DMFC : Outstanding Web Page!!!  Dean and the Rat Pack will live forever in the lights of Las Vegas...
(Mr. Reno)

DMFC : Dear friends, thank you for your kind comments and support for our work on the online Dean Martin exhibit from Special Collections and the Web Development Team here at the UNLV Library.  We just wanted to let you know we've recently revised the site and added many more photos, including a set of backstage photos of the Rat Pack at the Sands.  Please be sure to check all the pages, and check back again in the future, as we plan to add more photos. The address again is: http://library.nevada.edu/speccol/dino/index.html
(A. Sattler - Nevada)
DMFC : I recently found some old pictures of my father with Dean Martin. My father had worked for the 500 Club when Martin and Lewis first arrived there. He used to tell me such great stories. My father passed away last year, but I found a lot of scrapbooks that were packed away in his cellar. I will send them to you and share the stories with you to have for your records. Sincerely,
Anthony Pescada - New Jersey)
DMFC : Do you know if Dean ever roasted Nipsey Russell and if so where can I get a copy?  Thanks.
(Michael B Wright)
Dear Michael - No... Nipsey Russell was never "roasted" himself on Dean's Celebrity Roasts, but he has appeared on MANY of them! The phone number to order them is 1-800-672-9988
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
DMFC : Thank you for having a nice internet site for one of the favorite singers and actors. Dean Martin is very popular. We will pass you information on.
(J. Mei Chong - China)
DMFC : The E! special was well done with a quite balanced look at the ups and downs in Deans' life. I found the interview with Deans' grandson Alexander especially moving. I have heard that Dean always perked up when Alexander came to visit him. It is really nice to know that they were able to enjoy some "quality" time in Deans' latter years.
(Dennis Brislen - Nebraska)

DMFC : We here in Italy are big fans of Mr. Martin and his talents. I wish we could see TV programs like you do in the United States. I read all about the E! TV program, and about all the old movies in your listings. We had a treat last week, when one of our local movie houses showed 'The Sons of Katie Elder' for three nights to standing room only crowds. I think they need to re-release some of the classics such as Rio Bravo and the Matt Helms.
(Oliver DeLillo - Italy)
DMFC : I heard that Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis could have had a regular TV series, but decided to do "The Colgate Comedy Hours" because they didn't want to be over-exposed. By only doing 7 or 8 shows a year, the public would go to the movies to see more of them. I think that both Martin and Lewis were not just a product of being lucky, but also had the brains to guide themselves in a time when everything was moving so fast!
(Clint Foster - Alabama)
DMFC : After reading the bulletin board messages from people I discovered there was a show on the E channel about Dean Martin.  When was this on and will they rerun it again?  Are you able to let me know about a rerun and when or should I just keep checking the TV schedule?  I don't know how I missed it. 
(Velzka Kenickie)
Dear Velzka - The E! Dean Martin Hollywood True Story was the highest rated 2 hour special that E! has aired, so it will definitely be aired many more times! Nothing is schedules for the month of February, but as soon as it is, we will post the times on our "TV Schedule" pages!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
DMFC : The Roasts are GREAT! I have just received the third one, and it made me howl with laughter last night! I recommend that everyone sign up for these!
(Donald S. Smith - New Jersey)
DMFC : I felt the E! story on Dino was very informative of his personal
relationships, as well as his entertainment relationships.   I am
36-years-old and have just discovered how much I love to listen to Dino
sing, especially when he sings in Italiano!  My stepfather, who recently
passed, said he used to drive a limo in Vegas and had the opportunity to
drive Dino around town a few times (how lucky can you get?).  He said Dino was a very pleasant and charming person.   I only wish I had the chance to have a conversation with him before his passing.  I am so very sad I never got the chance....born too late...
DMFC : I'm glad to find a web site to showcase Dean Martin I've been a fan for a long time I think in time the public will honor him with greater appreciation for his talents as an entertainer more so than Frank Sinatra Thank you for the chance to write a few lines to express my appreciation.
(Jimmy - New York)
DMFC : Dean was a great performer. I never missed a show, reruns and all. Talent never dies, the body does. If a movie is made about Dean, do it right! The movie on HBO was an insult to any true fan. I turned it off half way through, never seeing the end. I am not knocking the actors, it was the plot. The Rat Pack was too good, for the not too good story. Who is perfect? Most of all, who cares? Do it right. Find a person who is charming, funny, and who understands Dean. Again, I am not knocking the actors, I miss the fun, the good old shows. Also,
'heart' is what you need to bring back the memories, and to get young people to understand. That is why someone like me, who is not famous, can remember and write to you today. Remember "Keep those cards and letter coming in", and "Everybody loves somebody". I do.
DMFC : Hi my name is Jeff Herman and I am 15 I listen to Frank Sinatra and to Dean Martin Music and I know them by heart. I am joining a talent show to sing them in front of an audience I sound more like Frank but if I tighten my lips I can sound like Dean.
(Jeff Herman)
DMFC : Where was the 500 Club at, and didn't it have another name? I heard this was a place that Martin and Lewis performed, but I'd like to know more.
(Russell Hudlin - England)
Dear Russell - The "500 Cafe" was located at 6 S. Missouri Avenue in Atlantic City . It opened in 1918, but when the original owner died in 1942, it was taken over by Skinny D'Amato and Irvin Wolf. It started becoming known as "The Fives" or more popularity, "The 500 Club". It was here in July of 1946, that the famous "Martin and Lewis" story has focused on. Jerry tells how they were booked as a duo, but performed separately for a couple of nights, until Skinny and his "boys" told them they better do the "funny stuff" Jerry had promised, "OR ELSE!". On the third night, both men went out prepared with a script, but found they were ad-libbing everything. It clicked so well, the script was thrown out, and the birth of "Martin and Lewis" began. The next week it was standing room only with lines around the block! That's a brief explanation to tell a more detailed, fascinating story.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
DMFC : I called E! Entertainment, and they assured me that because the show had such high ratings, they would , no doubt about it, show it many more times again.
(Willey Martin - Virginia)
DMFC : I have been a big fan of Mr. Martins ever since I saw 10,000 Bedrooms. I certainly wish that with the renewed interest in 'The Rat Pack' , they will release some of those films like, 10,000 Bedrooms or Mr. Ricco, so we can have more Dino!
(Robert Frander - Austria)
DMFC : I have recently began to seriously pursue my interests in Dean Martin's career.  I find it very fulfilling although my wife is going
crazy........(she's more of a Harry Connick fan).  I have been looking
to see if there are any recordings of Dean singing "King of the Road."
I know he did it live during his Rat Pack days, but I have been unable
to find out if it was ever recorded.  Thank you and take care.
(Dan Sanford)
Dear Dan - Yes... Dean DID record "King of the Road", but it is not legally available on CD yet. One of the plans scheduled next for Capitol Records, is a release of Country songs by Dean, but it is not "cast in stone" as of yet. Hopefully we will know within the next month.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
DMFC : I live in Germany, and we did not get the E! television program here. I hope they decide to show it on one of our stations. Dean is so popular here, but we don't get much on him now.
(Richard Franks - Germany)
DMFC : Dean is the coolest! I can't get enough of him. I am 18 years old, and all of my friends think he's the coolest too. I have heard about his TV show, but only got to see one of them that TV Land showed last year. I'd love to see the rest.
(Tony Garrett - Montana)
DMFC : An official source reports that the E! Dean Martin True Stories got the highest ratings of ANY two hour show that E has ever shown!
(Kimberly Kauff - New York)
DMFC : I am so waiting for the Dean Martin movie to be made and come out. We don't get as much of Dean anymore, and this would be great!
(Adi Camil - Uruguay)
DMFC : It's so funny, but now, a month after Christmas, I am seeing Dean Martin's Christmas CD for sale in stores all over the place. I didn't see them BEFORE Christmas. I think Capitol must have some sort of dyslexia.
(Mr. Tony Haband)
DMFC : A local radio station had mentioned your organization today after playing "That's Amore". They mentioned that you guys have a lot of nice things for auction to your members. I can't wait to join and see everything. Thanks for having this wonderful organization for Dean.
(Lindsay Trummel - Kentucky)
DMFC : Just so the readers know, Dean's Ghia sold for $60,000 on auction Saturday.
(Hank Saggett - Colorado)
DMFC : The "E" Dino show was significantly better than A&E's.  It was more substantive, less "sanitized" but respected the dignity & privacy of all parties.  BRAVO!  Now if we could only see some of those NBC 60's shows. Skoal!  
DMFC : A big THANKS Dean Martin Fan Center for helping to bring us a great program on Dean Martin! It's unfortunate that E! has quite a bit of commercial ad time. It would have been nice to have more body of show. Thanks to the family that appeared too. You can all be proud of your father, and he can be equally proud of you.
(John Locorriere - California)
DMFC : I think that the E! special on Dean was very well done. It reported a lot of facts without dwelling upon the "bad" facts, like other specials have over-emphasized. There are still a lot of differences of opinions in what each person recalls. My favorite of the interviews were with Dean's son Ricci, and Dean's Grandson, Alexander.
(Tiff Kaylan - Washington)
DMFC : Thank you for your wonderful special on Dean Martin (we saw your name in the credits) and found your website. We are lifelong fans and can't say enough about what Dean Martin has meant to us. We also can't wait to join the fan club you have!
(Mr. & Mrs. Will Chilton)
DMFC : I found your address at the end of the E! program on Dean Martin. What a wonderful website for a wonderful man! Thanks.
(Carol Kisman - Nevada)
DMFC : I missed the part of the special about his son.  How did his son die?  I vaguely remember but can't find any mention of it on the Internet.  Thanks.
(Maggie Lubecki - Ohio)
Dear Maggie - Dean's son, Dino, died in an airplane crash while on maneuvers (Air National Guard F4-C Phantom Jet) in March of 1987.
Web Director - DMFC
DMFC : I've been a big Dino fan ever since I can remember. I have always done a few of his songs when I perform. (www.nickyharris.com).
Thanks for one of the best sites I've seen. My girlfriend gave me two Dean Martin CD's for Christmas. She had to go back to Plymouth, N.C. Around noon on Christmas Day. About half an hour after she left I thought I heard the phone ring and cut the stereo down so I
could hear. It was Pam, telling me she had just heard on the radio about Dean Martin's passing. What was so strange is I had Dino on my stereo the instant I found out about his death. She could hear him in the background over her car phone. Christmas Day, everyone else is listening to Christmas Music and I'm listening to Dino.
I may go as much as a month without playing his CD's, but never any longer than that. Thanks again for the great site!
(Nicky Harris)

DMFC : Thanks for letting me know that this show was on tonight.  It was a fun 2 hours and the end brought a tear to my eye when Sonny King was joking around about Dean and St. Peter.  He is definitely missed! DMFC Member
(Dennis Baback)
DMFC : I just wanted to tell you that I really like your web site on Dean. I plan on joining the fan club real soon.I have always liked Dean's music aver since I was a little boy,and I still listen to his music and collect his albums. I am 37 years old and people are amazed at how much I know about him and how much I listen to him.Like I have heard before...Dean Martin was, and still is...."THE KING OF COOL"
(Greg Bowlan)
DMFC : What the hell happened? I thought the Dean Martin Hollywood Story was suppose to be on at 8 o'clock. That's what my TV guide says. When I turned it on, it was all over. E!... it's now time for you to be "all over". I'm canceling my cable service to such a badly organized company.
(L. Mohanan)
DMFC : True Hollywood Story-Dean Martin left out some of the best highlights, which included anything from Dean Martin's TV series. The TV show is the things I remember MOST about Dean.
(Dr. Stephen Mandel, M.D. - Pennsylvania)
DMFC : That special was better than the A&E ones that seem to be the same as what we have already heard before. It re-confirms that Dean was special and loved by millions (still today).
(Jill Bauer - Florida)
DMFC : Did the E! Special have a segment cut due to commercial time or what??? They went from Dean losing his son Dino, Jr... right to passing away. What happened to the "Together Again" tour and his "Nashville Sessions" ? They just blew through the end like a kid wanting to go home!
(Dan G. Greco - Ohio)
DMFC : I just watched the E! Special. I almost missed it! They advertised that it was to be on at 8:00 PM, but had changed the time to 5:00 PM at the last minute. That's E! for you!. I was pretty good. Still not as good as I had hoped, but I guess I am always looking for on my favorite singer!
(Elizabeth Gardner - Arizona)
DMFC: I am greatfull for this fan club! If it wasn't for Dino my warbler wouldn't be what it is now! This is great baby that there are so many cool cats  out here! Dino's cool ways are here ta'staay baby ! We're all living proof (80) proof!
(Johnny Long - Georgia)
DMFC : The new promos for E! 's Hollywood True Story - Dean Martin, goes something like this; "Behind the king of cool was a very cold man.". If this is another program that copies what the National Enquirer and The Star have done to Dean for many years, I am going to cancel my option to pick up "E!". I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is going to be good.
(Susan Molase - Florida)
DMFC : This is to Mark, who asked if Dean was ever shot on stage by an old wife. If your serious, the answer is "no". His question made me giggle. I think it ranks up there with "How big were Dean's hands?", "What brand of cigarettes did he smoke?", and "What kind of leather was his shoes made of?", all of which have been asked in depth by people. You guys are very diplomatic in your answers, I would have just said, "Who cares?". It's not the size of his hands, what brand name cigarettes he smokes, or the kind of leather his shoes were made of. It's what this man possessed inside. It was his talent, and his sole that he shared with all of us. Let us not forget that, and quit spending time on all the other things, just looking for questions to ask.
(Dr. Samuel Waller - California)
DMFC : Hello, my name is Johan and I am a big fan from Belgium. Could you please send me a autographed 8x10 personalised to JOHAN. I hope you can do this for me and I thank you for your time. (Johan Stessens - Belgium)
Dear Johan - We get letters similar to your quite often. Mr. Martin passed away a few years ago, so new (personalized) autographed photos are not possible. We do have many older autographed items (pictures, documents, novelties, etc.) from time to time offered on our auctions. The auction list appears in the issues of the Dean Martin Fan Center newsletters' that we send to our members.
Web Director - DMFC
DMFC : Cars that were owned by the Rat Pack: Sinatra's 1956 Ford Thunderbird, Sammy's 1964 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III, and Dean Martin's famous 1962 Italian Ghia L6.4... are all being auctioned off this week. It's at the 1999 Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Show in Scottsdale, Arizona. The auction runs today through Saturday.
(Gerald B. Tippen - Arizona)
DMFC : E! has a page on their website describing the Dean Martin True Story special. It's at http://www.EONLINE.com/On/Holly/episode.martin.html
Check it out!
(Stacy Brown - Maryland)
DMFC : I've got my video tape ready. I hope the E! program on Dean is going to be good! Can't get enough of that Dean!
(Donald Farber - Wyoming)
DMFC : I have been a Dean Martin fan ever since I caught a ball that Dean threw into the crowd at Dodgers' stadium. He was playing there as a celebrity in a Dodgers uniform, and he really had such a wonderful time. I was only a young boy at the time, but started wondering who this "Dean Martin" was, and from that point on I started watching him on TV and buying his records, and became a lifelong fan. He was great!
(Simon Kendricks - California)
DMFC : Hello, someone told me that Dean Martin was shot on stage by a jilted wife or lover.  is this true? Thank you.
(Mark Treon)
DMFC : I am a 35 year old former heavymetal fan. One day i was watching an old Martin Lewis movie decided to buy a Martin cd. Now have entire collection !  Miss him a great deal!!!
(Matthew McGrath - Massachusetts)
DMFC : I just saw an ad for the E! program on Dean. It will be on Sunday night the 24th. I hope that it's good and can bring us more insight than anything that has been done so far.
(Kevin Doheny - California)
DMFC : I have always been big fan of Dean's.  I saw him in the early 1980's in Las Vegas.  He was great!
(Sharon Vanhoose - South Carolina)
DMFC : I am looking for the Dean Martin release, "The Nashville Sessions" on CD. Are there plans to release this wonderful (and often overlooked) album on CD? Any info at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for such a great site to keep the memory of this truly legendary performer alive.  
(Jeff Koger)
Hi Jeff - No plans at the moment to release "The Nashville Sessions". Capitol has just begun to release the Reprise material. Hopefully in the near future.
Web Director - DMFC
DMFC : I am 78 years old, and I received a computer for a Christmas present from my son and daughter. This is the most wonderful gift I could ever imagine. This is my first week on line, and with the help of my kids, I was able to relive the magic of my favorite singer, Dean Martin. Next to my children, thank you for making me so very happy again. I will check back quite often.
(Mr. Gunderson)
DMFC : I am a big Dean Martin fan. It is not easy finding much about Mr. Dean Martin here in Germany. I am grateful to the internet to find you. You are Godsends, and I want to join your organization quickly!
(Stefan Gillman - Germany)
DMFC : I just saw your ads in Las Vegas all over the place about the Fan Center. The crowds that go to Vegas now are not really gamblers, or enjoy the type of entertainment that Las Vegas was created for. It has turned into a "family" playground, and a place to take the kids. If Frank and Dino were still with us, I'll bet they wouldn't step foot in Las Vegas today! They would probably invent someplace new to have their romp in... and it would be SO DIFFERENT than anyone would imagine. That's what made these guys so special!
(Jerry Palsey - Nevada)
DMFC : Just thought I´d drop by and say Thank You For The Music, Dino. I´m a young fan of his music (20 years) but I got to tell you he was the coolest of ´em all, he and Presley. Some guys, tell you for sure.
Am thouroughly enjoying Bear Family Records´ 2 mastodont boxes MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS and RETURN TO ME. Favourite-song? Well it´s gotta be THE NAUGHTY LADY OF SHADY LANE, terrific.
(Pontus Jonsson - SWEDEN)
DMFC : For anyone who is thinking of getting the Dean Martin Roast videos, do not hesitate!  I have two of them (The Best Of and the Frank Sinatra Roast) and they are hilarious!!!!!  Dean is the best master of ceremonies there ever was.
(Lynda - Rhode Island)
DMFC : I'm a big Dean Martin and Rat Pack fan and I'd just like to let you know I think the Dean Martin Fan Club is very cool. Keep up the good work..  by the way I only live 5 min from Steubenville Ohio.........
(Jason Miller - Ohio)
DMFC : I heard that there was going to be a show about Dean Martin on E! TV coming up soon. I hope that this will shed more light on Dean Martin himself, rather than the same old stories about this friendship with Sinatra and the whole Kennedy/Marilyn stuff!
(Lauren Kilgallen - New York)
DMFC : I just found your site and it looks great. I believe I am one of the growing number of younger fans of Dean.  I remember listening to him for hours as a child while my Mother played her well worn LPs of his. Something sunk in because I find I can't get enough of his music now. I have a sneaking suspicion that there are a lot of people like me out there......we're just not out of the closet yet!!
(Peter Krakus)
DMFC: Just wondering if anyone knows about the auctioning of Dean Martins car at an auction in Scottsdale, AZ on January 20 - January 23. Any details would be very helpful.  Thanks!

DMFC : Long Live Dean Martin! (And he will!)
(Miss Phoebe Toole - England)
DMFC : The Biography of the Rat Pack was pretty good, but I really didn't learn much about Dean Martin like I thought I was going to. Your site actually has told me more than their special. I am looking forward to the E! program on Dean.
(Debra Heninski - Idaho)
DMFC : I just received my membership kit in the mail. Thank you for your promptness. I plan on ordering some items soon. I love the newsletter. Looking at some of photos of Dean sure brings back memories.  I want to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing. You are doing a terrific job. It's so nice to know that Dean's legacy will live on because of what you are doing. We Dino fans owe you so much. Thank you again.  Dean Martin forever!
(Nancy Nagel - Wisconsin)

DMFC: All Dino  fans,  sometimes on the Fox Family Channel  television series  The New Adams Family they will have Dean's music playing in the background. (usually at the very beginning or the very end.)  For all those interested the show is on at  3: 30 PM Eastern Standard Time or 6:30 PM Mountain Standard time.
(Ryan Badger - Utah)
DMFC:  For Roger Lyle who is getting married.  I personally cannot think of a better Dino song than "You're the Right One"  (from The Caddy) if you can find it,  that is what I would play personally.  P.S. Congratulations
(Ryan Badger - Utah)
DMFC : To all of Deans fans: please remember that Sonny King and Dean roomed together and "staged"  many boxing matches early in Deans career when both were struggling to find success. Sonny was a man of average talent who managed to make a living in show business but never achieved stardom. It is only natural that Sonny became a little jealous of Deans success and climb to superstardom. Sonny was given some TV guest shots over the years by both Dean and Jerry Lewis but never really caught on. Subsequently, Sonny has had a tendency to "knock " Dean a little over the years. Please keep in mind that  although Sonny can provide some historically accurate details of Deans early days, he does have seem to have some axes to grind.
DMFC : Dean was born the same day as my dad. In Las Vegas in Sept. 1991 while I was there making a movie at Bally's, It was arranged for me to meet Dean and have my picture taken with him as well as having a front and center seat right under his feet. Much to my dismay Dean canceled and never performed again. I still have my ticket that was never used and many stories the staff at Bally's shared with me to ease my disappointment. From what they said he was a very nice man & well liked by all. Like so many people my age I grew up with Dean's career and being from an Italian family of course Dean Martin was always "The Happening Event" around our house. I relate to him thru my father who was a singer in the 40's and 50's as well as 60's! I am an actor, entertainer, author, record producer, advisor and president of the EPIIA. I've enjoyed the time I spent looking the DM fan ctr. over!
(Rick Marino - Florida)
DMFC : I watched Dean Martin on A&E and have a whole new light on him.  I actually cried when that show was over, realizing that he was such a good-hearted soul.  I am so sorry he is gone.  I have always been fascinated by the entire bunch, including Sinatra, but Dean actually was the funniest.  I wonder about all his children, I know his son was killed in a plane crash - I will keep trying to get more information - he was just such a fascinating person.
(Sheri Murphy)
DMFC : I knew Dean Martin when he came to town. He came with Frank Sinatra to entertain at a place called "the Balinese Room", which My uncles Sam and Rose Maceo owned. I could tell some great stories of Dean and Phil Harris here, when they stayed in our home.. A truly great time in my life. I sent Dean a card when his son died and he wrote me a note and sent me a picture in which he signed Dino Martini. In his note you could see inside the MAN. Nothing but love....
(Anthony Maceo - Texas)
DMFC : I was hoping to find out some information on some of the cars that Dean Martin might have owned in the past, would anyone happen to know where I could find out about that. I am most interested in a car he might have owned called a "comet' ".
(K. Griffith)

DMFC : Part Two of The Rat Pack bio was much better than the first, but mostly devoted to Sinatra and the Kennedy's. Why does everyone seem to dwell on this subject so much? This was just one facet that made up the entire circle. It is titles, "The Rat Pack" ... not Frank's Political World!
(Jim Steele - New York)
DMFC : I can remember when I was a child watching the variety show.  I thought that Dean would say something before he went to the couch at the end of the shows. Maybe I am wrong, but it is really bothering me that I can't remember!  Could you help me... or did he just say something about the couch?   I appreciate your help
(Liz Kneller)
Hi Liz - The "couch" segment was right after the piano with Ken Lane, and the mystery closet guest... he would then go to the couch and sing a ballad.
It was at the end of the show he would say, "Keep all them cards and letters 'comin in folks".
Web Director - DMFC
DMFC : I know that most of your readers will love the Rat Pack biography on A&E, but I just finished watching it, and the quality of it was AWFUL! The interview with Jerry Lewis wasn't lit, Jerry never looked into the camera... it almost looked like they used a hidden camera. Didn't they even spend 30 seconds putting down a tripod? As with the other interviews, like Sonny King... they are terrible! Any Dean Martin fan will love what is being presented, but as far as good television... A&E should spend a little money on the production! I know that old film clips cost, but come on... the new stuff should look better than that!
(PHS "The Geek" Misenheimer)
DMFC : Just watched Part One of the Biography on the Rat Pack, and it was enjoyable. Can't wait to see part two.
(H. Meady - Oregon)
DMFC : I'll be turning 40 in May; but have been a Dean fan for years (having watched his TV show religiously as a kid.  My younger friends are just now realizing that Dean defined "cool" and was the proto-type for a generation.  As publicity grows; his appeal will be spreading with younger and younger audiences.  I just down loaded your membership order form....I guess I should join, huh?
By the way; their is a nightclub here in Atlanta that has just started
doing karaoke "Rat Pack"nights every Tuesday.  I'll e-mail a report in the future.
(Bob West - Georgia)
DMFC : A few days late, but Happy New Year from the biggest Dino fan ever! I have over 150 different records and hundred of pictures and souvenirs. Never enough Dino!
(James Scranton - Texas)
DMFC : I visited Dean Martin's cemetery when I was visiting California over the holidays. I was amazed at how small a place it was, but very nice and quiet in a city surrounded by great traffic and noise, right in the heart of Beverly Hills. There is so many lipstick stains on his marker, that I knew I wasn't the only one that wanted to do the same. God Bless you Dean!
(Cathy Ann Malkovich - Indiana)
DMFC : The A&E Rat Pack Biography is January 3. It looks good, but I'm waiting for the E! Dean Martin Story to see a 'different' kind of biography. They seem to be unique in what they dig up!
(Christine Hammel - New England)
DMFC: Happy New Year- 1999, To all of Dean's Family and friends, and to all Dino-Manics. That's Amore
(J.P. - Canada)
DMFC : Hello, I was wondering if anyone has picked up the Dino celebrity roast video featuring Sinatra.  If so, I'd like to get your opinions on it. Thanks,
DMFC : Happy New Year to all Dean Martin Fans! We are strong and want more Dino in 99!
(Barbara Drazen - Washington)
DMFC : In addition to the "Rat Pack" biography that will air on Jan. 3rd and 4th, A&E will also have two individual profiles of Dean and Sammy plus one on Ava Gardner and another on Sam Giancana during that week.  Dean's biography will be on Jan. 5th, Sammy's on the 6th, Ava's on the 7th, and Giancana's on the 8th.  I'm sure the ones with Ava and Giancana will be heavily laced with stuff concerning Sinatra.
(Chris DeSpain)
DMFC : I've been a huge fan of Dean Martin since I was 10 years old (I'm now 42) and first saw him in "Robin and the Seven Hoods" on the 9:00 movie .  After that, I began watching his show (with my whole family) and listening to his songs - they were just so much fun!  I then began doing his impression and singing his songs, since I listened to them over and over till I wore out the records!  I now perform his songs on occasion - such as work Christmas parties and in themed chorus performances - and do jokes in his voice and style.  It always brings the house down.  I was lucky enough to see him tape his Christmas special in Burbank in 1982 (Andy Gibb and Mel Tillis were guests).  My date and I just loved it.  I was also fortunate to see him in Vegas around the same time.  I will never forget how much joy he brought to me over the years.  I just wish I could tell him now.
(Michael DeBartolo)
DMFC : I had the pleasure of meeting Dino when I was about 10 years old. He was very nice to me, and through the years he's been a real inspiration to me. As I'm a actor and entertainer also. I had missed the chance to work with Mr. Martin in the movie Robin and the 7 Hoods as the casting director called for me, but I was unable to work in it because I had the hooping cough. My Father Joe Battaglia had gotten another child actor named Manueal Padalla. I enjoy singing and doing an impression of him in my act, and also have recently done an impression of him on a live tv show here in Las Vegas, and just did a show with the people from Legends also performing as Dean Martin. I sound pretty close to him, and some people say that I could even look like him. We all love Dean's music, and his great personality. He was one of the greatest artists and truly a nice man with a big heart. He's greatly missed.
(Rudy Valentino Battaglia)
DMFC : I proclaim 1999 as the "Year of the Dean". Mark my words!
(Gary Egghert - Alabama)
DMFC : Very pleased to have found this site. Here in Sydney, Australia,
I have been very irritated by a commercial on TV which is for tinned fruit. Someone, doing a pretty good imitation of Dean's voice sings the praises of "Goulburn Valley fruit" to the tune of Melodie d' Amour. It was shown a lot during the tennis. This was one of those times when I have yelled at the TV: Be quiet! It intruded on happy memories of watching the Dean Martin Shows all those years ago.
P.S. As I wrote my email, I realized that I was doing the very
thing I did not want to do: i.e. further advertise Goulburn Valley Fruit.
Not that his voice or songs are sacred or anything but still......... I
am glad to have all of his records, put out in Australia, to sit and listen to, at home and in the car, every so often.
(Jo - Australia)
DMFC : Don't forget about the movie "The Rat Pack" that will be on next week (January 3rd, 1999). It looks interesting.
(Willie Kanter - Illinois)
Dear Willie - Unfortunately, it won't have as much Dino material as we'd like to see, but it's entertaining nevertheless. This was a "short lived" but fun part of Dean's life.
Web Director - DMFC
DMFC : How much did the mega movie "Airport" earn? Many people forget that this movie was one of the first in a long line of "disaster" and "Mega" pictures. It was actually the prelude to the mega movie of recent, "Titanic", but no one has given credit to that fact.
(Andrew Kean - Maine)
Dear Andrew - Initially, Airport earned almost 50 MILLION dollars at it's theatrical release. Combined with the many years of video sales and rentals along with television sales, Airport was indeed a history making event. Also, the acting ability of Dean had been something overlooked. This is one of those films we are always telling everyone to take another look at.
Web Director - DMFC
DMFC : I've been a huge fan of Dean Martin since I was 10 years old (I'm now 42) and first saw him in "Robin and the Seven Hoods" on the 9:00 movie .  After that, I began watching his show (with my whole family) and listening to his songs - they were just so much fun!  I then began doing his impression and singing his songs, since I listened to them over and over till I wore out the records!  I now perform his songs on occasion - such as work Christmas parties and in themed chorus performances - and do jokes in his voice and style.  It always brings the house down.  I was lucky enough to see him tape his Christmas special in Burbank in 1982 (Andy Gibb and Mel Tillis were guests).  My date and I just loved it.  I was also fortunate to see him in Vegas around the same time.  I will never forget how much joy he brought to me over the years.  I just wish I could tell him now.
(Michael DeBartolo - California)
DMFC : Just wanted to say hello on this sad day. I'm paying tribute to Dino with my friend Peter. We just love to hear him sing. Regards,
(Big Mike and Pete "O'l Green Eyes")
DMFC : Let us all remember that Dean passed away on Christmas Day, but let us remember him and all the gifts he shared with us. The gift of Love and Happiness is what he gave us to pass along to others!
(Terri Drake - Australia)
DMFC : I have been a fan of Dean Martin's since the 1960's and have enjoyed his style of entertainment to this day.  It's sad that he has passed on and I really miss his shows.  I was fortunate enough to see him perform in person in Las Vegas in the early 1980's and will never forget that performance from probably the greatest singer that ever lived. I really enjoyed his shows in the 60's. Dean Martin was in my opinion past grand master at his trade.  This man could come out on a night club floor and hold an audience spell bound at the edge of seats singing one great song after another for a hour to hour and a half making it look and seem so easy.  I don't know of anyone who can do anything like that. Thank you for inviting me to share. I miss Dean. A real true fan...
(Ronald Sandquist - Idaho)
DMFC : Hi! I am a 37 year old fan who has just found your site. I am so
happy. I have so many memories of Dean. I remember sneaking into the
hallway so I could watch his TV show when I was supposed to be in
bed (though I know my parents knew I was there watching), watching
his movies whenever I could, bragging to my friends that my uncle
worked at the airport where they filmed "Airport", and having to
listen to a Dean Martin song before I would go to school in the
He was the first man I ever had a crush on (and to this day, it was
my biggest crush), and he was the first celebrity I ever wrote a fan
letter to. Thank you for this site. I am going the join the fan center ASAP!
(Nancy Nagel - Wisconsin)
DMFC : I love your page for Dean Martin.  I'm 49 and just a couple of weeks ago got a copy of Dean Martins "Collectors series" CD.  What great music.. The man has a wonderful voice.  I never liked him when I was younger.  But now I'm going to buy as many CD's as he has.  I think I remember him as Mat Helm in the movies. What a great talent. Thank you, and Merry Christmas. And once again, Thanks for the great site,
I know what it takes to have a good site.
(Bill McKibben)
DMFC : I saw a commercial for the roasts, but couldn't write down the phone number fast enough. Can you help?
(Cathy Drake - Florida)
Hi Cathy - Yes... the phone number is 1-800-672-9988
Web Director - DMFC
DMFC : Hi, I am a 50 year old mother of two teenage boys and I could not believe my ears! I was in my oldest sons car, going with him to the mall to do some last minute Christmas shopping, when he turned on his cd player to listen to some Christmas cds, and Dean Martin's was the first to come up! I couldn't believe my son would even listen to Dean, when he is into harder rock music. He said that Dean was "cool", and that all the kids have his cd, and are big fans of his. That just floored me! Here is a kid who hasn't even seen a Dean Martin TV show, or would call "my" type of music "old stuff", but now he's listening to Dean and he's telling ME all about Dean's records and movies, and how great he is. I just wanted to share this story with you, and how my Christmas is going with a big smile on my face.
(Lucille Downing - Tennessee)
DMFC : This is for Mary, who bought Dean Martin CD's for everyone. I took a picture of Dean and went to my neighborhood Kinkos copy place. There I reduced the picture very small, and made a whole bunch of the on one sheet. Then, I use the copy machine to make copies of that, onto red and green paper. Now, I have "customized" Dino gift wrap! It looks so cool!
(Benny Jackson - New York)
DMFC : Dean Martin is the best singer there ever was!
(Sam Battler - North Carolina)
DMFC : I heard that Dean Martin was in the Boy Scouts as a kid, and played the drums. Do you know if that's true?
(Anthony B. Caruso - Italy)
Anthony - Yes, Dean was in Boy Scout Troop 10 in 1930 (when he was 13 years old). Also in the troop were his brother Bill, cousin Archie, and cousin Robert. We are going to have a great story from another member of the troop, Mario Camerlengo in the upcoming Fan Center newsletter. You might also catch Mario showing his famous picture of the troop in the upcoming E! Entertainment special... but if you miss it, we will have the pictures printed for you!
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : This year is going to be the BEST Christmas yet! Guess what I got for everybody? Dean Martin CD's! I made sure that I sent everybody a copy of the Christmas one for sure, and I found that I can use them for stocking stuffers too!
(Mary Edick)
FROM DMFC : We have been receiving a lot of e-mails this past week that we would like to respond to, but unfortunately a lot of you do not include a return address. A lot of addresses that appear in the "sending headers" are not correct, and we can't respond to your questions and comments.
Many thanks! - Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
DMFC : I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all other Dean fans out there, and to Dean Martin's family. We fans are all thinking of you this Christmas season.
(Jenny Hartoch - Oregon)