MAY - JUNE 1999

Dear DMFC : I got up early to listen to Neil Daniels on our radio station KDKA, but they didn't give him enough time! (They never do). Thanks for all you do!
(Pete Kasich - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : Thank you Thank You Thank You for a great time in Steubenville. I am planning on going back this afternoon to hear Joe and his Dean Martin impersonation. He was there last year, and I fell in love with him. If you want to see the closest person who impersonates our great Dean Martin, come to Steubenville today!
(Mrs. Betty DiMichele)
Dear DMFC : I wanted to be the first to report on the Steubenville Birthday Celebration. Last night was the opening with a very very nice reception that gave all a chance to meet other Dean Martin fans from all over the world. After that the "film festival" that had some nice shows including the new BBC special for all those here in the states who couldn't manage to see it. The group was a bit smaller than I had expected at first, but more people arrived late. It occurred to me that this is the weekend of many High School and College graduations, and their film festival was actually on the college campus in town. I heard people say that all the hotel rooms were booked in town between the graduations, and the event (which also fell so close to the Memorial Day holiday celebrated in the US last weekend). I must admit that the highlight of the evening was their guest speaker, Neil Daniels, who not only told of his stories of Dean, but brought along a great video of clips and scenes from the Dean Martin TV Show.
Being the big fan that I am (having collected Dino stuff for many years), I was so happy to FINALLY see some of those RARE hidden treasures and out takes from the TV show that I haven't seen for many many years (or never even saw at all). After Neil Daniels ran the tape, he also opened the floor up for questions from the audience, which made for a wonderful evening.
Well, I had better go... I'm getting myself ready to go back today for the whole day. They promise a good time, and by the looks of it so far... I think it's going to be a GREAT time!
(Kevin Schaeffer - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : How can I get the magazine that I saw on the Regis Philbin show this morning?
(Karl E. Laux - Florida)
Dear Karl - It's easy to become a member! Just check out the "club" area of our website. Thanks!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I live only 2 hours away from Steubenville and can't wait for tonight to go to the film festival. I saw mentioned that your Fan Center will show some things from the Dean Martin show. I know that I will love it!!
(Valerie Pollard - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : On Live With Regis and Kathie Lee, there was mention of your Fan Center and we immediately went to the website of Regis and Kathie Lee to learn more. I wish I knew about your group sooner. Dom DeLuise was a delight. I'll always remember him as the famous chef with Dean as his unsuspecting straight man on those wonderful Dean Martin shows.
(Barbara Bickley - Idaho)
Dear DMFC : I heard a rumor that the company that is going to make the new Dean Martin movie is secretly casting for major parts in the film because the list of stars that everyone has heard about for the last year was never correct, but kept alive for publicity by Warner Brothers and those involved.
(Christopher Metzler - California)
Dear DMFC : My husband and I just saw Regis Philbin mention your magazine on his show this morning and we couldn't wait to go to your website. Dean Martin has always been our favorite. When we were married over 35 years ago, all the music heard at our reception was Dean Martin songs. He has been with us for all those years and still continues to be in our hearts.
(Ana and Jack Scallini - California)
Dear DMFC : Our radio station here in Australia is telling all of Dean Martin's birthday coming on June 7th, and all about your website and organization. They say that Dean Martin is more popular than ever now in the states and even overseas. I have to confirm. We don't hear too much here down under, but we are now starting to hear his music on the radio and discussions about the great man he was. Thank you.
(Lonnie McMaster - Australia)
Dear DMFC : I am so anxious to hear more about the weekend in Dean Martin's hometown in Ohio. If someone is going, would you let us know all about it? (I want to join the Fan Club too, and I am sure that you will have things to report in your magazines and mailings!)
(Jerry Beech - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : Is Neil Daniels going to speak at the Steubenville Party this year again? I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him last year.
(Donna Wynn - Pennsylvania)
Dear Donna - Yes, Neil (DMFC President) is going to be there, and he's bringing with him a very special treat for the night of the film festival... Video footage from the long running Dean Martin Variety Show that hasn't been seen in decades (and maybe a couple of outtakes too!). Don't miss it on June 4th in Steubenville Ohio at the Jefferson Community College. He'll be there all day Saturday too, following a couple of radio shows in the morning. If you can make it to Steubenville, Ohio... DO SO! You'll have a great time... and it's all FREE!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I have heard on the radio that your fan club president will be calling into KDKA AM on Saturday morning to talk with Rob Pratte about the progress at the Steubenville party June 5. I can't wait to hear all about it, since I am stuck at home, and won't be able to attend. For those who live on the East coast, I heard that they will talk about 7:00 AM.
(Maryis Rasulala - Pennsylavania)
Dear DMFC : I am one of those who thought the BBC's biography was very disappointing. I had seen the other specials and documentaries on the life of Dean Martin, and there was NOTHING new! Thank goodness the BBC had a guild line to follow by reporting the same things the others have done in the past. Now, if they would have seeked interviews with new people who might have something different to say.
(Phil Muir - England)
DMFC : Well done UK fans, 'The Very Best Of...' went straight into the album charts at Number 7.  Pity it didn't reach Number 1.  Still, there is this week!!!!!  I do agree that there could have been more interviews on
Omnibus, but at least it was a breath of fresh air to have Dino on TV.
Come on BBC more Dean Martin movies, please.
(Gary Dundee - Scotland)
Dear DMFC : It's almost time for Steubenville's weekend! I can't wait. This will be my first trip there, and I am looking forward to everything! I have been a fan of Dean Martin's for over 40 years!
(Mrs. Juliet Towner - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Hi --I saw the BBC programme too. I think you must bear in mind that this was a 50 minute programme dedicated to the average person - not  the die-hard Dino fan. And with that in mind it is better than most -- for instance the Lewis coverage amounts to about 3 minutes - which is all it deserves. The thing I disliked most was that it relied on Jeanne's version of so much -- it weighed in heavily with her viewpoint. Other than that, I thought it was the best of the bio's.  Naturally we die-hard fans would like to see something more in depth (and from what I have heard and read it is NOT the Scorsese movie either!!) and would have asked different questions. But for the average person, it presented a pretty good view of Dean. I was especially grateful for about 10 - 15 minutes on the TV Show as the highlight of Dean's career.
(Kim Fuller - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : I am a Chilean university teacher of English and linguist, 57, and live in Santiago (Chile). I have always been a fan of Dean Martin's. Iremember when back in the early fifties I saw 'My Friend Irma' in one of Santiago's cinemas. That was the beginning. I also remember seeing' Living it up' a dozen times to hear Dean sing one of my favouritesthen, 'Money burns a hole...' On my first trip to Buenos Aires, in 1958,I bought all of Dean's 78's which were not available in Chile. Gosh,wasn't my suitcase heavy! Now I'm lucky enough to have most of Dean'sproduction on CD. An hour ago I watched an incredible 2-hourbiographical programme of Dino's on Channel Entertainment, which Irecorded, and there I found your address. I was really moved to hearJerry Lewis say quite openly that Dean had always been his hero.
(Hector Ortiz-Lira - Chile)
Dear DMFC : I have to agree with those criticizing the Omnibus programme on the BBC. The clip and photos were, of course, excellent but where was the depth, the analysis? His film career was skimmed over in a couple of minutes, his recording career was given perfunctory coverage with no mention of when or why he got into singing and the crucial, to my mind peak, period at Capitol Records  (no home is a home without a copy of "This Time I'm Swingin'"). It just seemed to base itself around "Wasn't he cool?" (Hell, yes) and "Did he drink?" and not really care about the "real" Dean Martin. The aim, clearly, was to sell this on  the wave of Rat Pack fashionability that is in vogue at the moment. A shame, especially as the Louis Armstrong one from a couple of weeks ago was much, much better.
(Dave Tinkham - England)
Dear DMFC : I can't wait for Steubenville's Dean Martin Party next week. Tell everyone that it is on Friday evening June 4, and all day Saturday June 5 in Dean's hometown, Steubenville, Ohio. This will be my second visit (I loved it last year!)
(Karen Albertson - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I am 29 and unfortunately to young to have enjoyed Dean in his prime.  All the same I enjoyed the Omnibus edition the other night the information was all new to me and has wet my appetite to find out more about this lovely guy.
I hope the BBC will show some films of his - better still how about the Dean Martin Shows?  I don't know if it was ever televised over here at the time but it would be a wonderful piece of vintage comedy to see at a regular time slot.
(Michelle Rivers - England)
Dear DMFC : All the way from Scotland just to say that there was a documentary on DINO this week on the BBC....superb, I'm only 32 but there is a real interest with mates of mine in this incredible guy! There just isn't guys like him around these days...they were true stars... Good luck with this great web site!!
(Jim Kerr - Scotland)
Dear DMFC : The Omibus Dean Martin Show was not what I had expected. I had heard that the crew who put this documentary together went to the United States totally unprepared, and only took the interviews that were the eaisest to get, without talking to any others that knew Dean as well. Maybe they figured everyone in Europe wants to hear the same old stories, only told to the BBC instead of American TV. Come on , let's hear something new for a fresh change!
(Stephen Dram - UK)
Dear DMFC : Last Monday I saw the Dean Martin profile on the BBC. I just loved it. So many good things about DINO.. It filled my heart  with joy watching such a good programme. this was a programme made with respect and love for all of those who love DINO thanks to  everybody who worked on this programme.It brought back so many
beautiful memories.
(Eduarda da Silva - Netherlands)
Dear DMFC : The latest broadcast on BBC of the Dean Martin bio was very disappointing for the REAL Dean Martin fan. Their team got a few interviews from the basic same people. It's funny that most of Dean's children are never heard from. Does one think that their opinions are completely different from the ones who WANT to speak?
(Elizabeth Kiley - England)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I'm 25 and I watched a programme on TV here in England about the life of Dean the other night and loved it. What a "cool cat". Anyway, I went out and bought the new cd (The Very Best of Capital and Reprise) which I was a little surprised to find I loved, being a heavy fan of Rock and Metal, Dance, etc. The thing is I've been a bit down recently, too much work and not enough time off, but I spent all last night listening to this album, and I can't stop singing the songs and smiling today. Maybe this could be used as a cure for
depression, haa haa.
I've seen Dean in things like the Cannonball films and with Jerry Lewis when I was a kid and enjoyed his work, but never appreciated him fully (too young I suppose, but I do now). Anyway, I found your site and just thought I'd let you know he has a new fan. Keep up the good work.
(Steve Robinson - England)
Dear DMFC : One of Dean Martin's best films was the Matt Helm series, I believe that actor Sylvester Stallone would be perfect for the
part of Matt Helm. I say it's time to continue the Matt Helm series
and there is no better actor to continue the legacy than Sylvester
Stallone! Is there some way we could contact the producers of the
Matt Helm series at Columbia Pictures and let our voice to be heard?
I think that if Dean Martin was alive today he would definitely endorse
Sylvester Stallone as Matt Helm! What do your Dean Martin fans say?
Please let me know.
(Robert Butler)
Dear DMFC : Did any of the British fans see Omnibus on the BBC on Monday 24th May?  It was a Documentary on none other than our own Dino, and it was good.  Also, EMI have re-released 'The Very Best Of Dean Martin' and there is a heavy advertising campaign on TV and in the newspapers to back it so get out there and buy it and get Dino back into the UK charts.
(Gary- Dundee - Scotland)
Dear DMFC : Greetings!  I read your reviews on the two Dean Martin Bear Family box sets and figured you might be able to direct me. I have both box sets and LOVE them. However, there is a defect with Disc 4. The cuts from "Bells Are Ringing" skip and sputter. I tried to return it to the place from which I purchased it, but they had no replacement and said they couldn't help me. I only have an address for Bear Family for Europe. What should I do? Who should I contact?  Anything you might do to direct me would be appreciated.  
(Paul M. Mock)
Dear Paul - The only person responsible for replacing your defective merchandise is the place you bought it from. If they can't replace it, they should refund your money and give you the opportunity to purchase it elsewhere. If they don't want to help you, then I would quickly get the word out to others - "Never Buy From This Retailer!"
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center

Dear DMFC : The latest set of rumors concerning the Dean Martin biopic suggest that Martin Scorcese is trying to get out of having to make it.  Do you have any sort of update on the status of the film?
(Steve Latshaw - California)
Dear Steve - We are aware of the rumors... last chat with Martin Scorcese, he stated the film is still going on as planned (just a slow process) and never mentioned anything about wanting out. A lot of preparation is needed before it needs his attention, so he doesn't know if it is going to be the next item on his agenda, or one after that. Who really knows... things can change in the crazy world of movie making.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC, My husband and I were recently invited to attend a Dean
Martin party over his birthday weekend. This being our first, we have no idea on what to wear. These people go all out! Should we go for gaudy 60's Vegas wear or 50's classic black and elegant? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
(Robby Hart - Texas)
Dear Robbie - Formal definitely!  a black tux with white shirt for your husband. If you want him to be different however, you could do the turtle neck shirt with sport coat and introduce him as Matt Helm. Actually, Dean performed into the 1980's, and MOST people will remember him for his tux. As for you, I would think a touch of elegance, maybe a nice wrap with a small purse, topped off with a mile-high hair do (similar to that of the 60's). The main thing here is "attitude". Always smile, look comfortable, and carefree, and ENJOY Yourself!
P.S.  If you could find 12 other girls to go, have them as the "Golddiggers", and let your husband have the time of his life!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I would like to post this special event for Sonoma Blue's first ever Dean Martin night to be held on June 17th at 7:30 p.m..  Sonoma Blue is a Coffee House and Cafe located at 10962 Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, California. The night will feature a Dean Martin look a like and sound a like contest and auction off a bottle of Dean Martin Commemorative wine. For reservations call 818-769-0232.
(Steve Hemmert 'owner' - California)
Dear Steve - Sounds good! It's a great idea to have this celebration a bit after Dean's actual birthday, to give all a better chance of attending (since Dean's birthday on June 7th usually coincides with school graduations and the Steubenville, Ohio Dean Martin Festival)
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Hi, Just wanted to write and say I'm a big, big, big Dean Martin fan, and have been since I was 10 years old, I'm 56 now. He was and is the very best entertainer of all time. He did it all, and then some more. He was so elegant - Everything about him, that voice, his unbelievable smile and charm. Not to mention that he was the best looking man that walked this Earth. I can't get enough of him. I wish his TV Shows would surface....... His talent was magnificent..... besides being the warmest human being ever.
I, my sisters and cousin had the privilege of seeing him at the La Famiglia Restaurant shortly before he died, and he was so sweet. He talked with us and signed an autographed picture that my sister had gotten about 30 years ago of him in Las Vegas. He re-signed it. He was wonderful. He will be a part of my family's heart and life forever.
God Bless You and keep up the good work. A devoted fan forever...
(Marilynn Paulino Bauer 'Italian of course' - California)
Dear DMFC : On May 24th, The BBC in England will air a program on Dean Martin during their "Omibus" series. Most of these programs are advertised as "showing all the warts", and probably won't be very flattering. I also heard that they did not want to interview anyone they thought was going to say kind words about Dean, but went for the "tabloid" interviews. I guess we will see.
(Jackie Smithe - England)
Dear DMFC : I finished reading my book that was written by Lee Hale (Backstage With The Dean Martin Show) and must say that it was fascinating and a very easy read. I enjoyed it very much and would tell all other fans of Dean Martin's to make sure and get this one!
(Cyril Donovan - United Kingdom)
Dear DMFC : AMC has a contest on their website for the best spy agent, and Dean Martin is one of them to vote for. Let's all vote for Dino, and show them who's boss! Here's their address: http://www.ampop.com/singlewin.html
(Sam Wolfe - California)
Dear DMFC : I don't think that I'm a typical Dean Martin fan.  I'm a 34 yr. old mother of three and I Love Dean Martin !!!!!  I don't know all that there is to know about him all that I do know is that I Love his voice the way he laughed.  I remember watching his show with my parents in the 70s.  and staying up late with my Mom to see late late show and catching Martin movie.  I have seen that old film of the Rat pack that was filmed here in St.Louis at the Fox theater.  They really looked like they had a great time together. I wish that I could have seen them live.
A Dean Martin Fan,
(Donna - Missouri)
Dear DMFC : I just finished reading the new book called "Backstage With The Dean Martin Show" and was I ever happy that this was made available for all of us fans. I used to watch the Dean Martin show religiously, and remember always seeing the name of Lee Hale in the credits. He writes with such flair to be so honest, yet so humble himself.
(Julie Fowley - Indiana)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin was and still is my very favorite singer and movie star. When he had his TV show, that was the best! Thanks for having this web site!
(Lola Carroll - England)
Dear DMFC : I just wanted to tell you that Dean Martin is for the moment the best selling artist in Sweden. A new CD called "The Very Best Of Dean Martin" has just been released here. Regards
(Michael 'Big Mike' Petersson - Sweden)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for the information on Dean Martin's hometown celebration in Steubenville, Ohio. I am looking forward to seeing your Fan Center president, Neil Daniels, and hearing some stories that I have heard him tell on various talk shows that I have caught.
(Jim J. Garante - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : One of my favorite movies by Dean was "Something Big". It was an off-beat Western not remembered by many. I hope that it will be made available very soon!
(Karen Draper - Wyoming)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I just finished Lee Hale's book, and I loved it.  It brought to mind a few questions.  How many variety shows were actually produced (not counting the roasts and specials)?  Also, have ALL the variety shows been preserved on tape?  I know that only a limited number of programs were sold into syndication.  We can only hope that TV Land or a similar network will show some interest in the near future.  Even direct to video would be great!!
Is it true that marketing Dean's variety shows, or any old variety shows, is nearly economically prohibitive due to the rights fees owed to musicians, dancers, etc.?  I notice that very few  musically oriented older variety shows have surfaced while the skit based comedy-variety shows seem
to be coming back.  It would be fantastic to see Dean's shows again in
their original form.  Also, it would be nice to expose many younger fans to Dean's TV talents and style for the first time. Thanks
(Mark Nard)
Dear Mark - Your questions are what people ask the most! To try an answer quickly... depending on the way you count them, there were at over 260 of the "variety" shows. (A couple of shows were re-edited with different segments, also not including the full length "celebrity roasts" that the variety show eventually evolved into.
Yes, you are rights about the music rights being very expensive. One factor that the "Dean Martin Show" had, that differed from a lot of the other "musical variety show", was the "live" band instead of pre-recorded material. Another factor is the many "medleys" that were involved, and the agreements made with many publishers at the time of the creation.
To give you a quick example... during one of the seasons, a segment was presented called, "At The Movies", where various clips from those great old MGM musicals were shown, intertwined with Dean and his guests singing songs from the movie showcased that week. In exchange for the rights to use the clips, an agreement was made to give credit to the current MGM release at the time. Because MGM is no longer the same company, and the promotional announcements would not be current, one sees that the rights to those segments may no be valid today.
Another factor is that we are talking about "The Dean Martin Show". This is a HUGE body of work from a HUGE MEGA STAR and his MEGA STAR roster of guests. The asking price to offer this package would be so high, that a lot of cable stations would not be able to afford it's price tag.
All we can say is Keep your fingers crossed. We have a feeling that the reality of these shows becoming available again might be getting closer all the time!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I read the posts about the contest A&E is having for their Biography program, so I went to their web site to vote for Dean. I noticed that they have a question of the day, so I answered it. As I submitted my response it flashed up the results with an archive to past questions. One of the past questions was "Who is your favorite member of the Rat Pack?". I looked up the results and found that 40% of the respondents chose Dino! About 29% chose Frank Sinatra and 19% said Sammy Davis, Jr.  This begs the question of why, with his popularity back on the rise, the powers that be will not release his TV show onto video, or some more of his movies like Sergeants 3, Ada, etc.  Are there legal difficulties?  What gives?  The Celebrity Roasts are great, but it was on his variety show that Dean really shined.  This seems to be the
prime time to do it, and hopefully those in charge will realize it and bring those great shows back.  Anyway, sorry to hog so much space, but I thought everyone would like to know that Dean was the overwhelming favorite.  He was a true all-around performer and in my opinion the best.  Thanks for listening and keep up the good work!
(Clay Taylor - Utah)
Dear DMFC : Received my copy of the Lee Hale Book about the Dean Martin Show, and it is beyond good! I went immediately to the photos to satisfy my curiosity, and then went to the first chapter. After reading the first two pages, I went directly to the index in the back to get an idea of how much was in it! He sure does mention a lot of guest stars that were on the show. I was intrigued by every page that I turned and learned quite a lot. Great book and I recommend it to other Dean Martin fans! Get it!
(Steven K. Leary - North Carolina)
Dear DMFC : Just repeating my e-mail from last week, about Dean in this week TV Guide to make sure all the fans to vote for Dean for in the category Great Entertainers, or they can e-mail their answers to Biography.com. TV Guide issue dated May 1-7
(Nancy Thompson - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : Hi! My name is Mikael from Sweden, I'm fairly new to Dean's music and I have just found your site, and it's great! I though I should say that "The very best of Dean Martin" is the best selling CD right now in Sweden. He's also frequently represented in the newspapers and magazines. Many of the Swedish celebrities have their say about the great Dean Martin. It's been awhile since anything good topped the Swedish charts, but now it's time for the greatest singer of all time!!! Cheers
(Mikael Weiss - Sweden)
Dear DMFC : Hi! Just a quick note to let you know that A & E is having a contest to schedule your favorite biography. I saw it advertised on TV and it's also in the TV guide week of May 1-May 7th. You can vote either by the ballot in the TV Guide or you can go on line at Biography.com. There are 5 categories to choose from. Dean is in the Great Entertainers  category (How appropriate!!!!) So get on line and vote or find the ballot in the TV guide. If Dean wins(and I'm sure he will) it will air the week of July 12th, so vote early. The deadline is June 1, 1999.
(R. Spadafora - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for helping me aquire the new book by Lee Hale, Backstage with the TV Show. Fantastic book with so much insight. I reccomend this book to each and every Dean Martin fan!
(Jimmy Schultz - Germany)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I have just now found your site and may I say it's the coolest on the Net.  Ever since I was a kid, I thought that Dean was the Ultimate in Cool.  I now know he had his problems and insecurities but there's just something about the way he moved and smiled and held his drink and joked around that made me wish that I could have been like him and not a geeky kid.  That's impossible, of course.  Nobody was like Dino, or ever will be.  Are you listening wanna-be's?  Dean's death was a sad, sad day for me.  A bit of the world's glow went with him.  I can only hope he's in a better place now, where the martinis are strong and the girls are easy.  By the way, it amuses my parents greatly whenever I'm in the car with them and one of Dean's songs comes on the radio and I start to sing along, especially "Ain't That a Kick In the Head."  I adore that song.  Anyway, enough of my yackin'.  Keep up the good work daddy-o's and help keep Dino's memory burning bright. Ciao.
Dear DMFC : Dean is the greatest ! I know others have said that, but it needs repeating!
(Avis Fargar - SPAIN)
Dear DMFC : Congratulations on your award for artistry preservation. Dean's work is a priceless treasure... thanks for all the work!
Dear DMFC : This week in TV Guide May 1-7, 1999 'Biography' is having a survey. Dean Martin is listed under "Your Favorite Great Entertainer". Please notify the fans on this to vote for Dean. They can also vote on line at www.Biography.com Thought you would like to know about this.
(Nancy Thompson - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : I am looking for a copy of a song Dean sung in the movie "Kiss me, stupid" called "Sophia". Can someone help me with this?
(Sophia Moretti - Ohio)
Hi Sophia - The record that you are asking about , "Sophia" (I see the connection!) was recorded by Dean during his "Hit's Again" session in the latter part of 1964. Although used in the movie "Kiss Me, Stupid!", and pressed as a PROMOTIONAL ONLY 45 RPM, It was never pressed for commercial release. The 45 RPM Promo copy is one of the hardest records to find, and in good shape is valued around $80.00 or better. Hopefully this gem, along with others, will be released on compact disc soon!.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : I'm not sure if you guys are based in the UK or not. But here goes... There is an advert on British Television about the Eurostar train service, and I think the backing music is a Dean Martin tune, however, I don't know what the song is called. Can you help? The song goes something like, "When the music starts to play... dance with me... make me sway!" Any assistance of information will be appreciated.
(Andrew Antoniou - ENGLAND)
Dear Andrew -We are based in "Deanland"... Hollywood/Beverly Hills/Los Angeles area in the US. The song is "Sway", a BIG hit for Dean in 1954, but since we haven't seen the commercial, we aren't able to tell you if you're actually hearing the REAL Dean or not. Maybe someone in England who has seen it can verify that it's Dean's voice.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : I read in a post that someone out there was trying to find info on Stanley. He's my father and I do know his whereabouts and what he's been up to. He's teaching stand-up privately and considering writing a book about his life!
(Stefanie Lazlo)
Dear DMFC : I wandered onto your website and want to compliment you! Dean Martin was the finest singer and one of the best actors that ever was. We all miss him.
(Xavier Groden - Austria)
Dear DMFC : I just read the story from Pat Graves about his/her? graduation being a 'Rat Pack theme". AMAZING! Ours is too! We are going all out by renting cars and limo from the fifties. Not the "sport cars", but the bigger luxury cars. I wanted to make mention that because it it going to be modeled after the time and period of the great singers of the 40's, 50's and 60's... that we are going to approve of drinking or smoking. We can leave that out of it, and STILL have all the other elements to have a "swingin' time". I am on the committee to choose the music, and we have already hired a couple of vocalists and a stringed orchestra to play. One of the singers specializes in Dean Martin. All of us are coming as the greats, and I for one, will not be the ONLY Dean Martin that will be there. You can bet that!
(Jimmy Collins - Washington)
Dear DMFC : The new CD "Very Best of Dean Martin" sold by Heartland Music is the greatest! It includes BOTH versions of "Everybody Loves Somebody". What a great treat to hear the small group version. It really shows how Dean could sing, and all the talent he had!
(Beth Lyle - Canada)
Dear DMFC : I LOVE DEAN MARTIN! I have been listening to hard rock for most of my years, but now my tastes have changes to the popular music genre, and Dean Martin is the king of the bunch!
(Sammy Lawrence - Massacheutess)
Dear DMFC : I find it so amusing that there are a few others who post constantly to another bulletin board site, all claiming to be "authorities" on Dean and giving the many answers (to each other). There are always the same handful that dominate the site, and they sometimes ask each other the most silliest questions. (I guess it's a way for them to 'be somebody' special). There is one person in particular who likes to answer questions like they were "there" and "knew" Dean. If you follow the pattern of this person, you can see that every entry has a "commercial-type" tag at the end of their comment, always wanting to SELL SOMETHING. I guess this forum allows free commercials to those who can figure out how to manipulate the system and convince people that they are 'in charge' of all the answers, and have all the things you would want to buy.
It is so refreshing to look here a couple times a week. I don't see anyone being the "Godfather of Dean", and I don't see a commercial every time some posts a comment, with wanting to sell tapes.
Most of us who know your organization, (and believe me... word does travel) knows that you people are doing a wonderful job with honesty and integrity. Everyone else can claim whatever they wish, but your is the only official organization that really has contact with what went on with Dean and what is currently going on today.
Thank you so much... I just want to post what a lot of us are feeling. By the way, I hope that you will post this, and not feel embarrassed!
(David P. Stevenson - New York)
Dear DMFC : Our High School Graduation is coming up soon, and the theme of the event is going to be "Rat Pack Crooners". Of course, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra are going to be the main part of everything, from the decorations to the music played, to the clothes we will be wearing (We'll all be in tuxes already!). The girls are planning to go the "Doris Day" and "Rosemary Clooney" route, trying to match the famous ladies of the time. Plans are just now being worked on, and I will keep you posted on what they come up with. I think that they are also looking for a big named band from the fifties or sixties, to come in to play. Looks like this is going to be groovy, cats!
(Pat Graves - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin is the Greatest! All of my pals are into him! How come we don't hear more about all that he's done?
(Wayne Draper - Idaho)
Dear DMFC : Wow! Thanks for the information about the new Rat Pack Show in Las Vegas. I'm going to be first in line! Then to hear that David Cassidy has something to do with it! WOW! I'm calling for rooms now!
(Robert Frasier - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin is my very favorite! I recently went out and purchased over $400.00 worth of CD's by different artist's last week, and wouldn't you know it, They are sitting in a pile on my desk, while I have an old Dean Martin one in right now!
(Gary Kinkaid - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : Hi ! I recently purchased a 'personal' item that Dean put up for a charity auction in the late 60's and wondered if anyone could help me trace it's history a little. It is a Drinking stein and liquor decanter .The Stein has a gold "DM" on the front and is marked "LOMA By Betty" The decanter is rifle shaped and is amber in color. I am trying to pinpoint when this auction was held, I am not overly concerned of it's authenticity, although verification from the DM fan center would be nice!!!!!  I can send a picture if you want. Thanks so much
(James and Teresa)
Dear James and Teresa - If the item that you are talking about, is the one that was on EBAY, we have seen it. An item like this is near impossible to trace. Yes, items that belonged to Dean were donated over the years to various auctions, but not necessarily by Dean Martin himself. Many items came from movie prop departments... business managers... accountants... record companies, etc. All with the claim that they belong to Dean Martin at one time. To be able to track down a specific auction would be impossible.
Even if an item was donated by someone, it may have been donated to an organization that hired an outside agency to auction the item... and maybe the item was handed from place to place in between.
One of the largest problems that we see right now, is the reliability in calling something "authentic". Almost 99 percent of the "autographed" items, of Dean Martin's that are for sale or auction on various website auction houses are NOT authentic. (If you sit an study the situation, you will see things offered like "autographed baseballs" by Dean. The same individual is putting these up every other month, claiming that they are real, when in reality, he is sitting in his house with a ball-point pen scribbling on an another old baseball he had found someplace.)
A lot of people offer what is known as a "Certificate of Authenticity", which is really nothing more than a piece of paper stating the item is real. These individuals sell so many items in a week, that they can afford the one or two returns that come back with people complaining. Many others will learn the real truth years later, and by then... the seller has changed their e-mail address and disappeared.
This also creates a "snowball effect". When an unsuspecting person bids on an item that comes with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity), they will believe that it is real. When they go to sell it down the road, the COA goes with it, only compounding the problem... and making it, again, a hard item to trace back.
Your item may or not have once belonged to Dean Martin. We asked our sources, but no one seems to recall such an item.
I'm sorry that we can't give you that "positive" answer that you are seeking... but don't feel alone... we receive at least a dozen letters or e-mails a week, asking about the authenticity of an item or signature. One of the things that we are very cautious of, is that we only offer genuine items to our Fan Center members in our magazines and auctions.
(K. Atchley - Assistant to Mr. Daniels - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : Hello. I'm a great fan of Dean Martin and the Rat Pack.
I would like to get hold of some of the Rat Pack shows on video. I've seen glimpses of shows in different documentaries, but it would be great to have all on one video. It's not easy to find good Dean Martin material on video here in Sweden. I just love the show from Villa Venice in Chicago 1962, that i have on cd. What a thrill if this was filmed. Thanks for the good work of keeping Dean Martin's music alive.
(Michael Petersson - Sweden)
Dear DMFC : I've recently come across 2 Dean Martin records that I've never seen listed on any of his discography's. The first one is on Reprise,
entitled On the Sunny Side. It's a 2 record set. The other collection is a 3 record set entitled Greatest Hits plus Favorite Songs. It was released in 1988 by a company titled The Sasha Corp. I'm hoping you can give me some background on these two releases. When was the Reprise album originally released? Regarding the Sasha album, Are there any more Dean Martin albums that The Sasha Corp. released and how is it possible that someone other than Reprise could release songs recorded by Reprise? Thank you in advance for any insight you can pass my way.
(Thomas Revais)
Dear Thomas - "On the Sunny Side" is a two record set put out by the RCA and Capitol RECORD CLUBS. Back then, you could join "record clubs", probably like the CD Clubs today. You would get a bunch of free LP's, then be obligated to purchase a certain amount over a one year period or so.
Two of these double LP's were made for the clubs... the one you have, and another called "The Dean Martin Songbook".  Almost all of Dean's Reprise LP's were also available through these record clubs, and if you notice very carefully... even though the covers all appear to be normal looking "Reprise" covers, the LP numbers are completely different on the Record Club Versions. These sets are probably worth in the $20.00 price range, and not too difficult to find.
The Second Set you have are 2 discs called "Dean Martin's Greatest Hits" and a free one to keep if you purchased the first two mail order discs and kept them, called "Dean Martin Favorite Songs". These were sold through TV ads, and are a compilation of Dean's Reprise Hits. The label you refer to, "Sasha", was Dean's own company (named after his daughter Sasha) and marketed by The Silver Eagle Corporation. Since Dean owned EVERYTHING he recorded during the Reprise years, his company was able to market the "Greatest Hits" package themselves. There are MANY of these floating around, and they don't have any collector's value yet.
There have been other compilations over the years from places such as "Suffolk",  "Longinees Symphonette", and even "Sears"... yes the department store. Hopefully that helps!
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : A friend of mine in the UK has asked me to try to find the song "Bumming Around," which was on the Dino-Golden Years CD. The song has a lot of memory's in it for him and I would like to find him a copy.
Dear NJR - The Bootleg CD that you refer to, "Dino-Golden Years" is the only place right now that you can find "Bumming Around". So your friend knows... this CD was NOT remastered from the original Master Tapes, since they have been stored at Dean's company office, "Sasha Corporation", and now have been moved to storage for Capitol Records to move along with their project of releasing these classic songs from the Reprise Years.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : I just attended my first Karaoke bar last night, and it was so great! I had so much fun, and this just topped it; this one fellow got up and sang DEAN MARTIN songs! I closed my eyes and could not believe it! He was awesome! I am going to return to this place next week to see if he shows up again, and tell him about you guys, and get his name for you.
(Karen McMaster - California)
Dear DMFC : I've been trying to find a song by Dean Martin called, "Thirty More Miles to San Diego", since that is where I was born, and where I'm living now. I think it's my favorite Dean Martin song, but no one seems to remember it. I wish they would hurry and put these long lost gems out again for everyone to re-discover what a great talent this man had.
(Cindy Turner - California)
Dear DMFC : For those of you who want to know... the CD of Dean Martin's called, "Sleep Warm" seems to have been discontinued by Capitol. I would suggest that if you see it in a CD store, to pick it up!
(Bobby Douglas - Indiana)
Dear DMFC : You guys are continually doing an outstanding job...you have my personal note of appreciation and keepin' up with all the customer records is absolutely amazin' much luck and good health...
(T.P.D. Blue)

Dear DMFC : Wouldn't it be nice if they decided to re-release Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis' movie, "Money From Home" in the original 3-D?!?!? Gosh... what a thrill that would be to do for all of us to experience them once again in 3-D. That movie isn't even available as a regular version on video, so I think it would generate a lot of business if they would re-release it to theaters. They are putting out things like "Grease" and "Lawrence of Arabia", just because they have reached the "25" year mark... how about something that is 45 years old! It's in color and would have the star vehicle of Dean Martin... Jerry Lewis... and Dean & Jerry together. Comon' Paramount... DO IT!!!
(John L. Burke - New York)
Dear DMFC : I saw the movie "The Caddy" as a kid and have always remembered the scene where Dean is singing "That's Amore" with Jerry Lewis around the dinner table.  Laughed myself silly.  My husband (who sang Dean's songs to me in high school) saw this movie on video the other day for the first time.  He couldn't believe how funny it was.  It's now his favorite one and he couldn't believe I had seen it first years ago!
(Vikki Ferguson - New Mexico)
Dear DMFC : Any way to find out which of his records went gold or platinum? Thanks.
(Karin McGaughey)
Dear Karin - These are the OFFICIAL RIAA GOLD RECORD awards:
Everybody Loves Somebody - Single
Everybody Loves Somebody
Door Is Still Open to My Heart
(Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You
Dean Martin Hits Again
Dream With Dean
Welcome to my World
Somewhere There's a Someone
Dean Martin Christmas Album
Greatest Hits Vol. I
Gentle On My Mind
Greatest Hits Vol. II
Dean has also sold MANY more million sellers over the years, such as "That's Amore" and "Memories Are Made of This".  His Reprise Christmas LP was also Number One, also charting many holiday seasons after it's initial release. Unfortunately, the Awards are only certified and given, if requested for, by Dean's record Companies at the time. There have been many more (and the songs are STILL selling today), but never recognized or tabulated through all the leases and re-issues. (Don't forget the foreign sales too!)
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)