Hi Marie - No, the event wasn't televisied... but we will have coverage of the event in the following magazine for our Dean Martin Fan Center Fan Club Magazine.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I am new to the computer world as well as your fan club page......I have just started looking at all your club has to offer.....And I must say I find it cool that there is actually something like this out there..... I am only 36 and think of myself as a young Dino fan.....But as long as I can remember I have always had a liking for Dean...I was even hopeful about 11 to 12 years ago to actually see him live with the rest of the Rat Pack.....I was stationed in Fort Carson Colorado and they had planned a concert in Denver....But due to some illness in the group (that is what I heard) they were unable to complete the tour....I was truly disappointed.....No matter....I was and still am a big fan......
(Gene Witte)
Dear DMFC : Thank you so much for having a bulletin board like this. I found you listed as today's noteworthy site of the day at MacroMusic. I have been a fan of Dean's for as long as I can recall (which is about 46 years now). Good luck, and keep up the good work. I'll check back very often and will join the club!
(Eric Tarkington - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : Recently at a swap meet, I found a dealer selling an almost life-size stand-up of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. It is in black and white, and the stand-up looks okay from a distance, but up close it is really comprised of large dots to make the photo. They are advertising their "Adventures of Martin and Lewis Comic Book". It is mounted on a thin piece of masonite with the number L81 on the masonite, and has a hand made looking hinged piece that swings out to stand this up. The photo itself has turned a bit yellow and shows some aging. The wood has a small of strong masonite and glue. How do I know if this is authentic? The dealer was a comic book collector, but did not know anything much about it. He was asking a thousand dollars for it, and gave me his card. I don't know if I should get it.
(Joe Kodiak - New York)
Hi Joe - We asked our antique/auction expert here, and he said the item that you saw at the swap-meet was NOT an authentic item from the early days. As far as he can determine, someone had made this themselves. The cost of making something like this would have been expensive for a 'collector' to have made, and the world of collecting Martin and Lewis was not like it is today, so he's guessing it was probably done by a comic book dealer to display in his store window or at shows. From your description of the item, he's thinking it was made in the late 60's to early 70's. He also say's to bear in mind, that without actually seeing the item, he can only give a reasonable guess.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I am another one who now finished reading my copy of the new book about Dean 'Martini Man' Martin. It was pretty thick, but I must agree with your previous readers. I didn't learn anything that I didn't already know about Dean. Yes, there was a couple more interviews in this one, but no one that was important to hear from, like maybe a member of his immediate family? If there was anything much to tell, I'm sure that with all those kids, it would have been told by now. I would recommend it, but don't expect to learn much, and especially any truths. It's still all speculation, as I have heard others say before.
(Nathan M. Kramer - New York)
Dear DMFC : I read the story how Lewis believed he might have his "legs Broken" if he did not perform. As i recall and so did my parents and grand parents Lewis 's act was bad.The Club owner Skinny D Amato would have never done that .Lewis was doing the same act his father did.Lewis was so broke at the time he failed to pay the hotel bill at the SeaBreeze hotel so the owner took his luggage.He needed Martin. Lewis as we understood was about to be fired when Martin saved him.
Just a Note from Atlantic City ...the now site of Trump Casino.
(P.S. - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I am so happy to see that there is a place on the internet for fans of Dean Martin's. This looks like my new home for a while.
(Jacques Morelli - FRANCE)
Dear DMFC : I had to put something on your bulletin board to tell people what I experienced last night. I have two little boys (ages 5 + 7). Last night was there big night of Halloween where we go to the doors they want to walk to, and do the trick or treat thing. We must have gone to 40 doors, and you really meet all sorts of people that answer them. That's why I always go with my boys (you never know). Well, at three of the homes had Dean Martin playing on their stereo's when they opened their doors. I could not believe it! It felt like I was in the Twilight Zone on Halloween. Oh, I also know that many of your foreign readers may not understand the concept of what Halloween is all about, and frankly, neither do I, except my boys had fun and I heard Deans wonderful voice through out the evening.
(Sue Swingline - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : Beware of a stranger showing up at your door claiming to be an original member of "The Rat Pack". He may look harmless, but will probably wind up asking for a handout. Don't be alarmed.. don't ask for identification...
He may have a slight resemblance to singer Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis, Jr. Maybe even look at bit like Joey Bishop or Peter Lawford or even Shirley MacLaine , with one noticeable fact... He is a lot shorter. Just give him all you have and pray... pray that he doesn't return to ring your bell again or play some evil trick on you. After all, this IS Halloween, and kids do be Frank... do be do be do (get it?)... When the moon hits your eye like a big Pizza Pie, You're a Weirwolf (Ah... they're getting worse!)
Happy Halloween all you little rat-packers, candy gobblers, and after-life beings, like Shirley MacLaine. (It must be Witchcraft!)
(The Staff At The Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : As previous reviewers have noted, Martini Man produces little that wasn't covered in the Tosches bio although author Knoell does succeed in getting some interviews with people that weren't in Dino. The book is a good read however (a pleasant surprise since this same author co-authored a horrible rip-off on the Rat Pack a couple of years ago) and treats Deans final years as less dark than did Tosches while not skirting the issue of Deans problems with Percodan and his worsening health.
I have always felt that Tosches book wasn't the hatchet job that many of Deans fans have made it out to be. It did make some assumptions about Deans latter days that may have been too harsh but all in all, it presented a reasonably balanced look at Deans life. Knoell does succeed in giving another perspective that appears quite logical in answer to some of Tosches' reporting and as such is worth reading for that alone.
In the final analysis, we simply need to accept the fact that Dean would
have been the first to admit that like us all, he was a flawed human being. In spite of his flaws we saw in his essence a good, kind, and decent person.
A person who never forgot who he was or where he came from. A person who entertained us, mesmerized us, and fascinated us for over fifty years...and still does. He may have done some things that we wish he didn't, but he never embarrassed us and he always respected us, maybe that's why we forgave him his flaws and continued to love him...and still do today.
(Dennis Brislen, Nebraska)
Dear DMFC : I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who thought that going out on Halloween dressed as Dean Martin, was a dumb idea. Trick or Treat, Pally...
(Freddie Compa - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : I have a comment on the new book, Martini Man. It is pretty good. I didn't know much about Dean Martin but was always wanting to learn more. I had always seen him in movies and heard his songs on the radio. Because I'm a bit young, I don't remember any of his TV shows, which I hear were the highlight of his career. It would be good to see a best of to let folks in my age group see what it was all about. Thanks.
(Kevin Flossit - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : Wow! What a marvelous job you have done. I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to the site. I have some great Dean recordings that I will always cherish.
(Steve Taksler)
Dear DMFC : I asked my two sons what they wanted to be for Halloween this year, and they shouted back, "Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis". I can't believe it! They're exposed to all those Saturday morning commercials, and when we go to Target or K-Mart, they walk up and down the aisles of scary masks with fangs, blood dripping from their faces, witches noses and hats... but they still came up with Dean and Jerry. I had to put that up on your bulletin board. Also, if anyone wants to know... they aren't going to carry martinis and cigarettes, maybe a few jokes and a couple of songs if people ask (ha). Happy Halloween next week!
(Gail Miller - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I finally got the two new Dean Martin cds. I guess the world seems a little behind here in Idaho. I absolutely love both Late Night with Dean and Hurtin' Country Songs. I'm going back right now to play them again!
(Jeri Collins - Idaho)
Dear DMFC: Note to Sloopy (see post below): I can't send pronunciation notes by email, but "cara mia, ti amo" means "My dear (or darling), I love you." Hope this helps.
(Ann Snuggs - Arkansas)
Dear DMFC: I finished reading the new book called Martini Man, and find that it is okay. Even though I didn't learn anything much new, I enjoyed it much more than the previous book about Dean which portrayed him dark and lonely. This book doesn't seem to take a view, but rather have compiled all the information and presented it for anyone who wants to read such. Maybe the movie about Dean will bring more of him to life in an accurate way.
(Len Krubrick - California)
Dear DMFC: Dean is the best. Even though I'm only 22 years old, Dean is all I listen to in my car and at home. I've actually turned on a lot of my friends to Dean, and now they are big fans too! Thanks for your bulletin board!
(Katie Surband - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I wanted to be the first to give my review of the new book "Martini Man. A thick book with nothing new. This book is so much the same as "Dino Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams" without the profanity and slanted opinions... but basically NOTHING NEW. The same old stories are retold once again, but every time they get retold, it makes them seem more and more like fact. The real FACT is that, other than public documents and public records that these authors "push" as their way of documenting their work, most of the body of their work is actually is speculation and conjured up facts to put the vague pieces together. Although, each time the pieces are put together, it gets to be a more 'polished' , unless someone who knew Dean or at least was somewhat close to him writes a book, these go from biographies to fantasy. Oh, also for those of us who are exceptional Dean Martin fans... take note, the few pictures in the book are all the same ones we see constantly. A lot of public domain stills here. I'd like to hear others with their views. What do you think?
(Greg Frontin - New York)
Dear DMFC : I have just finished reading "Backstage With the Dean Martin Show" and found it a very fascinating and fun book. Thanks for helping me obtain it! I wish the TV show would be brought back on cable or even a "best of" made available!
(Les Curtis - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : Thought your readers would like to know about a great music event. Since most of Dean's fans can relate to these singers who went on to become great stars... Anna Marie Alberghetti, The Four Aces, Toni Arden, Connie Francis, Sam Butara & The Wildest, The Gaylords, Eddie Capone, Julius LaRosa, Don Cornell, Ralph Pope, Fabian and Bobby Rydell. Most of these singers appeared on radio, TV & movies and have enjoyed tremendous popularity when their gold records were at the top of the charts.
They're going to have six different performers each day, with Big Band Orchestra, hopefully grabbing the attention of anyone who has interest in the history of popular music. They're going to sing many Italian standards and the golden recordings that made them famous! Tickets go on sale November 1, 1999 - $60 for Saturday & Sunday shows,
$40 for either Saturday or Sunday shows. Ticketmaster is selling them (813-282-7297 or 727-898-7297) or you can get tickets at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida (The site of the event). For more information you can call Iris at 1-800-940-7464. Even though Dean is not with us, I'm sure that the songs of this era will please any Dino fan. Anna Marie Alberghetti appeared on Dean's TV show and was also his romantic leading lady in the movie "10,000 Bedrooms". The Gaylords appeared with Dean in Las Vegas, and Juluis LaRosa also appeared on Dean's TV Show. Don Cornell puts on a great show and is also a big fan of Dean's as well. This show is called "Festa Italiana Cavalcade of Stars 2000". That's about all I know, but it sounds like a lot of fun!
(Carol Miano - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I caught Martin Scorsese on The Charlie Rose program last night. At no time during the 35 minute interview was the "Dino" film mentioned. As a matter of fact, Scorsese mentioned that his next project will concern New York City in the 19th century. He said he has been concentrating on this new project for the past nine months. Does anyone have any up to date information on the Dean film project?
(Mark Nard - Massachusetts)
Dear DMFC : This is the greatest site on the net. I have been a Dean Martin fan for over 30 years, and it is good to see his memory being carried on. I will be joining this club in the near future.
Keep up the good work, and Thank you for the memories. Regards.
(Lee Power)

Dear DMFC : Dean Martin's two new cd's are the greatest. After 30 years, these songs are as wonderful as the day they were originally released... no... BETTER!
(Alan Smith - Switzerland)
Dear DMFC : I just want you to know how much I love this site!!! It's wonderful reading everyone's memories and the new discoverers of Dino. I remember when I was a little girl, I used to sneak from my bedroom and down the hall so I could catch the Dean Martin show. I would stay just out of ear and eye range from my father who never missed a show. I still think it was one of the best tv shows ever.  Do you have any date information on next years Dino Fest in Steubenville?  Who do we contact for hotel info and such? Thanks for your help and keep up the good work!!!!! 
(Marie Macchiarella)
Hi Marie - No dates have been set yet for this coming Steubenville event... but keep watching the bulletin board here! We will also announce all the information in the Dean Martin Fan Center magazine with maps and hotel information as soon as we have it.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Hey just have to say that Dean is very much remembered this side of the pond (UK) especially since we have had so many commercials featuring his much loved voice, recently my favorite being 'Sway'. I only have to hear the first few bars and a grin breaks out on my face each and every song. Dean song is intertwined but with so many good memories. Truly Memories are made of this.
(Karin London - UK)
Dear DMFC : May I add my name to the long list of people here. I have loved the man my whole life. He was and always be a dreamboat with those great looks and a voice that always made me dream. Thanks Dean!
(Cheri K. Strutton - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Hello, I'm an aspiring anthropologist.  Right now I'm researching the entertainment of the troops during World War II.  I love Dean Martin but am not sure if he entertained the troops.  Could anyone give me any information on this?
(Tammy Flournoy - Monterey)
Hi Tammy - No, Dean did not. Basic reason.... His career did not start until AFTER World War II , and he was riding the success of a TEAM (Martin & Lewis) for many years following that, which were in such demand here with so many different areas... radio, TV, movies and recordings, that their hectic schedule did not allow any time even after the war ended. As a note... Dean was also not eligible to serve in the draft because of a double hernia.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : In may,  my Grandfather passed away at 88 and almost to the day of my Grandmothers death,  the song by Dean (Return to me)  always reminds me of my Grandparents relationship.  I'm 41 and youngest daughter is 10 and she knows most of Deans songs by heart.  Dean martin is the best, sorry,  Frank. Thanks Dean.
(Jan Hipple)

Dear DMFC : I just love this compliation.....who ever was in charge of this I hope they do another....More Late at night....I'd like to see; "Fools rush in" and..  "If you were the only girl..." from "Dream with Dean"  and  from the "Dean Martin TV show"; "Things we did last summer", "Just friends", "I've grown accustomed to her face"and "Talk of the town". Hey its an Idea! Let's get another mood setting album from Dean!  Thanks to all at capitol  and the Dean Martin Fan Center.
(Ricks Cafe)

Dear DMFC : sure do miss the old boy. I do karaoke a lot and love to do Return to Me. Wish i knew what "cara mia ti amo" meant and also how to pronouce cuora.
Dear DMFC : Wow, what a website for my favorite singer. I can't believe that I didn't know you were here until someone at work told me about you. I can't wait to join as a member. Dean has always been my favorite, and was the favorite of my two brothers and sister also. I remember when we were little, we would get together in the neighborhood and pretend to have a Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis show. Some of the kids wanted to be Jerry and act silly, but all of us got our turns to be Dean and try and sing with all the passion we could muster up as kids. How I wish there were video cameras around back then. I can't wait to tell my brothers and sisters about this!
(Chris Leandro - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : Can you tell me why some of Dean's autographs have dates and some don't? I tend to think that if there is a year date with the autograph that Dean didn't sign it. The reason I say this, is that I can't imagine Dean worrying about what year he signed something.  Would you shed some light on this? Thanks! (Dino fan over 35 years)
(Daryl Buechting - Illinois)
Hi Daryl - This is a great question that I'm surprised no one has ever asked yet! Remembering how Dean autographed items over the years, it is pretty safe to say that he dated most of his autographs with the last two digits of the year, when he was sitting down... but if he was standing, walking or on stage, he would usually just sign his name. If he was at the golf course, you're lucky if you can even read his signature (just kidding).
Now the bad news... about 98% of all the autographs people have in their collections or that are for sale at memorabilia shows are not genuine signatures. Dean's own company (ies) , had hired specific individuals to "take care" of the autographs. (At one time Dean was receiving 100,000 letters a week for autographed photos!) It's funny, but knowing the 6 or 7 people responsible for signing Dean's name over the last few decades, I almost know which specific person did the penmanship at a glance. These were fully authorized by Dean, and are very collectible in their own right. This brings up a very good point that I should get in to for all the others who may be reading the bulletin board, and have the same questions...
There's a new problem that's taken over the autograph market: "Total Fakes". It has most experts seeing red, and is running rampant all over auction sites on the Internet and traveling collector shows. There is an incredible amount of people simply signing Dean's name to pictures, sheet music, baseballs, well... anything - you name it... all claiming that Dean had signed it himself. Some even have the nerve to offer "Certificates of Authenticity" (COA'S) to assure that they are real. Unfortunately, the COA's aren't as good as the fake autographs. Most people don't know the difference, so return items are few. Even if they did want their investment back... one return in a hundred wouldn't be bad odds for the forger.. that's if you can find him/her again.
There are a couple of things that one can look for to help them at least sort out the 'bad' fakes. If it's a photograph, first check to see what kind of photo paper it is printed on. Usually the biggest fakes are copies of pictures done on newer paper (and usually cheaply developed in someone's home darkroom). Types of paper that didn't exist when Dean should have autographed it. Second... most "ball-point pen" autographs are fake, unless you are reviewing a "document", such as a contract or a personal letter of some sort. Third... check out the "aging" of the photo. Does it look like too good, like it was just printed and signed? Most of the authentic autographs were obtained by fans who displayed it for many years, or put it away somewhere, and it should look properly aged. The paper shouldn't smell like photo chemicals after all these years. I would also suggest that you start gathering information about autographs before spending a lot of money. Go out and purchase a copy of "Autograph" magazine... join a few groups that specialize in autographs. It's like anything else... you need to know what you are investing in. Unfortunately, most people don't know anything about autographs and are sitting targets for people who want you to believe that you're getting the real thing.
Thanks so much for asking Daryl... I know that I went into it a bit, beyond you're simple question, but it's a very interesting subject, and I'm glad you gave me a chance to discuss it.
Neil Daniels - Director of the Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Isn't it strange that all three senior members of the "Rat Pack" have passed away, at what could be considered a young age? So many people live longer lives today, that Dean, Frank and Sammy may have had a better chance if they hadn't drank and smoked so much. I wonder what things we are doing to ourselves in our generation that's going to harm us... maybe the stress of a fast paced world. There will never be a group like the Rat Pack ever again. I'm glad I was here to see them and tell my kids.
(Jeremy Costas - Utah)
Dear DMFC : Our station had a whole day devoted to saluting the crooners, and Dean got a whole 2 hour block for himself. The songs were beautiful, as I never realized that Dean had recorded so many things that I never heard before. Thanks to them that they mentioned you and all the work you do to keep Dean's memory alive. I hope others who heard the program will find you too.
(Rita Yadkin - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : "Late at Night With Dean Martin" is the best cd to come down the pike in years! I hope more of Dean's music will be coming out soon. He had a voice as sweet as silk.
(D.W. Washington - Alabama)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for helping me obtain a copy of the Lee Hale book about the Dean Martin Show. I loved every page of it!
(Barbara Hewitt - Florida)
Dear DMFC: To this day nothing replaces my parents whom have both passed, however nothing will ever take away Dean Martin's voice and music at Christmas time. The time I shared with my parents. His Christmas music brings much happiness to me even as I play it today. 
Dear DMFC : I am a member of the DMFC's Fan Club and wanted to ask a question that I hope isn't too dumb. What do you think is the most requested song and movie of Dean's? You must get a lot of mail and should really know.
(Brittney Heff - Canada)
Hi Brittney - Dean's most requested song between jukebox request results, radio airplay and soundscan sales is "That's Amore". We use to get people telling us that "Everybody Loves Somebody" was their favorite, but as we get further away from remembering Dean's TV variety show, "Everybody" (his theme song) is becoming more forgotten. Last year's favorite was "Ain't That a Kick in the Head" because of all the movie scores it was popping up in.
As for the movies, it has changed over the years... "Airport" and "Cannonball Run" were the big favorites for a while, but they have fallen by the wayside to the "Matt Helm" series... probably because of the 'Austin Powers' popularity. Of course, "Rio Bravo" (the combination of Dean, John Wayne & Ricky Nelson) is the epic among western lovers. The Martin and Lewis movies have always had a strong hold among the younger fans first discovering Dean and his talents, but the strangest movie that seems to create a lot of talk is "Ten Thousand Bedrooms", Dean's first film after the Martin and Lewis break-up.
It seems that every year or two the titles shift, but one thing remains the same... once someone becomes aware of Dean Martin, they become fans very quickly, and stay loyal for life.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I visited my record store and bought about a dozen cds. Matt Monroe, Nat King Cole, Edie Gorme, Sinatra, Mel Torme and Dean Martin. Somehow I saved the Dean Martin last to listen to, but when I heard the first song all the way through, I put the rest of them on a shelf and took Dean's cd with me in the car. I've been playing it for three days now, and can't begin to tell you how happy it makes me. I am NOT a morning person, but when I play his music on the way to work, I arrive saying "Good Morning" to everybody there. They don't think that I'm the same person they have known for years. I just spent some time reading the liner notes inside, and found your address and your bulletin board. I am in seventh heaven!
(Paul Arquette - California)
Dear DMFC : I love Dean Martin's music. We have a radio station here in the Los Angeles area (KLAC) and they play all the wonderful singers from the 50's, 60's and 70's. There is a LEAST one Dean Martin song played per hour. More stations ought to get the idea!
(Mark Ward - California)
Dear DMFC: In case 1000 people haven't already answered Johnny Carruth's question: according to IMDb (my second favorite website AFTER DMFC), the film was a 1968 production entitled "Rowan and Martin at the Movies" and everyone in it, including Dean Martin, played himself. Hope this helps.
(Ann Snuggs - Arkansas)
Dear DMFC : I recently pulled out some of my old Dean Lp's in order to transfer them to tape.  With all the new material released in the past couple of years it's been a while since I've listened to the old records.  One of my favorite Dean songs from the Reprise years has always been "A Little Voice" from the Everybody Loves Somebody LP.  Does anyone happen to know the name of the woman who sings with Dean on this track.  She supplies the "little voice" counter-melody to Dean's lead vocal.  She has a unique phrasing style, and I wondered if she was a regular studio singer who often sang with Dean.  By the way, I wish Capitol would understand that many of us would love to have the Reprise tracks released in their original form and packaging.  It is frustrating to be presented with the same Capitol tracks over and over again. Thanks
(Mark - Massachusetts)
Dear DMFC : Just bought Late night with Dean Martin and IT WAS GREAT! This man sure knew how to make it all look so easy, and entertain us for so many wonderful years!
(Paul Bischoff - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : To whom that may read. I`m 34, but old enough to remember the older and better times. Family and old world values have fallen to the wayside....... just like great men and women.  Dino, Frank, Sammy, Marilyn. If every just for a moment, were to stop and take a look..... Well, it just might be different.
(Karl Friedrich)
Dear DMFC : We just found your address in "Late at Night With Dean Martin" and had no idea that there was an organization for Dean Martin. We're so happy that there is a fan club that we can subscribe to also. The cd brings back so many memories of how Dean Martin had a way with a song. He was such an excellent singer. We've been seeing all the documentaries of recent, and hearing so many different reviews, but there is only one thing to tell those reviewers and that is, Dean Martin was a super star, not just by chance, but by shear talent. No matter what you may say to dissolution his abilities to entertain or record a song,he went places with his God given talent that most of us (including the reviewers and film makers) will never achieve. Dean Martin was the most talented entertainer in his time, and possibly in the top ten even today.
(Collin & Bethany Leikus - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : I just discovered this web site & am enormously thrilled!!!  I grew up with a warm & fuzzy crush on Dean and that will continue forever.   My mother had a very long term relationship with a wonderful man who slightly resembled Dean and who loved to sing like Dean.   His name was Louis, he was Italian & sentimental.  I remember him teaching me to dance while standing on the toes of his shoes.   Thanks for bringing back some lovely memories.  At the first opportunity I want to order some of your products.  I'll be checking in often. Please keep up the great work of keeping Dean in the limelight!
(Laura  Allhands)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for the great site.  Does any Dean Martin fan out there know the guitar chords to "An Evening in Roma"? My band the Willies is currently doing "Memories are Made of This" to great audience response, and I wanted to add another of my favorites.  Thanks again. ~You can e-mail your answers to the Dean Martin Fan Center~
Dear DMFC : I love the new cds out by Dean Martin! There are some songs that I never knew he recorded. And recorded so well! Especially the country songs. Keep them coming!
(Ann Carter - Virginia)
Dear DMFC : I wish I was older, so I could have been here when Dean Martin was entertaining everybody. It must have been an exciting time!
(Karen Couburn)
Dear DMFC : I currently subscribe to a small Dino mailing list, and a topic just came up about the two Bear Family Sets. Everyone is giving their opinion and speculating about different reasons for different things, but no one seems to bother going directly to the main source, and that is to ask you. I know that the Dean Martin Fan Center president produced the sets, along with having credits listed on the back, for photos and the discography. Anyway, thank you for your Email and quick and accurate answer to my inquiry. I can take that back to my friends on the list. By the way, they are wonderful sets and I recommend them to everyone!
Dear DMFC : I am a new fan of Mr. Martin's. I can't believe I have gone all these years without ever taking the time to listen or watch him with my full attention. Now I know what the fuss is all about.
(A. Krause - Germany)
Dear DMFC : Just picked up both new Dean Martin releases that came out today and am I disappointed. A lot of the songs are the SAME ones that have been out already. Only a smattering of a few new ones are on them. I wonder what others think.
(Jerry Draper - New York)
Dear DMFC : To answer the question of Dean's car(s). He had several, and also had several registered in his name that others drove. The most popular ones that Dean was photographed with were his Dual Ghia, a couple of matching Cadillac El Dorado's , a Rolls, an Aston Martin, and even a Lexus in the later years. When it came to his favorite, I think it was his Ghia.
(Terri Toland - California)
Dear DMFC : I am actually a big Frank Sinatra fan, but after hearing Mr. Daniels talk about Dean Martin on the "Sinatra Memory Hour", I wanted to check out your site, and have to tell you that it is wonderful. I am now so enchanted with Dean Martin that I don't know where to begin. First, I'm joining you fan club and then I'm making room right next to my Frank collection for Dean. I can tell that I'm going to need a lot of room, pallie!
(J.R. Taylor - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I am like the rest of the folks I've been reading about on your bulletin board. I miss him so very much also.
(Heather Philman - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : Hello. I listen to Jerry Lewis on the Internet with his Muscular Dystrophy broadcast. It was most fascinating. I do not receive the video portion of television for broadcast here in my country, but I find the radio broadcast very sad for the inflicted. The movies of Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin have been seen here by many. Even though Jerry Lewis is a great clown, we also regard Dean Martin for his abilities in song. I am glad I had this opportunity to listen and hope a cure for Muscular Dystrophy and ALS can be found.
(Lalo Hinsha - India)
Dear DMFC : I was wondering about a couple of things. Does anyone know what kind of a car Dean owned just prior to his death (year, make, model)? I understand Dean was a scotch drinker. What BRAND of scotch did he prefer? Thanks, Little ol' wine drinker...
(Giorgos- Texas)
Dear DMFC : Your site is wonderful. I loved this man my whole life. I thought about him once again last weekend when I watched Jerry Lewis host the telethon.
(April Sinclair - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I just saw a video-taped copy of a movie of some sort, but didn't catch the title. It basically starred Rowan and Martin (not related to Dean). Dean Martin was in it for a brief cameo appearance. According to the credits I could see at the end, this was made in the sixties... just about the time Rowan and Martin hosted the Dean Martin Summer Show, and also had their own hit "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in" with a cast of charactures that often appeared on Dean Martin's TV Variety show as well. Anyone know what this movie was called?
(Johnny Carruth - Massachusetts)
Dear DMFC : HAPPY LABOR DAY! I have been watching the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, a yearly tradition seems like my whole life. I wanted to tell you that a lot of references have been made to Dean Martin. He is there in spirit. It still has the whole day to be on the air. For the first time ever, this year I'm donating money. I'm telling them that it's in the memory of "Dean Martin". We should all do that. For all the pleasure that Dean has provided all of us, we could donate a few dollars in return for a good heartwarming cause. You'll feel good!
(Mrs. Suzanne Thomas - New York)
Dear DMFC : Hi I just found this site and I am thrilled! I have been a fan of Dino for as long as I can remember. My first memories of him are of his partnership with Jerry Lewis. As I grew up I became aware of Mr. Martin as a member of the Rat Pack. It was not until I became an adult though that I truly began to appreciate what a special entertainer Dean was. Think about it for a second, has there been a more successful comedy act in show business than Martin & Lewis? I doubt it. They were a phenomenon. The thing that really made me appreciate this fact though was listening to Jerry Lewis reminisce about the days of Martin & Lewis. To here him say that Dean was the backbone of the team and that it was Dean that was responsible for Jerry becoming the superstar he now is really exemplified just how special Dean was. And then to here the always outspoken Jerry say that Dean is the most underrated entertainer. Well, think about that. Everyone already regards him as one of the true superstars of the business and yet one of his very few
peers in the business says he is underrated. Wow! How good must he be?
Then came the Rat Pack years. Now Sammy was the entertainer with probably the most raw talent ever. A great singer, the best dancer ever, terrific comedy timing, and fine actor. And Frank-well he was the best singer ever, a great actor, the biggest star in the business in his day he was indeed the Chairman of the Board. But who had the most successful recording career? That would be Dino. Who had the most success in the movies? Again the answer is Dean. And who rose to the top in television? Once more the answer is the old whine drinker himself-Dino. Now let's see, that's radio, television and movies and
Dean conquered them all. But wait there was the nightclub scene too. So who do you suppose was the highest paid entertainer on the circuit? Of course it was none other than man we would all be proud to call our goumba Mr. Dean Martin. And he did all this at the same time throughout the late fifties and sixties! After becoming aware of all that I had an all new appreciation of Dean Martin. And I had to conclude that Dino was and is the most underrated entertainer in show business. Keep up the good work on the site.
(Vince Gallo - California)
Dear DMFC : It's Labor Day Weekend, and that only reminds me of one thing... The Labor Day Telethon with Jerry Lewis. Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin started the telethons for MD way back in the early 1950's. Everytime I think of Jerry hosting the telethon, I ALWAYS think of Dean. He was a huge part of the success too. We all miss you Dino!
(Veronica Graham - Washington)
Dear DMFC : I just wanted to write someone about my husband's devotion to Dean Martin.  He has been a fan of his since he was 18 years old and still is on this day today September 3 at 49. Back in 68 when everyone was listening to the Beatles and Elvis my husband was singing along with Dean Martin songs. He has a good voice and I must say imitates Dean very well.  We have every album he has ever made and are now in the process of gathering CD's. I have noticed that since his death many more CD's are finding there way to the stores. There is one song in particular that we can't find on a CD and is very special to us. That song is titled "My Women, My Women My Wife." We had a flood awhile back in our basement and lost that particular album. I wrote Dean's manager nine years ago asking for a birthday card from Dean Martin for my husband's 40th birthday. They sent us an autographed picture, which as of today still is displayed on his desk. He is a great fan and I will be signing him up as a fan club member. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
(Mary Sue Chirco - Wife of a Dean Martin fan)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin is a great entertainer. Too bad that we don't have anyone like him these days. I enjoy his music and I wish I saw him preform in Vegas.
(Mike Raelene)
Dear DMFC - I am a member of the DMFC since the very beginning of. Like other Dino-fans, I am very excited about the news and the stuff published in. Unfortunately I couldn't arrange it to join the 4th birthday party in Steubenville this year, but hope, being able to manage it in 2000. I started adoring Dino by the age of 11, caused by my father, who was very interested in the movies of Dino & Jerry then (they appeared regularly on TV by then). It was That's Amore" in "the Caddy", I fell automatically in love with this guy. No wonder, that I started immediately to collect any memorabilia of his, especially his LPs, which I'm proud of. On the other hand - unlike the other fans - I went a step or two fro: As a passionate writer, I use my imagination from the early age of 11, to write stories. And guess who was one of the main characters in? You're right: It was our Dino. By the way; when I read the old stories today - I'm 37 now - I'm very surprised, how less I was intrigued then by the negative tabloids of Dino's. When I go through them today, there are tears in my eyes...
Furthermore: When I feel blue and sad or sick, the only remedy for is to
a) play a Dino-LP, CD or MC
b) relaxing by watching the RIO BRAVO - my absolute favourite DM western!
Not to forget, that that's a high quality western of 3 stars (I saw it
uncountable times till now). Regarding the upcoming movie - based on Nick Tosches' bio - I am very disappointed about the choice of Tom Hanks for Dinos character. There are so many talented actors over there, why do Martin Scorsese want Hanks for heavens sake?Make a long story short: Keep one this website. It's very interesting for fresh as well as established fans!
(Dry Lucas - Switzerland)
Dear DMFC : I love Dean Martin! I've been watching the Rat Pack movie, and when I went web surfing, I found this awesome site. Than you for giving me such pleasure fro the last hour looking at everything you have. He is surely missed.
(Elaine Makita - South Carolina)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin golfed with Titleist equipment, and had a lot of irons and bags made especially for him.
(Barry Vinbona - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : Hello I'm a U.K. girl and I've loved Dino's music as far back as I can recall. He's brill and love his films , I think he was so good
both actor & entertainer, he could be serious and funny, and to me that makes a good actor and love his don't give a damn attitude, go on Dino make them sweat for 5 mins ....lol..............
(Abi - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : This website is awesome. I have been a big fan of Dean Martin's for most of my life He was was my first big crush. One of my biggest thrills was to see him live at the Sands in 1960. I was only 14 and couldn't go into the casino after the show but my father did and got his autograph for me. unfortunately it has not survived but my collection of LPs and some 45s have. Keep up the good work
(Maryl Baird)
Dear DMFC : Answering a question that was posted earlier the E! True Hollywood story on Dean Martin is scheduled to air again September 6 at 9:00 pm and then twice during the day on the 7th of Sep.  I've loved Dean Martin since I was a little girl. I guess I was about 8 years old when they use to show Martin and Lewis movies every Sunday afternoon and I was absolutely captivated by his voice.  Now that I am 22 I realize that there is so much more about him to love.
(Cindy - Texas)
Dear DMFC : In an answer to a question posted earlier, Dean used "Ping" Putters.
(Jerry Hanson - California)
Dear DMFC : I work for Paramount Pictures in California, and rumor is that Paramount is thinking about re-releasing a couple of the ORIGINAL Martin and Lewis films (Hollywood or Bust being one of them). That would be a fantastic idea on their part!
(J.D.S. - California)
Dear DMFC : I own with my husband an Italian Ristorante and the most requested cds we play, requested by our customers are the Dean Martin cd's.  The one song that gets myself and my waitstaff hopping is "Ain't that a kick in the head", the one song in Vegas Vacation that was played at least three times. We love Italian American autographs and 
Deans are hard to come by. We have a wall dedicated just to those special entertainers.
Dear DMFC : I recently bought a book called "Forever Lounge". They have only a couple of pages devoted to Dean Martin (and not very in depth I might add). For the huge influence that Dean had on this type of music and it's resurgence in recent years... the authors blew it!
(Anthony G. Vector - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : I have checked your nice website for the answer to a specific question. Though it is an impressive site, I did not find the name of the leading character that Dean Martin played in a TV (?) detective story/series. Could you please help? Thanks in advance and kind regards.
(Alf Ost - Sweden)
Hi Alf - Dean did not play a leading character in any detective story/series TV series other than his own TV Variety Show. You are probably thinking of one of these two: Dean had a very small cameo role in a short lived Joe Pesci series, "Half Nelson", where he played himself, Mr. Martin. There was also a series developed after Dean's most successful series of "Matt Helm" movies. The "Matt Helm" TV series starred Tony Franciosa, but Dean was not involved with them.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I saw the True Hollywood Story about Dean Martin and thought it was okay. Too bad that all these type of Documentaries always show the same things. Dean had so much more going on in his life and career, but it seems like only one person has done the research, and everyone else just uses his work for their projects. Too bad. I think new approaches and ideas would show everyone a lot more of the REAL Dino. These recollections are now starting to take over the images in everyone's minds, and the real Dean is getting a bit hazy. Maybe the new movie by Martin Scorsese will be completely different. One can only hope!
(Lyle B. March - California)
Dear DMFC : Hi my name is Dean Hughes . I bet you can not think who I was named after. You are saying to yourself, that's not unusual. But when you are born in Liverpool in the U.K. in 1965, the kids were usually name after one of the Beatles. Even now there's about ten people in Liverpool named Dean. I love Dean and am looking for a song he sang on a LP, Honey and By the time I get to phoenix are on it. also to mention, this has a grate meaning in my life as my sitter who died, played that L.P all the time. Luv ,
(Dean Hughes - U.K.)