Dear DMFC : Just wanted to e-mail you to tell you that I enjoyed your website. It is great to see that there is a website about such a fantastic talented actor and singer like Dean Martin.  Dean will always be on the books as one of the greatest..and most charming entertainers of our time. Keep up the good work.
(Michael Lewy)
Dear DMFC : I heard that Dean Martin appeared in a TV series in the 1980's with Joe Pesci. Do you know anything about this show? I have never heard of it.
(Peter Kunetka - Virginia)
Dear Peter - Joe Pesci made a two hour pilot in 1985 for a series called "Half Nelson". It was broadcasted in March of '85 on NBC, and subsequently picked up as a series. Dean returned for the series with a small cameo role , playing himself in each episode, but with special billing (since he was a huge star!). Unfortunately, the series had a "rushed" look, and the quality wasn't up to speed, subsequently "Half Nelson" had a very short six episode run.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : I just received your latest newsletter with the pages on Lee Hale. This was a very interesting issue, and equally a very interesting man. I enjoyed every minute reading it.
(Boris Stromhoff - Germany)
Dear DMFC : Can't wait for the new Capitol Releases. I wish some of the other movies that Dean did, such as Sergeants 3 or Mr. Ricco become available. Don't these studios know that NOW would be the time to make money on them, while Dean (and the Rat Pack) are still very hot? Oh well, they know more about what they are doing that me. That's why they have the large company, and I work hard for a living!
(Fred Cavalier - Minnesota)
Dear DMFC : Just wanted to say that this is a great site.  Dino was the greatest. It's nice to know so many of you fellow fans are out there. I think it's sad that Dino doesn't get the acclaim he deserves. And when he is talked about, they harp on the Jerry Lewis years. To me that's like saying Abe Lincoln was just a good lawyer.  Do people forget that in the early 80's Dino had 2 movies, an album, a regular series (Half Nelson), tv specials, and was on MTV almost a decade before Tony Bennett? Not many from his era had that much going so late in their careers.   Anyway, great site and great club and thank you for keeping Dino alive for all of us who know how great he really was.
(Clay - Utah)
Dear DMFC : I am very new to Dean Martin (he is not as big in the UK) - although I have a couple of cheap CD's etc, but in Britain there is a particular song that plays on an advert that I would love to get hold of....the problem is they only play the intro and the first line. It is a song that starts "When Morenga rhythm starts to play....". Do you know it, can you help me?Many thanks !
(Gareth Young - United Kingdom)
Dear Gareth - It should be an easy one to find. The song is called , "Sway", and Dean had recorded it for Capitol Records in April of 1954.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : And Hello Dino fans. I just wanted to wish all of you a Happy Easter. I'm sure Dean Martin will be on many cd-players and video recorders during the holiday. I've just seen the HBO movie "THE RAT PACK". I think Joe Mantegna did a good job portraying Dean. Best wishes from Big Mike
(Michael Petersson - Sweden)
Dear DMFC : I've been in the hospital recovering from spinal fusion surgery the last few weeks, and to my surprise (and dismay) I get an e-mail from the Dean Martin Fan Center informing me about a new book, Backstage at the Dean Martin Show, by Lee Hale, and its already too late for me to get a chance to acquire the book, I wasn't released from the hospital until the 27th of March, the promotion was on the 18th. 
By the way, I'm a Navy Commander (I flew P-3's); back when I was an
Ensign I saw Dino perform at the old MGM Grand, I slipped a 20$ bill to the usher and got a front-row center seat, he was absolutely FABULOUS - best Vegas show I've ever seen, what an entertainer!  Anyhow, if there is any way to still get a copy, please let this hurtin' ol' body know.  Thanks.
(Bob Tate)
Dear DMFC : Gentlemen, as a lifelong Dean Martin fan I think it's great that you go to so much time and expense to keep the great man's memory alive. Thanks for such an interesting website.
(John Jethro - Arkansas)

Dear DMFC : I just wanted to let fans know that Collectors Choice music has a Dean Martin cd called the Long Lost Reprise Hits of Dean Martin. It has the same tracks that are on the Capitol import Greatest Hits-King of Cool and is currently on sale and half the price of the import too!
(Rich Spadafora)
Dear Rich - Thanks for the info! We also want to let everyone know that this CD is NOT from the master tapes (if that matters to anyone). It was put together and offered without the consent of the Dean Martin Family Trust, which has since worked out a deal with the manufacturer. The only CD's that ARE from the original masters are from either Capitol Records or Time-Life Music Company and their distributors, Heartland Music Company.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I used to see Dean Martin quite often al the la Famiglia restaurant in Beverly Hills. I spoke to him on a few occasions in the restaurant. he was a very nice person to talk to and very friendly.
Dean was one of the best singers of his time. His weekly show was also one of the best and most popular shows of that time. Additionally, he was a great actor. I still think about him quite often. He is certainly missed.
(Ernie - California)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I will be in Las Vegas for a week over Easter.  Whenever I go, I take time to explore and hunt down any vestiges of 'classic' Las Vegas.  Even though most of the great old casinos have been torn down, there are still a few bars and smaller casinos like the Klondike with that old Vegas feel.  Does anyone have any suggestions for places to go. Not just on the strip or Downtown, anywhere in the area.Thanks,
(Pat Quinn)
Dear DMFC : Hi there, Can anyone tell me what Claudia, Deana, Craig and Gail,(Deans children with Betty) are up to these days and how old are they now?
(Paul Bischoff - Wisconsin)
Hi Paul - We have been planning an upcoming issue of the Dean Martin Fan Center magazine to bring everyone up to date on Dean's kids. Just a quick note to tell you that everyone's doing fine! If you go to the "Biography" section of our website, you will find the all the childrens' birthdays listed.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I received your latest issue, and the story on Lee Hale is wonderful! Thank you for bringing it to us. We can't wait to read his book. I am so glad that you will be offering it!
(Chris P. Davidson - England)
Dear DMFC : The strangest thing happened! I happened to get up this morning and the first thing I hear is "That's Amore" on the radio. I go to the kitchen, and what's on TV, but my kid id watching a Martin and Lewis movie! I go to the bathroom and take a shower, but before I dry off, the phone rings, so I quickly grab a towel and answer it... someone asks for "Dean"; wrong number. I went to get a lottery ticket, and the guy in front of me was talking to the clerk about how good a singer Dean Martin was! I went out tonight (Friday), and guess what the entertainment was at one of the clubs I hit? Yep! A Dean Martin impersonator (who was damn good!). I'm afraid to go to sleep, wondering what's going to happen Saturday!
(Jim Browning - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : It's strange, but every week as Thursday gets nearer, I can feel an anticipation in my chest. It took me a long time to realize that it was in anticipation of the night the Dean Martin TV Show was on. To this day, I still get that feeling, and then as Thursday afternoon rolls around, I remember that it's not on anymore, and Dean has passed on. Gosh what this man did to my life and routine! I Love You Dean!
(Fay Lockhart - Arkansas)
Dear DMFC : I just saw that you are selling a new book by Lee Hale. I remember seeing his name on the show credits every week, and often wondered more about the people behind the scenes who made the show. I am so thrilled that Mr. Hale has written this and I can't wait to get my copy!
(Mrs. Kim MacLachlan - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : I can't wait until June for the party that his hometown in Ohio throws. I have never been able to attend, but I am planning on it this year!
(Mrs. Jackie Downing - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : What about the Dean Martin movie? Is it still a go?
(Karin Velmose - Belgium)
Dear Karin - Yes it is still a go! As a matter of fact, Warner Brothers is working on a lot of small details right now. Everything takes so long at this stage of the game. Keep your fingers crossed, and maybe we should be hearing some new very soon!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Hey Guys! Did anyone catch the ABC commercial aired during the Oscars?  Dino's "Powder Your Face," was featured in the background.  It was really sweet.  Just nice to know that he's still being remembered!
(Aroxen - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I briefly talked with Tom Hanks last night at the Oscars', and the only question I had time for was, "Are you going to play Dean Martin in the new movie?". He replied, "Dino, Ol' Red Eyes... Love him!". Well, I didn't get my answer, but for all you Dean Martin fans out there, I tried!
(David McGuire - California)
Dear DMFC : During the Academy Awards Program on ABC tonight, The TV Network is going to show their new Promo Commercial for Drew Carrey with Dean's song "Powder Your Face With Sunshine" playing through it. Don't miss it!
(Arlene Hawks - Washington)
Dear DMFC : I am looking for English translations for the following songs, that contain stanzas or phrases with Italian,: "Volare", "Non Dimenticar","Oh Marie", and "Return To Me." Can your readers help me find  translations? Thank You.
Dear DMFC : I have loved Dino so much, ever since I was a little girl. My first son is named "Dean" after him, and he grew up in a house with SO MUCH Dean Martin music and movies around him, that his hobby now, is being a Dean Martin impersonator. He is so good, that he is in such demand! He is even thinking about leaving a $70,000.00 a year job to do "Dino" full time! What do you think about that?
(Camille Delany - California)
Dear DMFC : Dear DMFC : Are there any records of songs where Dean Martin actually wrote the lyrics?  All the songs that I have found, have been written by others. Has Dean written any of the material? Thank You.
Dear Amansivr - No, Dean didn't write any songs himself. He was a very talented man in so many areas, that he didn't not even concentrate on pursuing that career, but I am sure he would have written some great masterpieces if he had!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Hi, I just bought 3 Cds.  One is "Country Dino", the other is simply titled "Dean Martin" and it has South of the border, and a number of French songs also, as well as Spanish, the last is a two Cd set Dean Martin --the Capitol years. All of these Cds are great!, These are helping me rebuild my collection, and then some. It is fantastic hearing the songs I listened to years ago. I remember being around 8 yrs. old and watching the Dean Martin shows, until they ended and just loving the sound!
When I was purchasing the CDs, there were two younger people next to me who saw the Cds in my hand and one said to the other "look at the old guy, he must have heard Dean Martin when he was real young!" (I'm 41) I looked at them laughed, winked & said, "Yeah and we hadda wind up the TV to watch it (hahahahaha)." These kids were 15 years old and they LIKED Dean!-- Shows that his style is timeless and Cool!
(Paul Bischoff - Wisconsin)

Dear DMFC : Dean Martin was the one entertainer that kept me going through all the rough periods in life. He is with me, and become part of me everyday.
(Kathy Chisum - Minnesota)
Dear DMFC : I just finished listening to a station here in Canada that devoted a full hour to Dean Martin! I had always seen his movies, and the ones with Jerry Lewis, but I never took the time to listen to his singing. The hour of songs just blew me away! Why didn't I know Dean Martin was such a great singer before?!?!
(Gary Beatrice - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Saw the "E" TV program and was dismayed over its' content. I seem to re-live the same stories over and over. Actually, the same story seems to compound the next. It creates an illusion of a very sad and unhappy man. Don't people get it? Dean was a happy man who achieved so very much for almost all his life! He was like the rest of us. We all have our "ups and downs". Dean's health was poor towards the end, and simply that. He was using what he had to maintain "life support", but he was not lonely. He had company all the time. He simply did not want to burden anyone with his ill health, as he didn't want to burden anyone his whole life. He always made others happy and full of excitement, and enjoyed life to it's fullest. Unfortunately, that doesn't sell. Stupid stories that get all pulled this-way and that-way are what makes other people rich, and Dean's legacy tarnish. I have heard that your organization is the most honest and accurate in reporting the career and facts of the life of Dean Martin. Thank you for that!
(From a fellow who was "around" through all the years - California)
Dear DMFC : Summer of 1967 Dean was appearing at the Sands.  As a fan for many years prior,  I meticulously hand wrote every word  uttered on the DM&JL radio show.  Went to the Paramount theatre and sat through uncountable performances.  Here now was an opportunity to meet him.  My daughter Heidi (age four) and I went into the Sands and I spotted Ken Lane. After talking with him for several minutes telling him my wish, he personally escorted my daughter and I backstage where a rehersal was about to take place.  We were left in a large elegantly decorated room.  I remember a very large bowl of fruit in the center of a table.  Heidi kept eyeing the fruit.  Soon a door opened and in walked Dean.  My heart stopped. He was smiling and immediately began to chat like an old friend.  Ken soon followed behind and he was holding a large glossy photo in his hand.  He gave it to me.  I then asked Dean to sign it.  Dean was teasing Heidi and then saw her eyeballing the fruit also.  He picked her up and took her to the fruit bowl and let her make a choice.  Oh to have had a camera.  It was such a sweet gesture.  When they returned from the bowl Dean sat down and placed Heidi on his lap.  We continued to talk while Heidi enjoyed the fruit.  The visit lasted around 20min. and Dean was more relaxed than I.  I finally got  up the courage and asked him to autograph the picture.  I told him to put Heidi's name on it.  He accomodated....except when I arrived home I noticed he had spelled Heidi "Hidi".  I laughed and thought, so he can't spell, but he sure can sing! Heidi barely remember that moment but I will have it etched in my memory forever.  Ciao. 
Give an Angel hug away today!
(Claudette Stenson)
Dear DMFC : We watched the program provided by E. TV this weekend (Repeat) . It was bitter sweet to sum it up. It was great to re- live all those wonderful  times Dean brought us. Everyone sure misses him. We knew he had a rough time with the loss of Dino but had no idea it took the toll on him that it did. It was very hard to watch.. Dean will always hold a special place in everyones' heart  here. The best to his family and close friends
(The DeMaria Family - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : What a great site! I had a great time checking it out. I grew up in a house where Dean, Frank, and Sammy were thought of as the peak of entertainment, and I still enjoy them today---even more so. Sinatra is one of my all time favorite singers, but not everyone likes or particularly cares for his style. Mention the name 'Dean Martin' however, and I guarantee peoples' eyes will light up in pleasant remembrance of his smooth voice, handsome smile, and effortless charm. I think "Ritorna Me" is probably his strongest recording, but my sentimental favorite is "On An Evening In Roma". If you find the album "Dream With Dean", buy it. Period. A recent CD, "The King Of Cool", is a good package if you don't have many Dino recordings. It contains the best of the Capitol and Reprise years (but not "On An Evening In Roma"....WHY???). Thanks for letting me ramble on, and thanks for putting up a great site that allowed me to remember one of the premier entertainers of this era.
Dear DMFC : Do you know the name of Dean's fraternal grandparents? Also, when the family came to the US. Thanks
(Nancy Crocetti)
Dear Nancy - I hope you can follow this (I also see you're a Crocetti)...
Dean's father's father was Giovanni Crocetti (Born 1858) his wife was Maria Focosa.
Dean's Uncle Giuseppe Crocetti came to the US 1907.
Dean's Father, Gaetano (Guy) Crocetti came to the US in 1913.
Dean's Mother, Angela Barra was born in the US on December 18, 1897.
Dean's Mother's mother was Josephine Miriglia Barra and her husband was Domenico (Dom).
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : A few months back, there was talk on the board of Capitol releasing a CD of Dino's country songs.  I was wondering what the status of that project was. Thanks,
Dear Aroxen - It's still a GO! Capitol just put their whole plans back a month for reasons that were of more urgency. I would say to look for it in April or May. The Dean Martin Family Trust has allowed Time/Life Records to produce a "Country" CD themselves, which is selling thru Time/Life and their outlet "Heartland Music". It's called, "The Country Side of Dean Martin" and is a good one to get while you wait for the Capitol (Reprise) version which will probably be much better with unique liner notes from a "Country" perspective.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : After hearing you on the radio last week, I decided to write to you for more information. I was amazed when I opened my mailbox today how fast you people are! You're good!
(Linda McCoo - New York)
Dear DMFC : Mr. Martin is just the best! He is the only guy cooler than Fonzie!
(Paul J. H.)
Dear DMFC : I am a big fan of the oldies (60's and 70's). I am only 22 years old, but have started to collect Dino, Desi & Billy records (Dino being Dean Martin's son). I just recently discovered that Dino and Billy had arranged a song that Dean, Sr. had recorded, and Dino had produced it. It was called called "Down Home", and came out in about 1965 or 1966. I just thought that was an interesting fact for Dean Martin fans.
(Jeremy Taylor - Mississippi)
Dear DMFC : Due to the high standard of design and exceptional
content your Dean Martin web site at: http://www.deanmartinfancenter.com has been voted a 3 star StarPages site by our visitors. This means that it has received over 300 votes and will appear at the top of the Dean Martin listings. We would like to congratulate you and award you a small banner. Once again congratulations on you Dean Martin site.
(Chris Parker - Account Exec Star Pages - http://www.starpages.net)
Dear DMFC : I hope that TV Land or Nic at Night will show the old Dean Martin shows again. There were so many years of them, and they were so good that I can't believe they haven't been seen since many years ago. Kids today will never quite know the fun of that show because they have never seen it!
(Betsy Luthardt - Louisana)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin was the greatest there ever was!
(Art Dobberson - GERMANY)
Dear DMFC : Hi,  what was the reason (I think I know but I want you to confirm) why Dean, never appeared again on the tonight show, all of a sudden.
Dear Montgomery - After Dean's regular series was canceled, he was never around the studios of NBC much, where the Tonight Show was broadcast from. Most of the Celebrity Roasts were from Las Vegas and the Christmas Specials that followed were from San Diego or Thousand Oaks, California. Dean's last "Tonight Show"appearance was around 1980, and after this point, other than a few specials, Dean was retiring from TV except for the occasional cameo appearances such as Joe Pesci's "Half Nelson" series and other people's TV Specials.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Dean was the best singer and actor there every was. He was born with a natural gift for making people smile and feel good. I had that same feeling come back when I listened to the discussion and music that was on my radio the other night, when I tuned in and your president, Mr. Daniels was on. Thank you so much for bringing back that great feeling once more!
(Wallace Bronner - West Virginia)
DearDMFC : Just wanted to let all the fans of the great Dino know that there is a fan club for the one and only Miss Peggy Lee . The Peggy Lee Fan Club - 744 Collier Drive - San Leandro, CA 94577
(Robert Strom - California)
Dear DMFC : Hey Guys! Love the web page.  I like everyone else discovered Mr Martin's music about 5 years ago and I am trying to collect as much as I can. Recently, I purchased the Capitol Greatest Hits that had some Reprise tracks. I was disappointed in the quality of some of the tracks as they claimed to be from the Reprise vault.  The songs sounded muddy compared to the Capitol recordings. Could you shed some light on this.
(Richard Spadafora)
Dear Richard - The first pressings of Capitol's release "King of Cool" had some problems. At the time this was manufactured, Capitol / EMI was going through major restructuring. A lot of projects never saw the day of light, but the one project that they tried desperately to keep on schedule was Dean's Greatest Hits CD.  A lot of confusion was going on at the time, with people involved not knowing if they were even going to have a job or company to return to. Our view is that they rushed some stages in the release of this disc... and the result was a bad sounding CD. We have heard the same complaint from other when it first came out, but the complaints have stopped (except yours). It appears that the second pressing of this CD has had all the problems corrected (It sounds great!), so I assume that you have purchased one of the original pressings.
We don't know if Capitol knows about or will acknowledge the problem, but maybe you can explain this situation at the place you purchased this, and see if they can exchange the CD for another they can order for you. Hopefully your problem will be at rest.
Also bear in mind that the Reprise recording were made years latter, at a completely different company. Everything from the producers and engineers, to the recording facilities to the actual recording tape and microphones were completely different. Some of the original Reprise Recordings DO have a muddy sound to them. The "Gentle on My Mind" sessions were an example... during that time many companies were experimenting with different types of compression systems during recordings and masterings. This was before newer noise reduction systems were found, including Dolby or even digital.
Now to make a compilation CD of both Capitol and Reprise, the "compression" levels differ so drastically, that it can bother the listener to go back and forth between the two.
Capitol has since hired a couple of the ORIGINAL gentlemen from the Reprise Recordings (one of them being producer, Michael Kapp) to oversee the projects from the Master Tapes to the finished product.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Thank you for the wonderful show that we heard on the radio last night. Mr. Daniels is so enthused about everything he talks about, and it brings back that spirit that Dean had. Keep up the good work!
(Mrs. Terry Staubach - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : Is Dean's hometown in Steubenville, Ohio having a party this year like last year?
(Susanna Jordan - Michigan)
Dear Susanna - Yes! The Fourth Annual Dean Martin Birthday Bash is Going to be on June 4th and 5th. We'll have more details posted soon, but in the meantime, make your plans and reservations to attend now before the rooms are all sold out.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I just saw a movie on local TV, and I didn't know that Dean Martin had a small role in it. It is called PEPE, and starred Cantiflas and Shirley Jones along with a long list of guest stars. Not a good movie, but it caught me off guard!
(Frank Logan - Kansas)
Dear DMFC : I heard the Rob Pratte Show and wish that you had more time to talk about Dean Martin. Your stories are just so fascinating about a man who we seem to know so little about.
(K. Andrews)
Dear DMFC : (Mr. Daniels) How do I go about getting the book that you talked about on the radio?
(Charlene Tucker - New Jersey)
Dear Charlene - The book, "Backstage With The Dean Martin Show" by Lee Hale will have a Special Limited Edition Exclusive on "The Home Shopping Network" this coming March 18th. Check the listings under "Warren Durham Presents Hollywood", but you better act fast! There are only a certain number of these advanced Limited Editions available!
(Neil T Daniels - President Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : I have just heard you go off the air on the radio and couldn't wait to get to your website. I loved Dean Martin and miss him dearly. Thank you for the special tribute you give to him.
(Sally Taylor - North Carolina)
Dear DMFC : I recently purchased a 2CD Dean Martin set which contained the Peanut Vendor Song.  The jacket information stated that the song was previously unreleased and no one knew the details as to what album if any it was originally intended for.  Last night I was watching Scared Stiff and listened to Dean sing a very similar song "Enchilladas" along with Lewis and Carman Miranda.  They were aboard a boat bound for Cuba.  The Peanut Vendor song is about a Peanut Vendor in Cuba.  Is it possible that it was intended for this movie, but was changed to the enchilada song?
(Lee Grant - Tennessee)
Dear DMFC : E! is going to show the Dean Martin True Hollywood Story again on March 13 according to their listings. Thank you for helping to bring this to all us fans!
(Kate S. Vencrose)
Dear DMFC : I am a dear fan of Dean Martin. My husband and I went to see him even before he teamed up with Jerry Lewis at a night club when we lived in Cleveland, Ohio back in 1945 or 1946. I said to my husband (whom I was only dating at the time) this fellow is going to be somebody famous. Little did we know that Dean Martin would be with us for the rest of our lives. We played his songs at our 5th Anniversary, and every big one that we have had since. We saw every movie, even the bad ones, and we watched every TV show he had for many years. There will never be anyone like Dean Martin again. We still put on a Dean Martin song every morning to put us in a happy mood.
From a 73 year old grandmother
(Mrs. Hazel Linquist - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : There is another new movie with a reference to Dean Martin. It's the new movie starring Andy Garcia and Andie MacDowell called "Just The Ticket". even the television commercials have someone shouting when Garcia rings the door bell, "Dean Martin is here!". Dean is just popping up all over the place!
(Gary Periera - New York)
Dear DMFC : Hi! My name is Talar Kaloustain. I am a 16 year old girl, and I have loved Dino Paul Crocetti, Dino Martini, DEAN MARTIN, ever since I was a baby. I would only go to sleep with his music, and I used to always watch his movies ( I still do of course). I was devastated when he passed away. My friend found this site for me, and I just want to tell you that it is one of the best sites I've ever been to. Thank you for making this site, and I intend on becoming a club member very soon...
Yours faithfully, (and yours always Dino)
(Talar Kaloustian)
Dear DMFC : I just saw a new movie with Mel Gibson called "Payback", and there is a couple of Dean Martin songs in it. Just thought the readers would like to know.
(Julie Hochman - California)
Dear DMFC : I have always been a fan of Dean Martin ever since I first heard him in 1951 after my return from the Korean war.  His style of singing was so relaxing I could listen to him all day and night.  As a matter of fact, I used to sing at various piano bars in Arlington, Virginia and got the nickname of the "Dean Martin of Northern Virginia" because my voice sounded just like his.  Once a diner came from the dining room into the lounge area to see who was singing...later he told me he had thought that it was really Dean Martin.  I was singing Memories Are Made of This.  I am glad to know there is a fan club of Dean Martin.  Unfortunately, two years ago I developed oral cancer and had to go through 3 months of radiation treatment which ruined my vocal chords, consequently, my voice is not the same as it was, however. I am starting to get some of it back...not like it was, but I still do karaoki once in a while and my wife says I sound as good as ever (of course, she's biased).
I'll close for now, but I wanted to write to possibly establish some sort of contact with other persons who admired  Dean Martin as I did.  I miss him sorely.
(C. V. Christan)
Dear DMFC : I saw the movie "Kiss Me, Stupid" recently on video.  I would like to know if anyone knows what happened to the neon prop signs used in the movie, specifically the neon "Dino" head caricature sign used in the movie.  Was it discarded?  Is it in the studio's warehouse?  Does a fan have it?
(Mary Grady)
Dear DMFC : For those of you who haven't yet checked out the photos of Dean Martin on this site, you're really missing out on some of the best photographs of Dino that I have ever seen. Be sure & look at them now because I'd bet they aren't up there permanently. http://library.nevada.edu/speccol/dino/index.html
(Kim Johnson - West Virginia)
Dear DMFC : Frank was the Chairman of the Board, Dean was the Lieutenant, and Sammy was the Candy Man, man.
(Don Harflew - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : Hello from Saginaw Michigan! Just a note to thank you for the site! I get to listen to Dean at work! I'm Program Director and Morning Host of  1400AM WSAM Radio. I told my audience today to check out the Number One movie in America, Mel Gibson's Payback,
they'll hear Dean's Ain't Love A Kick in the Head in the memorable "bedroom" scene. The producer's could not have picked a better song for the scene. I'll keep playing Dean EVERYDAY...if you're in Mid Michigan tune in...he'll be there for you! Time to Go to the Couch Now,
(Mark Powell 5a-10a WSAM/Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I hope I speak for many of Dean's fans when I ask this question. Has the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences failed to recognize the fabulous TV career of Dean Martin? Has he ever received a lifetime achievement award? If he has I must have missed it and will gladly stand corrected.
Here is a man who was half of one of the greatest comedy teams in history,a team that dominated the ratings each and every time they were on in the 1950's. Dean then went on to star in many successful specials on NBC in the late 50's and early 60's. Then came his marvelous variety show from 1965-'74. It was one of the three or four most successful variety shows in the history of television. It was not only a big hit, it paved the way for many that followed. Carol Burnett has been quoted as saying that were it not for Dean creating a market for variety shows her own show would never have gotten on the air!
After his variety show ended Dean continued with a series of popular specials and "roasts". Again, if I'm wrong about any of this I will happily apologize. If I'm correct I think it's high time the Academy give this great entertainer his due.
(Dennis Breslin - Nebraska)
Dear DMFC : I'm a big Dean Martin Fan. And I'm a big Elvis Presley fan. Dean was one of Elvis's singing idols in the early 1950's. Dean attended Elvis show at the International Hotel, Las Vegas on January 26, 1970. In a tribute to Dean, Elvis sang "Everybody Loves Somebody". I hope they have a great time up in heaven. Regards
(BIG MIKE Petersson - Sweden)
(Trisha Fahey - Washington)
DMFC : While reading your past website posts, I laughed when I saw the part about people wanting to know what kind of cigarettes Dean smoked. I had often asked that question, but about two minutes later, I wondered why I even wanted to know. I'm glad I'm not alone in my feelings. I guess knowing all these little things keeps us all even closer to Dean. I don't think it would matter what brand someone would say, it would just have someone say, oh... thanks, and they would go on to another question. I am glad that you guys don't just make up all the answers to everyone's questions. There are a lot of others out there who claim that they are the authorities, but are playing a game of giving answers whether they are correct or not. The only true people to ask, are the ones who were there and knew Dean personally... not the "know-it-alls that answer all the questions that go around on the various Dino Mailing Lists. Many questions that I've seen others ask on the other sites and lists have already been answered here, by you guys. Thanks for the integrity!
(Fredric Boyd - England)
DMFC : I have often wondered if it was just me. When I go to the music store, I can't seem to find much of Dean Martin. I am trying to find out how such as star, with such a wonderful website, has no music in the stores for us, the younger generation, to listen to.
(Bobby Gramm - Pennsylvania)
DMFC : Yes, Sammy Davis doesn't seem to get his due, and not to offend other Dean Martin fans, but Sammy actually had more talent that Dean or Frank did. Having talent isn't the only thing that is needed. Sammy also had more obstacles to overcome, and probably did make it farther, but it's all relative as to where you start from. I also think that Sammy, single-handedly, did more for others to follow, than the other "Rat Packers", but that too depends on where one is starting from also. I have been a "Dean Martin" fan my whole life, and I don't want to say that any "one" is more important than any other. To make the "PACK", it takes a sum.
(Howard Ruess - Georgia)
DMFC : Greetings from the "Windy City"... We're here at a local coffee shop, kind of what you see on "Friends" TV Show, with couches and books and games and TV. This is a cool place where we all gather in the evenings and kick back. Some of us are still in school, while others', like myself, work. It's a great place to unwind! Well, this place has installed "Web TV" for the customers, and usually what is up on the monitor most of the time is your Dean Martin Web Site. People get a kick out of browsing through your site and learning all the interesting facts. They don't want people e-mailing too much, for fear of it getting out of control, but a bunch of us went to the owners and told them that you have the coolest site, and we just wanted to say "Hi" from our gang, and "Thanks" for the entertainment. There is about 30 of us that are going to be joining your organization after the first of the month, so be prepared!
(The Gang at Emily's - Illinois)
DMFC : I'm a member of the Dean Martin Fan Center. While watching Live with Regis and Kathie Lee this morning, Regis was doing a segment on preparing for his mud wrestling match, and they were showing him in his office getting ready, and they panned across his desk. There was a copy of the Fan Center's magazine right there with Dean on the cover. You guys get around! I'm proud to be a member and proud to tell everyone how much Dean Martin means to me!
(Jacqueline Bay - Virginia)
DMFC : I live in Lake Tahoe, and remember the first time I saw Dean Martin was in June of 1988, when he opened the new "High Sierra Hotel". I was only 18 years old then, but that was the first time (and sad to say the last time) I got to see Dean perform in person, but I instantly became a big fan (like the rest of you). I wish I could have been here for more earlier on, but I'm glad that there are so many things that Dino left us. I'll have so much to look forward to for many years to come.
(Scott Bratton - Nevada)
DMFC : I saw a full half hour info-mercial on the Best of Dean's Celebrity Roasts. The commercial itself is like watching a tv show, and I am now looking forward to catching the commercial again in reruns!
(Sharon Masterson - Florida)
DMFC : I agree with James who wrote about Sammy Davis Jr. not being thought of much when the topic of the "Rat Pack" is mentioned. Some might say that Joey Bishop or Peter Lawford gets left out, but the THREE men who could entertain with jokes, a song, and a dance were Dean, Frank, AND SAMMY!
(David Pierson - New York)
DMFC : Once again, we all cram into our cars and head out of town for a long holiday weekend. This President's Day Weekend was no exception for me and my family (of four). The one thing that always starts the vacation is Dean on the cassette. We put him in when we pull out of the driveway, and he's the last voice I heard when I pulled back in. We Love You Dean! You're an American Tradition!
(Don G. Naughton and Family - California)
DMFC : Thank you for this wonderful site for our favorite singer of all time!
(Mr. and Mrs. Thompson - New York)
DMFC : Can you tell us if Steubenville, Ohio is going to have a Dean Martin weekend this year?
(Tyne Caruso - New Jersey)
Dear Tyne - Yes, it is scheduled for the weekend of June 4th (Friday) and June 5th (Saturday). We'll have more information posted on our website very soon!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
DMFC : Is it true that the Dean Martin Roasts were performed without an audience?
(Bruce Yasuda - California)
Dear Bruce - NO! Most were actually done in Vegas in front of a LIVE audience. Some "pick-up" work was done at NBC in a set that resembled the ones in Vegas, in case an actor or artist could not make the main taping, they could record their spots (without an audience), and have them inserted. That was a small minority of times...
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
P.S.  We have the tickets that were used by the MGM to give to the crowds for the shows.  (They say, "Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts" with the Man of the Hour, like Michael Landon, etc...We are going to do an issue all about the "roasts", and probably show o few of them.
DMFC : Dean Martin is my favorite singer. I am only 15, but when my cousin played me one of his CD's, I fell in love. I want more! Thanks.
(Judy Caron - Utah)
DMFC : I'd like to get your feeling on the new Summit cd that just came out?
(Dennis Baback)
Dear Dennis - It's basically the same as the bootleg "Villa Venice" 2 CD Set that was floating around for years. They figured if they can't stop it, then legally release it. It is a great concert! The show is actually a combination of different nights. Bill Zehme wrote the liner notes for it. He is a very "knowledgeable" (and good) Sinatra scholar. The Vinyl version has more time than the CD. They figured it would get "collector's" to purchase BOTH versions. This release is from the Sinatra people (Nancy and Tina). The label is ARTANIS... which is "Sinatra" spelled backwards.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center

DMFC : Hello. I just wanted to say that the artists of the century are: Elvis Presley & Dean Martin. Regards
("Big Mike" Mike Petersson - Sweden)
DMFC : In all this talk about the "Rat Pack", how come it's always Dean and Frank? Sammy was just as important as the other two. As a matter of fact, Dean had a special friendship with Sammy, often appearing together without Frank.
(James O'Keefe - Oregon)
DMFC : In the latest Elvis Presley CD release called "Elvis Rhythm and Country - Essential Elvis Vol. 5", there is a mention of Dean Martin... "Digging deeper into his reliquary of great songs, Elvis pulled out Ray Price's 1968 country hit "She Wears my Ring" and Al Martino's "Spanish Eyes," the latter reflecting an early passion for Dean Martin-styled ballads..."
(Charlotte Linde - Sweden)