Martin for over 30 years, I am so glad that Lee Hale took the time to write his thoughts and memories of all the years he spent with Dean as his musical director and producer. His book is fantastic. The people he worked with and the stars he hob-nobbed with is incredible. I am so glad that he was able to write a fascinating book and still maintain the integrity of restraint when telling his facts. The thought that didn't cross my mind until your fan center's chairman, Neil Daniels told me, that Lee Hale's book is the only book ever written by someone who actually KNEW Dean, and knew him for decades. Again, it was a wonderful experience to be able to meet your chairman and Lee Hale. Now my wish is that you gentlemen will write a follow-up book with all the things you must have left out of this one.
James Pallit - California)
Dear DMFC : Enjoyed the book signing at Brentano's Bookstore yesterday. It was a thrill to meet Lee Hale. I was glad to have some of my questions answered. Thank you for having the information made available to us fans of Dean.
(Roger and Julie McCarthy - California)
Dear DMFC : Happy Easter to all the Dean Martin fans!
(Romane Diablo - SPAIN)
Dear DMFC : What a way to start off my Easter holiday, meeting Lee Hale, Richard Neely and Neil Daniels in Beverly Hills this afternoon. I purchased the new book about Dean Martin, and was told that if I came back on Saturday, that they would autograph it for me and I could meet and talk to them. I just wanted to say that I had a wonderful time and thank you for giving me your website address to enjoy. I'm going to have my Mom and Dad over tomorrow, and I can't wait until they see it!
(Marv Artisan - California)
Dear DMFC: I just want to write to thank you for a wonderful website: your site is a beautiful tribute to a truly great and special man. Despite my youth - 26 - and the fact that Dino was obviously 'before my time', I relate so strongly to him.. As an Italian immigrant myself, his legacy has even more meaning for me. But more than that, it's simply his unmatched brand of cool; the way he sang with a smile, a smile you can hear in his voice even when you can't see his face, a smile that is so literally infectious: I have spent years trying to put my finger on Dino's magic, I think that smile is a big part of it, but ultimately, it's indefinable... he was just truly special.Thanks again for a great site, and for a loving and respectful tribute to the greatest entertainer of our time!
(Sophia - New Orleans)
Dear DMFC : This Easter brings special thoughts for the gentleman that brought us much happiness every day of our lives growing up. A special prayer and thought will be with Dean Martin and his family.
(Kerri Braught - CANADA)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin has been the favorite singer in our household since my kids were born in 1952. I even named my two boys Dean and Jerry after their team. People have kidded me a lot, but some have admitted that it was a very clever thing to do. We all miss Dean so very much and are glad that Jerry Lewis is still with us. Thank you.
Mrs. Fran Greeda - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : I'm writing from Brisbane Australia where I'm music programmer for a Radio Station in Brisbane. A month ago we started a regular feature titled "Daily Dose of Deano". It's a simple idea that goes like this: every day, Monday to Friday at 5:50am we play a Dean Martin song. Our morning announcer Spencer Howson does a brief intro like "... it's ten to six and time for your Daily Dose of Deano". On Fridays we do "Deano by Demand", playing a listener request. And occasionally we play two songs, calling it "your double dose of Deano". It really has caught on. We're getting heaps of letters and phone calls and two of our sister stations in Australia have expressed interest in doing it in their cities. My network is Australia-wide and we have a vast vinyl library that includes many of Deans classics. In my office I have a "Wall Of Deano" consisting of 22 Dean Martin albums (beginning with "Swingin Down Yonder" original pressing) arranged on one wall. I just wanted to let the Fan Center know of our activities Down Under.
(Bill Riner - Music Programmer - Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Dear DMFC : Hey Guys! Fine tune your ears! Dino's Honey Baked Ham ads are back for Easter. Hope ya'll have a great holiday.
(Aroxen - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Heard about you on a late night cable station, and couldn't wait to visit Dean's homepages. Excellent job! This man was the greatest entertainer adored by millions. I was fortunate enough to be one of those in the millions.
(Cathy Topatz - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : Will somebody please write Sly Stallone and tell him there is only ONE Italian Stallion on this planet and it sure ain't him.
Dear DMFC : Tell James Dover not to give up on information on Dean
Martin westerns yet. I've been researching a book on that very topic for about 2 years (actually, I took out 9 months to finish a general Western book when a publisher became interested) and I hope to have a manuscript ready to market to publishers in the fall. Am still interested in locating more individuals who were on the sets to interview, but the rest is in rough draft. Of course, this stage is still a long way from print, but if he hangs in there long enough, Mr. Dover may see my western films of Dean Martin inprint.
(Ann Snuggs)
Dear DMFC : We are planning our senior year graduation and prom, and some suggested that we do a 'rat pack' theme. After going back through your old bulletin board archives, I see that our class is not alone in our thinking. It looks like others have done this in previous years. Just for your information, we took a survey, and out of the whole rat pack group, most of the guys want to "come as" Dean Martin, with Frank Sinatra running a distant second.
(Jimmy Rialto - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Would like to say a big THANK YOU to Deana Martin for the article and pictures and the kind and wonderful things she always has to say about her Dad! The rest of us can only admire him from afar! She is a most gracious Lady (in every sense of the word) as well as a very beautiful one (she was there with her husband right? Rats!!). I wish she would do more interviews or maybe do a mini series or write about her dad. She talks about him with such affection and love. I still recall hearing Dean call in to the "Geraldo" show the day she appeared on it and they talked so sweetly to each other!
It would be great to see her or any of the children or grandchildren in
Steubenville. I saw the E! thing and was very impressed with Alexander and how he described Dean ("my grandfather"). He seemed very insightful and very intelligent - I would bet Dean was very proud of him!
(Jack - Kansas)
Dear DMFC : To whom it may concern, I grew up listening to all the great Italian singers.....I still do. I wanted to let all know that my children now know what good music is and they will carry it on to the next generation. Thanks and God bless to the family and friends of Dino.
(Giovanni Coscette)
Hi Giovanni - Your message will be read by Dean's family members. I know that they will treasure your sincerity and feelings about Dean!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Just got a new computer and first thing that came to my mind was to check Mr. Martin`s web-page! I miss him! That`s all.
(Gail Gervais - CANADA)
Dear DMFC : Thanks to the people that commented on why Dean's Las Vegas concerts and Rat Pack Tours haven't been made available on video. I remember reading that they were planning on recording one of the shows along the stops (New York, was it?), but Dean had dropped out by the time it reached there, and they recorded it with Liza Minelli instead. It makes sense that they would have to engineer a show for a recording differently. I own and rent many concert videos, and if you ever pay close attention, you can see that MOST of them have the sound dubbed in, which is probably re-recorded at a sound studio to hide all the flaws on stage. Scenes are even reshot before or after the audience comes or goes, just to get everything right. It also makes sense that the people that worked on these shows, which I would expect to be a hundred or two, would not take kindly for someone stealing their work without receiving compensation for it. I love this board. It teaches me so many things that I never thought about. I wish we could all see the TV shows again, but I'm sure there are many reasons why not. After all, if it were just the money, I think it would have been cashed in on by now.
Gary H. Louden - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : To all of the people that is asking about the guest that appeared on the Dean Martin Roast with Michael Landon being roasted. His stage name is Guy Marks. His real name is Mario Scarpa and he is the youngest of 11 children. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is the son of Ermedlindo Scarpa, Clarinetist. I also thought this man was hilarious so I did a research on him and kept coming to a dead end. One day I ran into a site which belongs to
KingSpud. He done some searching on him and he has now been
added to this great site.
Dear DMFC : Excellent issue with Deana Martin and the award her father received. The article on Jeanne Martin was also nice to read. Even though it contained a few inaccuracies, it's nice that you reprinted something current so those of us here can see what is going on in magazines and newspapers from around the world. It would be nice to see an article on some of the westerns that Dean had made. That's something that seems to be overlooked a lot. Anyway, thanks again for a great issue!
(James Dover - Montana)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I would really like to hear from anyone that was a fan of Dino Martin Jr's or that knew him personally. I hung out with Dino Martin Junior in the late sixties when he was visiting New York and went on to live in the East Village during the late seventies to early eighties era. Really saddened by his death.
(Jean Ralston)
Dear DMFC : Cab New berg: My whole point was preservation of Dean's material or rather digital restoration...after seeing The Frank Sinatra Shows from the 50s on PBS (which need restoration) perhaps the difficulty in finding out who gets paid for what.. might override doing anything by the Family Trust (I hear Digital Restoration is very costly) so the longer they wait the more the films deteriorate.
Dear DMFC : This is the greatest Website for the greatest singer EVER! There may be some people who are reading this but don't love Dean Martin the way that some of us do. Maybe some people who read this don't know a lot about Dean. I would make one suggestion and that would be to spend $12 or $13.00 and buy a cd of his. Go home, make some quiet time, and put the cd on, lay back and LISTEN. I think that will say it all. Then you will all know why a lot of us have this passion for Dean Martin.
(Ilene Houge - GERMANY)
Dear DMFC : I was reading the comments back and forth about the video releasing of Dean's concert performances, and I wanted to just say a couple of things. I think Rick missed the point that Richard was trying to make. First of all, if anything on video exists from Dean's concerts, I doubt that they will "rot" away today. A performer does his best to give a performance. If he is in the studio recording music, he may do several takes of a song. He doesn't expect or even WANT his bad takes to surface. He is only concerned about honing in on that one single best recording he can make to distribute (and hopefully never hear his bad takes again). The same goes for the stage. The pressures of performing live are completely different that the pressures of knowing that you are taping a special for broadcast. I can't speak for Dean, but I would think that he would NOT APPROVE of releasing any work of his that he did not go into fully understanding how it was to be used.
I believe that Richard was also not focusing on the money issue as much as the laws that govern copyrighted material. The Dean Martin Family may own the rights to his work, but that does not mean that they have the right to do whatever they want with it. They could face lawsuits from all involved that did not give their permission (or get paid) if they decided to put stuff out without obtaining clearances they probably cannot obtain.
I would also like to see everything that I could on my favorite performer (Dean), but being an author myself, I understand why things cannot be done like most people may believe.
As an example to further explain; if I were to write a script for a TV show and I was paid $10,000. for it, I would be happy. If segments from that TV show were used years later without my consent or being paid, I would be angry. First of all, YES, I deserve to be paid for my work, just like the Dean Martin Family should not reap all the benefits from Dean's work, because there are others involved in the making process.
Secondly, If they were to make a movie and the movie was an exact copy of my own script, I would want to sue them for stealing my ideas. As an author, I have much more at stake than the money, I also have my creativity and creations at heart as an artist.
I would also bet you that Dean Martin would not being doing concerts if he had not gotten paid. It's entertainment to us, but it was a living for him. A job. He worked to help himself, his family and all those involved that he trusted, not to have it robbed by some folks who just want to see it. I would think that he would be horrified to know that live shows he may have done were going to be marketed without his approval.
Dean Martin owned his own company, and knew perfectly well what he was doing, not only as an entertainer, but also as a business man, and I think that if inferior work of his was presented to the "generations" to come, as Rick put it, the younger generations would not see the perfection and talent that this man had, but would subject himself to the scrutiny of flaws and poor unrehearsed showmanship.
It's a double edged sword. We all want more, but we don't want an inferior Dean. What we really want is to still have Dean here doing his best. Rick, I understand you 100 percent (and would deep down like the same) but wanted to say a few words on why things are not possible and why we should not become angry at the wrong people. I think Richard was trying to make the point that the Dean Martin Family has complete control, but no rights to do whatever they may want. I have heard that everyone in the family would love to see the concerts and TV shows and Reprise recordings made available themselves. Thanks for hearing me out. I typed a long one. Feel free to edit this if it's too long.
(Cal Domenico - New York)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin was the best entertainer that lived during my lifetime. I don't think there is anyone in the world who doesn't know who we are talking about when we just say one word, "Dino". Thoughts of Dean Martin come to different people in different ways. Some think of him for his TV show, some remember his hit songs or the different movies he made. I started out watching him shine with Jerry Lewis, then on to lighting up the screen all by himself. I even hear about those who say nothing but how much they enjoyed him in Las Vegas. He was a remarkable entertainer, and one that no one will top but once in a blue moon (with a big pizza pie - ha!)
(Joseph Pepcid - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : The problem over money should not override the preservation of such items particularly film medium..would you prefer the items decay and rot away..such as many motion pictures have because..who is going to get paid? and maybe someone might be left out... this is sad....I hope someone in the Dean Martin Family has the foresight to preserve his film and music for generations to enjoy
than be concerned about "and extra getting his cut" Dean is a part of
history and should be preserved as such.
Dear DMFC : In reply to Jack Fawcett's letter: To understand why videos of certain stage performances are not released to the public, one has to have had knowledge of how the "system" works.
Everyone that is involved with a production is not doing their jobs for free. None of you do, so why should others? By others, I mean not only the talent (and his agents and managers), but the musicians, the lighting people, the stage managers, etc. All these people perform services and deserve compensation.
When producing a "video" as compared to a "Live Show" there is a big difference in production. Lighting is completely different, sound is mixed completely different (and you will find that half the live stage videos produced are taken into a studio and the audio is re-dubbed to give it a much more balanced sound for video production as compared to a "hollow" auditorium equalization.
Even the material in the clothes the performer wears has to be more conducive to the different lighting techniques, as with the scenery, backdrops, scrims, flats, etc.
If musicians (or others) are shown or speak some words, they have to be paid my union standards with many having to belong to a union in the first place.
All this falls under the rights of individuals who work very hard and need to be protected. If we were to give some slack to a Dean Martin concert done a few years ago, then someone else gives some slack to a Tony Bennett Concert, then others follow - pretty soon no one will get paid for the work they provided because they were mislead into the original agreement made at the time of their employment. "Services Rendered" has great explanations in the laws of this country. The only people that would be reaping the benefits are the video distributors and profiteers themselves, and not the people who worked so hard making the show. If you were a musician, and knew that they were going to make a "video" of the concert, you would have been paid the prevailing wage for doing such. It isn't fair not to be paid, then later someone decides to make a video and you are now forgotten.
Yes, a lot of it comes down to money, but that's the way it is with all of you too - you want to get paid for something you do, and if down the road, someone wants to use your work, then they should pay for it (That's what copyrights are for) - but also remember that a production made for one medium (such as the stage) does not mean that it is of the value or integrity of another medium such as video, radio or the 'big screen' when created. (Example: most stage musicals are not filmed for the big screen from the stage, they are re-shot for film - usually with a different cast and entire crew with skills about motion picture making).
By the way, I am a big big fan of Dean Martin's, but I also am in the business, and have come across this question so many times from people that don't simply understand. I hope that I have made it a bit easier for those who didn't know a few things.
(Richard N. Barrymore - California)
Dear DMFC : Hello, My name is RJ Sperdute. I am 18 years old, and I love to listen to Dean Martin! I have many of his cd's and some memorabilia. I began listening to Dean Martin after hearing That's Amore at my grandmothers house when i was very young. We also listen to Dean Martin when we eat on Sunday afternoons. I just wanted to let you know that I am glad that there is a Dean Martin Fan Center where I can find interesting items of Dean Martin. I really enjoy your web page. Thank You,
(RJ Sperdute)
Dear DMFC : I was doing some research at the Library of Congress on 'Beach Party Films' and the like, and ran across some information about Dean Martin's daughter, Claudia appearing in "For Those Who Think Young". I also discovered while doing my research that your organization was listed as a main source for information. Could you please tell me how she acquired the part? Was it a rivalry between the Martin girls and the Sinatra girls?
(Brian Heamly - New York)
Hi Brian - On the contrary, Dean's kids and Frank's kids got along pretty well. They knew each other, but only as once-in-a-while friends. It was Dean that prodded Frank to give Claudia a part in "For Those Who Think Young" in '63. Sinatra's company was financing the picture with up-and-coming actor James Darren receiving star billing.
Pepsi Cola had a huge campaign going in 1963 with the same phrase "For Those Who Think Young". Their clever radio spots had young pop singer, Joannie Sommers singing the jingle on every radio station, and with the movie tie-in, brought Pepsi Cola big revenue and propelled them into a larger market with the younger group.
Claudia went on to do "The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini" and appeared on some top TV shows including "My Three Sons" and "The Donna Reed Show", Where Shelley Fabares (Donna Reed's TV daughter) was getting off the ground with her own acting career: "Ride the Wild Surf", and playing opposite Elvis as his girlfriend in three movies: "Spinout", "Clambake" and "Girl Happy" among other films, also having a mega-hit song "Johnny Angel" that every teen in America dreamed to. (Probably more information than you wanted!)
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : This is Michael from Sweden. I've just seen the movie "Bandolero"on video. It was a fairly good picture with two of my favourites in it, Dean Martin and Jimmy Stewart. It was sad that Deans
character died in the end. It reminds me of Elvis as Clint in"Love Me Tender" (because I'm a huge Elvis fan too). I'm looking forward to the Martin Scorsese film "Dino". I surely hope that it will come through, but I can't see Tom Hanks as Dino. Nothing wrong with Tom, he's great, but as Dino.....? Danny Gans was great as Dean in the Sinatra miniseries (HE WAS DEAN MARTIN!). And Joe Mantegna was very good in the movie "The Rat Pack". Well anyway, keep up the good work. Regards
(Michael Petersson - SWEDEN)
Dear DMFC : I just recently saw The Cannonball Run on video and was amazed at how many big celebrities were in this small epic. The script was bad, the acting was off the cuff, the editing was choppy, but this movie was the sixth highest grossing motion picture in 1981 of the whole year. Doesn't that say something about what people want to see? It doesn't make any difference what movie Dean was in, we all went to see him (okay the other actors in Cannonball were nice too)
(Bob Merchant - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : I am a member of your Fan Center and wanted to say that the coverage on Dean's induction into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame was great to read in my new magazine issue. It's about time that someone took notice to all that Dean had done for the world by giving a little sunshine to everyone's day. Thank you too, Deana Martin for sharing your thoughts with all of us huge fans of your fathers' and accepting on his behalf!
(Kate Tadmark - Texas)
Dear DMFC : My name is RJ Sperdute. I am 18 years old, and I love to listen to Dean Martin! I have many of his cd's and some memorabilia. I began listening to Dean Martin after hearing That's Amore at my grandmothers house when i was very young. We also listen to Dean Martin when we eat on Sunday afternoons. I just wanted to let you know that I am glad that there is a Dean Martin Fan Center where I can find interesting items of Dean Martin. I really enjoy your web page.
(RJ Sperdute)
Dear DMFC : This is in reply to Jack Fawcett. Showtime does not have anything in their vaults. The special "Dean Martin Live at the Apollo" is owned by GG Productions and Sasha Corporation. They have the masters for this special that they produced and leased to Showtime for airing years ago.
I would assume that since contracts were not signed to air or distribute any of Dean's concerts, that it would be difficult to legally do so now unless all parties involved would come to an agreement to do so.
(Janet Hilburn - New York)
Dear DMFC : In the late 60's on dean's show there was a teenage Oriental girl who would do a song and dance segment with him. Can you tell me who she is and what she has done later in her career.
(Mike Shin - California)
Hi Mike - You are probably talking about Laurie Ichino who appeared on Dean's TV variety series in the early 1970's. Sorry to say, we have no information about her at all and don't know where you could go to find out more. Hopefully with her name you will be able to find out more or maybe someone out there could help.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I am curious if anyone from the Dean Martin Foundation has considered producing a "live" video from one of his performances at Las Vegas Bally's? There must be video footage locked away somewhere........A&E showed footage of an "onstage" 73rd birthday celebration at Bally's. Also, SHOWTIME has in their video vaults, a performance at the London Palladium circa 1980. I am positive that many of his devoted fans that never had the opportunity to see one of his 1980's performances at MGM/Bally's would pay dearly to have a complete concert video commemorating and paying tribute to the man who entertained the most people in Las Vegas! I am sure the "roast" videos are selling but someone is missing the mother lode here! Does everyone have to cater to the MTV crowd?
His fans, young and old, need to see what a great entertainer he was well into his 60's and early 70's. I don't know about others, but I am a little "tired" of the black and white out takes from the "rat pack" concerts of the early 1960's at the Sands. The biographers act like his "live" entertaining days ended when the Dean Martin Show ended. For history sake, people need to know that this man was a "master at his craft", and that like wine, "he only got better with time!" He was packing them in at Bally's Celebrity Room, 1400 seats at age 70! Appearing for one week, every 6 weeks or so. He even filled in for acts that had to cancel. He was MGM/Bally's number one headliner and draw!
He was the "King of Impromptu!" For example, if he made an off hand remark and it turned out funny, he would turn to Ken Lane, his pianist, and say, "Write that one down!" and the audience loved it! The thing most people don't know about Dean Martin is that to be ON for 90 minutes and know exactly what to say, when to say it and with just the right vocal inflection is TALENT.
I am lucky to have attended many of his performances at the MGM, and later Bally's. I got to shake his hand and even had champagne poured into my glass by the man himself. Wow! The charisma and talent of Dean Martin lives on here, thanks to all of you, his fans, and cannot be matched or replaced by anyone on the horizon. Thanks Pal.
(Jack Fawcett)

Dear DMFC : I'm sure that the comedian on the Michael Landon roast was Guy Marks. I remember he also appeared on Dino's TV show several times, and was always extremely funny. From the Landon roast, you can see that Dean & Don Rickles thought so too.
(Kim Johnson - West Virginia)
Dear DMFC : I didn't know that you had an official organization until I ran into an old friend of Dean's at a golf store the other day. All of us spent lots of time together on the golf course, and Dean and I were close neighbors for many years. We would sometimes even shop for golf equipment together, learning all about the new things that were introduced and even trade clubs to see if we liked what the other had. We all miss the big guy. Not only was he a terrific golfer, but he was one heck of a nice guy to have fun with. He knew how to have a good time, and made sure everyone he played with had the best time too. My friend said that he knew your organization's president, and that Dean enjoyed very much what you were doing during the years before he passed away. Thanks for keeping Dean's memory alive, and I know that his other buddies appreciate it too.
(Jack Riley - California)
Dear DMFC : {Michael Landon Roast - Does anyone know?} What is the name of the comedian that did the hilarious Indian routine? His name escapes me.
(John Skuchas)

Dear DMFC : Greetings. I have been a fan since I was in the 7th Grade and caught a Thursday night show on a colored TV at my cousin's house. I saw that grin and red hankie and fell hard while my peers were hooked on the Beatles. Thursday nights were never the same. It has been many years since and I am glad to know that Dean's fan club is
going strong. I will be checking in again soon.
(Nancy A. Linkes)
Dear DMFC : I saw this great biography on the E! entertainment channel on Dean Martin. I was wondering if you knew whether or not they will be running it again in the future?
Hi Alvictar - We are happy to tell you that the "Dean Martin - Hollywood True Stories" was the highest rated two hour program aired on E! Because of that fact, they will indeed be airing it many more times. There is no advance schedule made by E! as to when it will repeat, so just keep watching our website under Dean "On TV".
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC: I've visited many other site recently and noticed that in some of (the pictures contained) Dean at home.. show him strumming a guitar. Did he know how to play?I never saw him play on the TV show..... just curious here..
Hi Rick - The photos with guitars were basically just props. Somewhere along the way, Dean learned a few chords, but not how to assemble them into a melody or be able to play guitar.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : In viewing one of the hilarious Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts videos, I was stumped at identifying one guest "roaster". During the roast of the late Michael Landon, Dean introduces a non-dias member as John Whitehorse who proceeded to perform a bit as a Humphrey Bogart/Gary Cooper imitating Native American whose delivery somehow digresses into a Neapolitan accent. The routine is side-splittingly funny, accented by Dean and Don Rickles on camera near convulsions. Who is this unidentified guest comedian? The video tapes do not give credit to the identity of this performer. (Maybe someone out there knows)
(EPDI - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Reading about the book signing sounding so fun! This is one book I will pick up! I am 33 now, never saw the Dean Martin Show on TV, but now I am able to enjoy it just like my parents did! This web site is great!
(Jean - California)
Dear DMFC : Hello, my name is David Breijo. I was doin´ some webtripping, checking webpages of some of my favourites singers and musicians... and I found you. I really enjoy Dino style. You must know I´m sending you this from Europe, from a city called La Coruña, in Spain, and singers like Dean, Sinatra, Sammy, Bing and many others are not the most popular music among the young people. I´m still young, 31, and since my childhood I´ve loved this music. So now, beside my records (my beloved old LP´s) and books and videos, I´ve got Internet to find pages like yours and to find peole to share the feelings and pleasures the music brings. I know. Almost corny. Thank you, anyhow. Always check you . Here´s to the Pack.
David Breijo - SPAIN)

Dear DMFC : I heard about this new book about Dean Martin TV show from my brother in California. He said that he heard about it on the radio and told me that any book store would be able to get it, but if I wanted an autographed copy that I could get it from you. At first I thought, "How is Dean going to autograph it?", but after reading more about Lee Hale, now I understand that he wrote it. I guess that's what you get for hearing it second handed from your brother. I'm very happy that he told me about the book and I was able to find your company too. Dean was the best and you don't hear as much about him today as one would think. Thank you for all you are doing.
(Charles McFarland - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for the answer to my previous post. I remember watching the country summer replacement shows when I was a kid. That's where I acquired the ear for the music. My question now is.....has Dino ever been nominated for the Country Music Hall of Fame? If not, why? Do you have any idea who we can e-mail to get him nominated?
(Marie Macchiarella)
Dear DMFC : Hi, Neil. I attended last night's Lee Hale book signing in Studio City (which was a great time!) but forgot to ask him a very important question: are there any new developments regarding syndication rights for the Dean Martin Show? My girlfriend was asking about this afterwards and I was at a loss to explain the current situation. For the edification of all us Dino fans out there, can you provide an update? Thanks!
(Tom Cohen - California)
Hi Tom - So good to have met you last night. We had so much fun, but were so very busy. Lee's book signing broke all previous records set by the store for any book signings they ever had.
The question about the TV shows is still the one we always get asked the most, and are frustrated with having to give the same answer... "we're trying!". The enormous cost and task of getting the clearances is the biggest obstacle. Unlike most of the shows that were produced during that time period, Dean's show had a "LIVE" orchestra (Les Brown's). The contracts were arranged differently than pre-recorded shows, which means that each member of the band (or their trusts) would have to be found, obtain release forms, and be paid for additional airings or resale today. There is also the agreements for promotional exchange that were made back then that do not even remain binding today. If some of the 'problemed areas' were simply 'cut out' of the shows, we would be left with bits and pieces, and abridged shows... and no one wants to see that.
Lee and the rest of us, the ones who produced the show, Dean's family and inner-circle would all LOVE to see something done. Everyone is doing what they can at this point. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to announce a little something soon!
Neil T. Daniels - President : Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I am such an upset fan. For years and years I have stayed away from buying those Enquirer type magazines because all they did was bring me down when with their stories about Dean or his family (or anyone else for that matter). Now it seems even people who were once fans of Dean have turned their personalities into 'Enquirers' themselves. Sharing the fun and having excitement for his talent doesn't seem to exist with a lot of people today. I see a 'cat-and-mouse' attitude among a lot of fans who seem to feel better by making everybody feel that they have and know something you don't want to hear. It goes even deeper than that. It's just a gut feeling, like a pit in my stomach, when I talk to some others about Dean Martin today. I used to WANT to talk about Dean, but now I'm afraid to because of the sour stomach I'm afraid I'm going to get. I wish I could put into words how some fans of Dean Martin don't realize what they have done to themselves. They have moved away from the very reason they became fans to analyzing everything and poking at so much negative. Let's all go back to watching an old Dean Martin movie and escaping all the bad thought.
(Charlene Glifford - Texas)