DMFC : This is for Mary, who bought Dean Martin CD's for everyone. I took a picture of Dean and went to my neighborhood Kinkos copy place. There I reduced the picture very small, and made a whole bunch of the on one sheet. Then, I use the copy machine to make copies of that, onto red and green paper. Now, I have "customized" Dino gift wrap! It looks so cool!
(Benny Jackson - New York)
DMFC : Dean Martin is the best singer there ever was!
(Sam Battler - North Carolina)
DMFC : I heard that Dean Martin was in the Boy Scouts as a kid, and played the drums. Do you know if that's true?
(Anthony B. Caruso - Italy)
Anthony - Yes, Dean was in Boy Scout Troop 10 in 1930 (when he was 13 years old). Also in the troop were his brother Bill, cousin Archie, and cousin Robert. We are going to have a great story from another member of the troop, Mario Camerlengo in the upcoming Fan Center newsletter. You might also catch Mario showing his famous picture of the troop in the upcoming E! Entertainment special... but if you miss it, we will have the pictures printed for you!
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : This year is going to be the BEST Christmas yet! Guess what I got for everybody? Dean Martin CD's! I made sure that I sent everybody a copy of the Christmas one for sure, and I found that I can use them for stocking stuffers too!
(Mary Edick)
FROM DMFC : We have been receiving a lot of e-mails this past week that we would like to respond to, but unfortunately a lot of you do not include a return address. A lot of addresses that appear in the "sending headers" are not correct, and we can't respond to your questions and comments.
Many thanks! - Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
DMFC : I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all other Dean fans out there, and to Dean Martin's family. We fans are all thinking of you this Christmas season.
(Jenny Hartoch - Oregon)DMFC : I just saw a brand new movie called "Home Fries" with Drew Barrymore (By the way, don't bother seeing it, it's pretty bad). The first song in the movie is a Dean Martin song. It's nice, after a day of present shopping, to stop and go to a movie that reminds you of Dino. Merry Christmas to all other Dino fans!
(Charlene Knight - California)
DMFC : I logged into the interview with Hal Blaine. It was interesting, but should have been more. The lady who interviews Mr. Blaine makes a big mistake about the song "Everybody loves somebody, sometime". She says that there was a video of it, but the video she refers to is from a song Dean recorded later called, "Since I met you baby" .
(Carol Beckman - Oklahoma)
DMFC : My wife and I just bought the new x-mas CD and it is excellent.  I love the Marshmallow song.  We are both 30 yrs old and have always been fans of Dino. In fact, we bought the double CD import greatest hits last month and jam to it often.
I have fond memories of his TV roasts and I can still remember being a
little kid watching with my parents as Dean slid down the pole for his TV show. I grew up with my Dad playing records of "Lay some happiness on me", "Everybody loves somebody" and "Open up the door and let the good times in".
I got the Dean Martin's greatest hits CD at work, and my coworkers are
cranking up the Dino music at our desks. My wife and I are both turning into die-hard Dean fans. The web page is awesome.  Keep up the good work. ROCK ON!! DINO..
(Denise and Allen Setmayer)
DMFC : Someone asked the question about Stanley Myron Handleman and what he was doing. I've often wondered too. I heard he was performing as a stand up comic on a circuit in various cities across the country, but that was years ago.
(Joyce Nelson - Texas)
DMFC : The answer to the question of the "Three Stooges" is the movie "4 For Texas". There were a bunch of cameos in this movie.
(Cliff Alexander - California)
DMFC : I grew up watching Dean Martin TV show and buying his records all my life. I'd see a Dean Martin movie whenever I could too. He was the greatest. No one will ever beat him!
(Larry Shure - Utah)
DMFC : What movie did the Three Stooges appear in with Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra? I need to know this ASAP
DMFC :   I'm the director of a new Web site called Radiodayz. Raechel
Donahue, one of our contributors, recently did an interview with Hal
Blaine, who was Dean Martin's drummer for many years. You can find the page where he talks about Dean Martin at
(Cris Cohen - Director of Radiodayz)
DMFC : I have a question for you. How and where did Dean come up with the image of a drunk and playboy?
(Andrew Thomas - California)
Dear Andrew - Good question. To give you a very brief answer, Dean was in need of a different "image" when the team of "Martin & Lewis" called it quits. Dean took into consideration what he had going for him to construct that image, and one factor was the appeal he had as the "good looking" swooner, opposite Jerry in all those films. To keep that image, but also appear "different", Dean added more "Playboy" to the role. That also included liquor and a carefree, laid-back attitude.
Dean gave a lot of credit to Joe E. Lewis, who was known as a great "drunk" character, for helping craft his own special image.
A few years later, as his image grew more "locked in", Dean saw the potential of a city called "Las Vegas", where people would go to gamble, drink and have a good time. He saw that he could become a "leader" in a city that seemed to be built for his "image".
Dean was a VERY smart man, and it was by no accident that he perfected and guided his own career. He worked very very hard at making it all look so easy!
(Neil Daniels - DMFC)
DMFC : In August, it was the HBO movie about Frank Sinatra's ties with the "mob". Now the FBI released more stuff. Has anyone even read it? It has more lines of information crossed out then what is left to try and read. It's nice to know they didn't have any evidence of wrong doing on Frank Sinatra's part. This confirms that Dean was a saint!
(T. Davidson - Colorado)
DMFC : I just saw a commercial for the Celebrity Roasts and missed the phone number. Could you post it for us?
(Ms. Jan E. Brown - New York)
Hi Ms. Brown - Here's the phone number to inquire or order: 1-800-672-9988.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : The front page of USA Today has a huge picture of Frank Sinatra and talks about his FBI released files. Even after Dean, Frank & Sammy have gone, their memory lingers on.
(Mr. Larry Brankton - Texas)
DMFC : Wow... I cannot believe how a news story like the release of the FBI files on Sinatra can stir so much talk!
(Radi Sircha - Eygpt)
DMFC : I just got my latest issue of your newsletter, and I must say it is great! I especially liked the story from Eddie Deezen. YES - he would be the best candidate for playing Jerry Lewis is the upcoming Dean Martin bio-pic. My vote goes for Eddie!
(Julie Knopfler - Holland)
DMFC : We have a radio station here that played almost the whole Dean Martin Christmas CD last night. They mentioned your name and address, and I was so glad to find you! Dean was the BEST! I'm going out today to find a copy of his Christmas CD for myself.
(Don Meeker - New England)
DMFC : Hi, I am 33 and have dug Dean since I was three. I had the good fortune of meeting the man back in 1993, and will cherish that brief meeting forever. I am so glad that I have found this site. Keep up the good work.
(J.P. - Canada)    
DMFC : Many people are not aware that Dean performed, on his great NBC TV show of the 1960's, many great standards that he never recorded,  Songs such as: Stars Fell on Alabama, How Deep is the Ocean, Young at Heart, Try a Little Tenderness, I'm Always Chasing Rainbows, The Nearness of You, Easter Parade, You'll Never Know, Me and My Shadow, to name a few. Wouldn't it be fantastic if his estate could create a CD of these performances and market them to his millions of fans. Dean was never better than when singing these great old ballads-it was obvious that he loved these songs and enjoyed performing them. It would sure be great to hear them again.
DMFC : All you Dino fans out there, what good taste you all have. I’ve
just read Nick Tosches book ‘Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams’ I really think there was no need for all the F -words, it spoilt
the reading for me, it also made Dino sound self centered and downright
nasty at times. I find this hard to believe, if this is true why did so
many people love him so much then and even more now he's left us.
(M.C. Smith)
DMFC : It is getting close to that time of year again, where we are all in a festive mood for Christmas, but everyday I pause to also remember that Christmas Day was the day we lost our loving Dean.
(Mrs. Doris Millian - New Jersey)
DMFC : I have been looking all over for the new Dean Martin Christmas CD. Thanks for helping me. I grew up listening to all those wonderful songs, and I remember in detail his Christmas show with his family and Frank Sinatra's.
(Cathy Sayer - North Dakota)
DMFC : Hi , I'm from Milan (Italy), I like to tell you that I and some friends of mine, are opening a new bar & pizzeria  with this fantastic name : "THAT'S AMORE". The club is in VIALE MONTE SANTO 8 - MILAN, and will open in February 1999.
(Luca G.- Italy)
DMFC : For a great tribute by Jerry Lewis, visit the MDA Website , and check out "Quest" Magazine. Here's their address: http://www.mdausa.org/publications/Quest/q54friends.html
(Ric Ross - California)
DMFC : While eating dinner at the "Olive Garden" restaurant, I couldn't help but noticing that they were playing a lot of nice dinner music in the background. Most of the songs were sung by the great Italian singers, such as Sinatra, Damone, and of course Dean Martin! Throughout the course of my dinner, which lasted about an hour and a half, I'll bet I heard seven different Dean Martin songs.
The waiter told me that the music is supplied to them, and ALL the Olive Garden Restaurants to play, and he thought that the CD might also be available to purchase, but he could not find any information on it. I would tell everyone before Christmas, that if you want to stop Christmas shopping, and relax to a great meal with great Dino music, go to Olive Gardens, and ask them if there is a cd that you can buy.
(Archie Woodsam - Arizona)
DMFC : I took in an abused kitten, and was having a hard time coming up with a name for him...he got along famously with my 2 German Shepherds, learned to beg and go to the back door "to go out" like they did, LOVES marinara and authentic Italian olives (turns his nose up at the canned variety!), and give a great neck massage...in other words, he is ONE COOL CAT...hence, I named him Dino.
Dean Martin was such a wonderful talent and personality, I am so glad there is so much of him around in all his works.  Thanks for the great Web site, and I am a member of the Dean Fan Club! 
(Mary Yonk - New York)
DMFC : Do you have any idea about the whereabouts and/or present activates of Stanley Myron Hendleman, a comic who appeared on many of Dean's weekly shows around about 1970? I have been trying to get some information about him through internet channels over the last several months, with very little success.
As I recall, he was a tall, unshaven man who wore a porkpie hat and
sweater. Part of his "schtick" involved living with his mother.  He
always had a grin on his face as he told his stories.  He was basically
a stand-up.  Very unique, and memorable to me because I don't recall
ever seeing him on any other variety shows other than Dean's.  It's
possible that he appeared on "Hollywood Squares" as well, although I'm not certain of that.
Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.  It's one of
those things that is on my mind a lot, because he seems to have made
such a small impression on everyone but me.
(John Wilson - Texas)
Dear John - I've been asked this question many times recently, even on a talk show! I remember once seeing Stanley just standing in a hallway, surrounded by a some of the girls (Golddiggers). The girls were just having fun seeing Stanley turn red with embarrassment as each one would bat their eyes and snuggle up to him with baby talk. Stanley, of course had the last laugh...
A woman that no one knew, oversaw what the other girls were doing, and quickly marched up, pretending to be Stanley's wife. Stanley immediately caught on, and went along with this woman's claim, telling her that he was sorry, and that he didn't do ANYTHING! He was trying to explain that the girls were just having fun teasing him, but this woman went on, actually hitting Stanley as if he was cheating on her!
I never saw about eight girls get so flustered in their lives! It got so quiet that you could hear a pin drop, except for the screaming of this other woman.
Finally after about two minutes of "playing along", Stanley said, "I want a divorce!", and turned around and walked away leaving this woman facing the girls standing there. I'll never forget that moment of silence before the girls were told that Stanley had turned the cards around and had just embarrassed them!
He was a very funny fellow indeed! I haven't seen Stanley in over twenty years, but it would be interesting to hear some of his stories! If anyone out there knows the whereabouts of Stanley Myron Handelman, let us know!
(Neil Daniels - DMFC)
DMFC : Hey Cool site! I work at the personnel department of the University of Vienna and I love Dino . Bye
(C. Alpas - Vienna)
DMFC : I am so glad to have found this site .I have been a DIEHARD DEAN MARTIN FAN FOR YEARS . I am  one of the original A>D>D> kids only back in the late 60's they spelled it B>R>A>T. Anyways my mom and dad caught on when I was 2 yrs. old that everytime they had Dino on I would go over to the stereo and SWAY for long periods of time never for Sinatra only Dean. The rest is history. Dec. 25th 1995 is a Christmas I will never forget but wish I could. My brother had the decency not to tell me the news of his passing until nightfall I was so disheartened I never responded I just hung up on him fortunately he understood and every Christmas Day he is the first thought that comes to my mind. Thank God for his music.For he will always be with us in our hearts.........
(Bob Statile)
DMFC : Flip Wilson passed away last week. I remember him growing up as a kid. Back in the 70's it seemed that everybody was on everybody else's shows. That was what they meant by "variety shows". Dean Martin showed up on his show a couple of times and it was just great! I think they are showing that episode this month on cable. You show catch it!
(Lisa Deering - Louisiana)
DMFC : Now the Christmas season has finally started!
Dear Santa, I want a Dean Martin CD collection, a Dean Martin Video tape collection that includes Jerry Lewis, I want a huge poster of Dean Martin, I want the TV shows back on, I want to hear his songs on the radio everyday of the year. I've been good Santa!
(Mike D. Villialabos - Arizona)
DMFC : Thanks for this great website. Dean Martin was very special in my life as a teenager. He was someone I looked up to, in some rough periods of my life, his music and appearance just kept me going! His persona, his music and that great voice kept me entertained for many hours, in fact, many years.
I'm 47 today and still get a thrill when I hear his voice on a movie track,
or commercial, or on the radio. Christmas just ain't Christmas unless I'm playing a Dino Christmas album. Thanks for keeping his music, and memory alive! I cried when he died. There were giants in the earth in those days!
(Tony Cirigliano)
DMFC : Recently bought a Dean Martin CD, have not looked back since, he seems to tell the story of my life. Love the site, will be back regularly. Regards.
(Phil Orr - England)
DMFC : I just bought a "Dean Martin Doll!", or so I THOUGHT! I want to warn everybody that there is a website that is selling dolls of famous celebrities. They advertise a Dean Martin one, but when I received it today, after charging $35.00 on my credit card, this place took a "Jackie Gleason Honeymooners" Doll, and changed it's clothes, and put a small wine glass in the package and tried to pass it off as Dino! Talk about a crooked deal! It didn't even come in a box or anything. Just a doll wrapped up in paper. Everybody be warned! There is no such thing as a Dean Martin Doll to the best of my knowledge, just fakes!
(J. Mansville)
DMFC : I don't know if the rest of the world knows about our tradition and holiday of Thanksgiving, but it is a most precious one. It's the time we give blessing to all we have. For many, it's the beginning of Christmas, and for many who are not religious, it is an unpartisan day to think about what we have to be thankful for. I'm glad that I had Mr. Martin's music and smiles in my life. They remain in my heart for as long as I live.
If you're sad or lonely or needing a lift, my only thought would be to put on a Dean Martin record or cd, and feel the love and warmth he radiates. You'll absorb it, I promise. Have a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there, no matter where you are.
(Dr. Alicia Brafford - Washington)
(Delmo Walters)
DMFC : Barry Manilow has been guest starring on various talk shows all week promoting his new "Manilow Sings Sinatra" CD. It seems like the hosts of these shows are asking him so many questions about his old material, yet he just did his 30th album singing Frank Sinatra Songs.
One show did ask him why he did it, and he said that he didn't want to try and "BE" Sinatra, he just wants to keep this type of music alive for the new generations coming. He mentioned Bennett, Como, AND MARTIN. Bravo Barry! As a Barry Manilow fan, I have now started buying Sinatra and Martin CD's, and a whole new world has opened up for me too!
(Henri Kloss - New York)
DMFC : Around this time of the year I am led to thinking about Dean Martin. I think it's because I had grown up watching his TV show, and every Thursday night he was like a member of the family I was visiting. Family and Thursdays got together for Thanksgiving, and Dean was always their in spirit. He's with me in spirit today also!
(John C. Foreman - Illinois)
DMFC : On this Thanksgiving Day, I am Thankful for many things, but one of the most important for me is I am Thankful for Dean Martin.
(Candace Hall - Texas)
DMFC : Hello: happy to see all the Dino stuff being reissued...I'd like to see this as a 2fer "Dream with Dean"  and" Dean Martin TV show"   they were nice mood setting albums....            
(Ricks Cafe 42)
DMFC : While attending a convention in Las Vegas last week, I overheard a conversation that caught my attention right away. It was between a person attending and one of the people that was an invited guest. This man was apparently involved with Mr. Martin during his Sands days, and he said that he has a lot of precious pictures and mementos packed away of Dean. I walked up and introduced myself and talked for only a few minutes, but before he had to go, he gave me his card. He said that he would be happy to share his things with me, and to give him a call. I can't wait and you'll be the first I'll share it with!
(Maureen Lang - California)
DMFC : As a big Dean Martin fan, I am so glad that I stumbled onto your site. He was the best entertainer the world has seen, and people seem to keep that information all to themselves. Maybe they didn't want anyone else to take it away from them!
(Laura Entner - England)
DMFC : I can't wait to tell you this! My two buddies have been gaa gaa over this one girl in school since September (We are in the twelveth grade here in Dallas). She's one of those "dream girls" who you watch from afar, but know that you'll never get close to. My two buddies have been trying since day one to score. It's almost a competition between them to figure out what to say to her, and get her to go out with them. They've tried EVERYTHING from flowers to sitting with her at lunch to bringing her stuff to fixing her car!
Yesterday me and my one buddy, Shane, bumped into her at the mall, outside the CD store. We all walked in together when Shane started telling her all about the new group "Garbage" that he likes. I wandered away, and went to check out the "Dean Martin" section by myself when I spotted this new Christmas one, "Making Spirits Bright". I didn't know a new one had come out, and toasted out reading the back of it, when Kathy walked up in back of me. I was so embarrassed. Here I am, looking at a Dean Martin CD, while my friend Shane is trying to "hit" on her. I was so startled, I didn't know what to say.
As Shane was talking, Kathy just ignored him completely and looked at me and said, "Do you like this guy?". In my own meek way, I swallowed and said, ..y...yy...yes.... WELL GUESS WHAT?!?!?! Kathy's very favorite singer is Dean Martin. She started telling me about how her Mom listens to all his records, and that she had bought the Christmas CD a week earlier.
Shane was standing there with his mouth wide open, when all of a sudden, Kathy said to me, "You want to come over and listen to the CD at my house?". I nearly peed my pants!!! Never in the world did I ever think Kathy would even talk to me, and both of my friends have been trying so hard for the last two months. Now she asks me over to her house!!! I just got home. We had a great evening, and she's invited me over on Tuesday again. We're going to Blockbuster to rent "Oceans 11"!
I couldn't wait to get home, and go to your website to tell my story. Tonight has been the greatest night I ever remember, and I think it's just the start of something great! Thanks to Dean Martin and his music!
(Patrick Knox - Texas)
DMFC : Thank you guys for being so honest in your reporting. I have been a member of your organization for over four years now, and you guys are in a league far above the rest. By reporting only the official news, and having input from people that were involved with, and knew Dean, (from his family to his friends and in-between) you are the only place where we can get the REAL story and not all the hype! Even your president, Neil Daniels, seems more anxious to talk about Dean than to talk about himself (unlike most other sources who want the attention)! We want you to know Neil, how much we appreciate all that you are doing! Thank you again for everything.
(Billy Hawke - New York)
Dear Billy - Thank you so much for your kind letter. Neil always said that letters like your are what makes it all worth while. Most of us here feel the same way! I will make sure that he gets your e-mail.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : I remember Dean saying on an interview that he was going to visit Australia. I don't ever remember him coming here. I wish I could have seen him in person. He was such a great man!
(Lucy Collins - Perth, Australia)
DMFC : In answer to the person who wants to know about music for his wedding, I think even an instrumental version of one of Dean's biggest songs would be even better. That way, everyone will know that it's Dean, but the words don't have to be directed towards your mom.
(Buffy K. Smith - Pennsylvania)
DMFC : Now that Thanksgiving is approaching, I am Thankful for having been able to listen to Dean Martin's voice sing all those beautiful songs. They helped me make it through some rough times!
(Katie Forum - New Mexico)
DMFC : What does Dean say to the reindeer at the end of Jingle Bells on the Making Spirits Bright CD? I though this CD was just EXCELLENT, so I went out & bought one for my parents.
(Paul Bischoff - Wisconsin)
DMFC : Dean Martin is the greatest singer and actor there ever was! It is such a shame that no one said these things until now, after he's gone and isn't here to hear the praise that is well deserved. I think his Spirit is still here, "Making Spirits Bright"!
(Julie Ann Lawson - Utah)
DMFC : (In regards to the previous post by Rodger Lyle) I don't know the actual title of the song, but from the movie "Robin & the 7 Hoods" Dean sings a song with the line " any man who loves his mother, is man enough for me".. This Might be appropriate..
(Paul Bischoff - Wisconsin)
DMFC : Glad to see that there are a lot of Dino fans out there. Also glad to see some info about the Golddiggers. Who could forget those girls that we waited every week to see when we visited Dean at home on his show!
(Justin Howard - Maine)
DMFC : I was wondering if someone might be able to help me out... I'm getting married soon, and my mom is a big Dean Martin fan. Are any of his songs well-known for the dance with the groom and his mother?? If not, what songs could you recommend?? Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, and have a wonderful
(Rodger Lyle)
Dear Rodger - Let's see if anyone out there may have some suggestions for you, and Congratulations!
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : Thank you for e-mailing me back with an explanation of why certain songs are not included on the new Capitol Christmas CD. Being a consumer, I only see it from my position. I never knew there were so many reasons and things involved. I now better understand the situation, and applaud Capitol for trying so hard!
(Bob Neville - New York)
DMFC : Thanks for a great website! It sure takes me back to the good days when Dean Martin could smile and melt my heart. You've got me wanting to play his records once again. Thank you!
(Mira Atwood - Illinois)
DMFC : I found an old handkerchief with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis' picture and autograph on it (actually in a few places). It is quite large and colorful, but is very thin and has a few tears in it. Do you know when this was sole or anything about it?
(Morris Levington - Vermont)
Dear Morris - I believe what you have found is actually a scarf that went along with a 78RPM record. It was used as a "Magic Scarf" in the product that was marketed circa 1952. Without the record, It is still of some value, depending on how good (or bad) the condition is. In average shape with a few small light tears, and not have lost it's full color in the dies, I would guess it is worth around $ 75.00.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : Dean Martin is by far the greatest singer to have lived.  Sinatra was good but didn't quite match up to Dean.  I look forward to adding the Christmas CD to my collection.I already have Christmas With Nat and Dean which is great so I'll have even more of Dean's Christmas songs. I have a lot of friends who are in to Dino and we are all aged around 19 or 20, it's great to see the younger generation can still appreciate Dean.
(Gary Wade - Scotland)
DMFC : I love Dean Martin. He's very popular here in Brazil. He's Mr. Voice. Nobody can be so smooth, sexy, and sing as well. Dino, you still live through your listeners. And thank you, folks, for this wonderful club.
(Jorge Miguel - Brazil)
DMFC : I love the new Christmas CD that just came out. One of the Dean Martin news groups that I belong had someone post a few negative things about it, and the way the record company is handling it. It's funny, because everyone seems to like it. I think the group that said those things are trying to improve their status by cleverly tearing down the good things that are happening, along with reporting new "Rumors" that THEY THEMSELVES are making up and starting. It's a clever attempt to look like they are in control or involved in some way. Gosh, it's so crazy and what a waste of time! Let's just all enjoy what good entertainment Dean Martin has provided for us in what he has left for us to appreciate! A true fan of Dean Martin's.
(Kevin Shackle - New York)
DMFC : I remember when I was much younger going to the Copacabana with my parents to see Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. They would not let me in because I was a child, and they only let adults in. Probably because it was a nightclub with drinking. That forced me to see what these fellows were like, and I started a huge desire to see these two wherever and whenever I could. I followed both of their careers over the years, but it was a sad day when my Dino passed away. A message to Jerry; PLEASE don't take your memories of Dean with you. PLEASE share them with us while we are all still here. Thank you.
John K. Elkin - New Jersey)
DMFC : Just saw a commercial on TV for the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, but I missed the phone number. Do you have it?
(Pat Gibson - Michigan)
Dear Pat - Yes, it is 1-800-672-9988
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : I just got my cassette copy of Making Spirits Bright today, and saw your website listed inside. This place is great! Dean Martin was my very favorite singer of all time, and still is! I want more CD's like this one of Christmas selections. Keep up the good work!
(Steven Brime - Belgium)
DMFC : I grew up watching Dean on TV he is and always will be one of my favorite entertainers. I love this guy. I was not happy with the movie on H B O The Rat Pack. I don't see how a fan of Dean's could say it was good. I took it as an insult to a bunch of talented guys who made a living doing what they loved. I wanted to see them on stage more. Who cares about the rest of what was in the movie. They were in a class by themselves.  From a true fan, lets remember them on stage. That was the way I remember them, Frank, Dean, Sammy, Peter, Joey. I hope
it was not to hard on their families. A true fan...
DMFC : I just got a copy of Dean's Christmas CD, and it is great! I can't believe how good it sounds, that I think he's right here singing to me! I want to tell everyone to get it for Christmas!
(June Proust - Maine)
DMFC : Hi. I just wanted to say that I'm 17 years old and I love Dean Martin! His wonderful voice has enchanted me since I was probably 12 years old when I first started memorizing the lyrics to all his songs! I just wanted to show you that his music branches out to all ages.
(Megs - California)
DMFC : I had the funniest experience over the weekend. On Halloween night the doorbell rang. As I went to open it, I heard someone singing (very well I might add). When I opened the door, there was a child of about 14, dressed in a tux pretending to be Dean Martin. It was the funniest thing I've seen in years. But wait... it gets really eerie! About an hour later, the doorbell rang again. It was someone dressed as a little kid acting like Jerry Lewis! I asked him if he knew about the other kid, and he said no. That was eerie! I told him he should find Dean and "team up"! I've been laughing ever since Halloween Night and just had to tell someone, when somebody suggested I look at your site. You guys didn't market "Dean and Jerry" costumes this year, did you?
Karen Moldred - California)
DMFC : I have been a fan of Dean Martin since I first saw him and Jerry Lewis together on a  television show.  watched Dean's tv shows every week and love every minute of them. My favorite movie of Dean's is RIO BRAVO with John Wayne . I also like his Matt Helm movies too.   He was a great guy and will always remember him.  His singing is spectacular. I love to hear him sing. His voice was wonderful.  I think his memory will live on forever in every ones heart who loves Dean. He will be missed.
(Dorothy I Fawber)
DMFC : Hey, Your site is way cool! You covered absolutely everything having to do with the fabulous Mr. Martin. I will proudly put a link to your site from mine. So, I saw the Rat Pack movie on Showtime
and thought that Joe Mantegna did a lousy job playing Dino. His voice was strange - he sounded like a bad combination of Bing Crosby and Sugar Bear. Oh, well, I don't think there is ANY actor that could do Dino proper justice. Congratulations on putting together a really
comprehensive and well-done site.
(Kent & Suzanne Smith)
DMFC : Oh boy... you guys must have planned it. The next post after mine was a guy in Tennessee asking if Dean smoked Kent Gold Lights or Kent regular. Does this fellow have an interest in tobacco marketing strategies or is he getting things ready for a big lawsuit against the cigarette companies... or does he think Dean needs a bigger cigarette for his big hands. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
(Samuel Roura - Michigan)
DMFC : I first got interested in Dean, when I was 10 years old in 1968 when I heard him sing "Sitting on top of the world" on his TV show, which I watched each week and which at this time I wish i had been able to tape. Since that time I had bought each Dean Martin LP that was ever sold, and had the entire collection of which I was quite proud. unfortunately My entire LP collection was stolen during a move and none were recovered, (including most Sinatra's, and others), I am now rebuilding my collection in CDs wherever possible, or cassettes.  I cant begin to tell you how much pleasure Deans singing brought to me.. I'm sure I know almost all of his songs, and people are always telling me I sound like Dean Martin doing Dean Martin, and I've always got a Dino song that's humming around.. Well thanks,
Paul Bischoff (Wisconscin)
DMFC : Heard your broadcast up here in Canada. It was nice to hear stories from some of the people who actually knew and worked with Dean. He was a very nice man, and it came across in whatever he did.
(Jean Nostal - Canada)

DMFC : Did Mr Martin smoke Kent gold lights or just Kent regular?
(Paul M. Snell - Tennessee)
DMFC : I saw a post about someone joking about the size of Dino's hands. He's right. I have and still hear more talk about that one stupid subject than almost anything constructive. Here's a man who WORKED in show business because he had a talent. Actually, MANY talents. It's crazy that we can be so entertained, but some people don't let it go at that. They want to know more. In fact, WAY TOO MUCH. The size of Dean's hands? Come on, really look at where these people are spending their thoughts.
(Samuel Roura - Michigan)
DMFC : I recently saw the "Rat Pack" movie on HBO and thought Joe Mantegna did a terrific job portraying Dean. The others did a great job as well. Immediately bought a compilation CD of Dino's "Volare" and "Ain't that a kick" are some of my favorites. As a boy I remember begging  my mom to allow me to stay up on Thursday nights to catch Dean and the gorgeous Golddiggers and later the Ding a Ling girls. Upon seeing the HBO movie and reading the Bio, I have learned a valuable lesson from Dean's life."Relax, have fun, and don't let
mean people get to you" God bless you Dino and sing an old Italian song up there in heaven. I am sure my mother and father will be dancing!
(John Vastola - Florida)
DMFC : I just finished watching Oceans 11 which I rented from my video store. Even thought it is an overall good movie, the editing is terrible!!! A LOT of the caracture actors even have their voices re-recorded. Take a closer look at it again, and tell me that this film has a lot of technical problems! Maybe the idea of re-releasing it to the big screen was squashed because these things would boldly stand out!
(Terry Lawson - Hawaii)
DMFC : I once remember hearing that Dean's favorite holiday in the US was not New Years' Eve, like you might think, but rather Halloween. Maybe he liked being who he wanted behind a mask.
(Tippy Caldron - Austria)
DMFC : My husband sang Dean Martin songs to me in high school.  Way back in 1968, 1969, and 1970.  I fell in love with him then - but I don't know if it was Dean or my husband I fell in love with!  Just kidding!  He has several old albums of Dean's and would like to get more.
(Vikki Ferguson - New Mexico)
DMFC : I am 15 years old, and have been a Dean Martin fan since I was 5. I remember my teacher playing Dean Martin's songs during our "nap" time back then. She must have known that Dean's soft beautiful voice would help all us take our naps. I Love Dean!
(Jessica Montgomery - New Hampshire)
DMFC : What were the names of the "spy" movies did he do. I have seen only one with Ann Margaret .
(Adam T. Flores)
Adam - Murderers Row, The Silencers, The Wrecking Crew, and The Ambushers. All "Matt Helm" Films.
(Web Director - Web Director)
DMFC : I grew up listening to Dean Martin's songs since I was a small boy. He has been an inspiration to me through all the ups and downs. His songs not only carried me through the rough times, but when I hear certain songs again, I remember place I was, and most often I remember my wife who passed away a few years ago. I miss her so much, but Dean Martin's music makes me think that she's still standing next to me sometimes.
(Paul Steiner - Florida)
DMFC : I heard that there is a search for someone to play Dean Martin in a new (secret) movie being made, and it's not the Martin Scorscee one. I also heard that they are bringing actors in telling them they are auditioning for the part of Frank Sinatra, when it is really Dean Martin, but they don't want anyone to know. This is only rumor right now, but from good sources.
(T. W. Lorring)
DMFC : There's a great article in the new issue of "Movieline" with Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover. They devote a full page to Dean's movie, "Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed" as "Bad Movies We Love".
(Tony Lewinski - Delaware)
DMFC : As a resident of Las Vegas and active member in the city for the past forty years, I have crossed paths with Dean Martin on numerous occasions. I remember the story that one night the police were called to the (at the time) International Hotel because someone was throwing rocks from their window at cars below. After the police with hotel security searched for over 20 minutes to find what was going on, they happened to go out on the roof of the car port, which was the area the pool was located, and found Dean with a couple of his golfing buddies. Seems they were having a friendly practice session when occasionally a ball would drift off the roof, and go sailing out into the driveway.
Dean was so sorry that he didn't realize what he was doing, that he immediately apologized and offered new vehicles to anyone that he damaged beyond repair. Fortunately, not a car was struck or nobody hurt... but I think they took their business over to the "Desert Inn" where they could play on ground level.
(Joe Clambsey - Nevada)
DMFC : We saw a write up of you and your company in our newspaper here in Tokyo and must say that we are big fans of Mr. Martin. Dean Martin isn't someone who we are just now finding out about. We have loved Mr. Martin since we first heard of him many many years ago when he performed with Jerry Lewis. I am finding that Mr. Martin was a mystery to much of American people as he was to us over here. We have given many thank yous for what you are doing.
(Jasi and Cruisha Nakatti - Japan)
DMFC : Maybe I'm missing something, but I cannot believe the nerve of John Gordan in his criticism of some of the more passionate Dean Martin fans.  So what if a woman wants to name her cats after the Rat Pack?!  Dean and Frank showed us all what "cool" is all about, and nothing is cooler than a cat!
(Darren Gauthier - Louisiana)
DMFC : As a long time Dino fan, your site is great!
(Cathy Groogan - New Zealand)
DMFC : This place has a couple of Dean Martin items for auction: "R&R Enterprises". Their phone number is 800-937-3880. Ask them for a catalog and to be added to their mailing list. As a caution: buyer beware, don't always believe in "Certificates of Authenticity". Anyone can write them. Check out everything yourself. Know what you're bidding on and buying.
(Gary Leiberman - Illinois)
DMFC : I can't believe all the over obsessed people there are with Dean Martin. I know a lady who does nothing but sit at home and make terrible home dubs of old Dean Martin shows. I know of a group of people who recently spent weeks e-mailing back and forth about the size of Dean's hands and how he held his cigarette. I know of another lady who has two dozen cats all named after Dean Martin, his kids, and the Rat Pack (Her black cat---- well you know the punch line---- but it's for real). I say---- WAKE UP AND GET A LIFE!
By the way, I thought Dean smoked Camels, or was it Kent's ?
(John Gordan - California)
DMFC : I saw "Who was that Lady" on cable TV and recalled once when I was shopping in a store years ago, Tony Curtis happened to be shopping there too. As I walked by him, he was talking to a clerk and she was asking about Dean Martin. Mr. Curtis went on and on about how wonderful Dean was, and how he was a true "down to earth" person who didn't let Hollywood or his fame get in the way. I must have stood there for ten minutes listening, and the whole time all they talked about was Dean, and how much of a friend he was to a lot of people.
(Ann P. Meyers - California)
DMFC : Heard your show on Radio America a couple nights ago and had to visit your site. Fantastic. I couldn't finish reading it all tonight.
(Issac Duva - Florida)
DMFC : I grew up listening to Dean Martin. He was much better than all the rest! It's nice to see his talents being appreciated finally,
(Samantha Knight)
DMFC : Nolan at Night was a great show. I wish you guys could have talked about Dino for the whole night. He seemed to be a very interesting man even in private life. One thing you mentioned was about Dean's drinking. I knew he couldn't drink as much as he came off showing, but to believe he did was entertaining for all of us back then. I'll bet if Dean were still alive today, he would have found another image that would be acceptable in today's time. You were right, he was a very smart fellow who knew what the public wanted and he had the talent to create it and give it to us!
(Allan Permuri - New York)
DMFC : I wanted to post that you guys are doing a great job and tell everyone that you are the official sourse of information. I've been looking at other website and find they like to report or talk about rumors. You guys have all the facts. (Just wanted to set that straight).
(Tai Smith - Japan)
DMFC : I just purchased a new CD of Dean Martin's called "Making Spirits Bright" and it is soooo good! Please tell you readers to get this for Christmas!
(Joel Geffer)
DMFC : I listened to Nolan at Night and heard some songs that I haven't heard in a while. I'm glad that Dean Martin is not forgotten, and now finding your web page and listening to Mr. Daniels talk, I am so happy. Thank you for an entertaining show.
(Beverly DeVires - Tennessee)
DMFC : I am so glad to have found you. I was coming home from the store and caught your radio show in the middle talking about Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. I never really knew why they broke up. Thanks for answering a question that has been bothering me for many years.
(Shirley Young - Arizona)
DMFC : Heard Mr. Daniels on WOLF here in Syracuse and have now become another fan of Dean Martin's! Where do I sign up?
(Bob H Harris - New York)
DMFC : I know Dean has sung a song "I will always love you". Is it the same song sung by Whitney Houston in the movie "Body Guard" Thank you for your attention.
(Wai C. Lee)
Dear Wai - Sorry, no. Dean's song is "I'll Always Love You"
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : Neil... great show! Kudos to Gary Nolan for having you as a guest. I'll bet Gary Nolans rating went sky high tonight.
(Pamela Bochco - Oregon)
DMFC : Great show tonight with Gary Nolan! I never really thought as much about Dean Martin as an actor until you mentioned all the films he has been in. It's like re-discovering a lost actor all over again.
(Gary Atwood - New York)
DMFC : Heard you on the radio here in West Virginia and was amazed at what you are doing with your organization for Dean Martin. Keep it Up!
(Elizabeth Bell - West Virginia)