DMFC : When I was younger (I'm 47 now) there was one thing my father and I could agree on. We both liked Dean Martin! He was a wonderful singer and didn't seem to have a bad side. The respect he had for the guests on his T.V. show was genuine . Most of all he seemed to be having a great time and as his audience we felt part of it.The best part though was his music. Even when I was a small child I would play his records over and over. That era seemed a better time and holds fond memories for me.When I hear a Dean Martin song it takes me back to that time and makes me smile.My Dad's gone now but somehow he comes back when I hear Dean.
(Larry Kazakoff)
DMFC : Dean Martin is the greatest entertainer that ever lived!
(John Hatter - England)
DMFC : I know that the Celebrity Roasts are available, but what we really want are the Variety Shows! Even ONE of them would carry me through for a while.
(Keri Kline - Washington)
DMFC : I have a mint copy of a 45rpm recording that I cannot find in your discography. Perhaps you can tell me it's history. Here is the info: Capitol label; "Swingin' Down Yonder, Dean Martin"; Album 576, 2-576, (F2-576); Songs: "When It's Sleepy Time Down South", "Mississippi Mud", "Georgia On My Mind","Just A Little Bit South Of North Carolina."  Two tracks each side. Hope you can help....
(John Moretti - California)
Dear John - The reason you couldn't find this listed in our discography is because this is an "EP" (Extended Play 45). We haven't completed or posted that section yet. You have Part 2 from a 3 part set. Released in July of 1955. A full length 12" 33 RPM Long Play album was released with 12 songs on it. Capitol would sometimes make these "EP's" , which were the same... only in 7" 45 RPM format. They would have to make two or three in a set to have all the songs released.
Your's is numbered "EAP-2-256". The first one is EAP-1-256, and the third is EAP3-256. They all came with covers that looked exactly like the album's too. You didn't say if you had a cover?
If you check our discography under LP's, you will find this title for the 12" LP. Use the song list there for the information about recording dates and master numbers. Unfortunately, it's not a "Lost" or very "Rare" record. If you have the cover, and it's in "Mint Shape" (No Scratches, Like Brand New) it would only be worth about $ 15 to $ 20.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : Hi all you Dino fans! This is a fabulous site for a greatly missed fabulous entertainer. I am only 39 years old and have recently fallen in love with all Dean stood for. My parents think it's neat that I have fallen for "their" style of music. I have begun collecting albums (both 33 and 45rpm vinyl) and my car's CD player is filled with his incredible music. I recently heard of the TV movie about the Rat Pack, but refused to watch it. I believe no one can portray Dino better than himself and didn't want to be tainted with bad acting. I will never watch it. I would rather sit down with a good bio book or original movie. Dino Crocetti will live in memory forever.
(John Moretti - California)
DMFC : Found your name and web-site in the new Christmas CD. You've got a great site! Keep up the good work. I'll check back often.
(Henry Rush - Canada)
DMFC : Hi Dino Fans, I am desperately looking for the lyrics of the following songs: "C'est si bon" and "In the Street Where You Live" It would be great if you could help me with this. Thank you very much in advance.
(Jasmin Perwin)
Dear Jasmin - You probably mean "'ON' The Street Where You Live". We have found the lyrics and have posted them on the lyrics page of our site! "C'est si Bon" will be coming soon! Just keep checking back for the additions that will be happening!
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : NEW RUMOR ALERT ... New World Pictures is looking for a Dean Martin look-a-like for an upcoming project.
(Hank Bradley)
DMFC : There is no voice like Dean's. Overtime I hear him sing my toes curl up. My family laughs. Everyone that knows me thinks I'm crazy.
Christmas Day we were at one of my daughters' for dinner. My grandson came into the kitchen to tell me to come and watch TV. I cried Dean had passed away. My family was so upset for me.
In the sixties, my boss used to put his records on every morning (especially Volare). He said I worked better with his (Dean's) music. My husband teased, often he would say to the kids, "Look at your Mom's toes".
DMFC : I just bought a copy of a new Dean Martin CD here called "Dean Martin Love Songs". It has a couple of live tracks and some tracks from the old radio shows. It sounds great!
(Wylie Sullivan - Sydney, Australia)
DMFC : What year did Dean Martin's son, Dino pass away in that plane accident? What type of plane was it?
(Tira Turan - Saudi Arabia)
Dear Tira - It was on March 21, 1987. The "plane" was a Phantom F4-C Jet and went down in Riverside County in California.
(Web Director- DMFC)
DMFC : A new video called "Sinatra Off The Record" just came out and it is great. It was originally a CBS TV news special hosted by Walter Cronkite back in 1965. Sinatra is interviewed, as he talks about his family, the so called "mob", and his Rat Pack pals. It has some different scenes from The "Rat Pack Captured" Dismas House show from different angels and shows Dean cutting up with Frank from back stage with Sammy Davis Jr. It's too bad that this special is only 45 minutes long. They must have more footage that they could have added, but I'm thankful for what they have released now!
(Tim Birch - California)
DMFC : My Spirits are much brighter now! Thank you DEAN MARTIN (Oh, and Capitol. It's the best present of the year)
(Ms. Dunning)
DMFC : I just read that Tom Hanks is still schedules to do the Dean Martin movie next year. It was in one of the entertainment Trade Papers. Daily Variety I believe.
(Theresa Sheldon - Washington D.C.)
DMFC: I pre-ordered my "Making Spirits Bright" from your web-site, and got it right away. It is fantastic, and has a great book with it. Tell everyone to get it for Christmas, or ask for it as a present!
(Becky Ann Jackson - Virginia)
DMFC : Just got the new Christmas CD and WOW!
(Alex Codey - Rhose Island)
DMFC : Our radio station here announced your fan club and web address. They play a lot of Dean Martin, and I am glad they do. I am glad that they mentioned you.
(Fran Balsam - Belgium)
DMFC : I learned to love Dean Martin through my dad's love of music and movies. The movie, "The Rat Pack" that HBO recently released is a wonderful portrayal of those great guys.  Joe Mantegna did a great job, but he'll never be as great as Dean. As years have gone by, I wasn't able to keep up with the "what's - what" of these great entertainers, especially Dean.  When Frank Sinatra died recently, it caused me to reflect back and I realized that I never knew exactly what happened with Dean Martin.  I know he has passed away, but can you fill me in on when and what was the cause?
(Linda J. White)
Dear Linda - Dean passed away on Christmas morning 1995. Officially listed as acute respitory failure... it was mostly the smoking and performing all those years in smoke filled rooms and clubs.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : I received the copy (sheet music) of "Return to Me" ----- Thank you so much!!!! It may be old, but it photocopied beautifully! I am very excited that I will get to sing this at the Reno Italian Festival next month. I'm also "singing" the praises of the Dean Martin Fan Center and sharing of your generosity. I even have a friend who may be joining the club. I will be sure to pass on the Fan Center information to her.
Thanks, once again, for your time and efforts.
(Michael McCarty)
(Greg Rashan - Belguim)
DMFC : A friend of mine was an usher at the Paramount Theater way back when Martin and Lewis performed there. I have some interesting srories that I will send you for your bulletin, along with some great candid pictures both inside and outside the theater.
(Danny Kehoe - New Jersey)
DMFC : Hello. Just happened to stumble on your web site of Dean Martin.  I find it very interesting!  I grew up 26 miles from Steubenville, OH.  Dean was a great entertainer and actor that is surely missed.  The bio was great!  Keep up the good work! Sincerely,
(Ed Shank)
DMFC : Please answer a question for me. There is now talk of the Dean Martin movie being canceled by Warner Brothers. What is the REAL story?
(Kathy Gower - Wisconsin)
Dear Kathy - The truth... NOTHING has been canceled. Actually, other than writing and discussions... not much else has been started, so there isn't anything to cancel. Everything IS STILL going on as it has been!
(Web Director - DMFC)
Dear DMFC : Took the time tonight at work to visit your site. Being a novice computer person, I was looking for something like this. I Printed an application form, and will be sending it in to join. Although my e-mail is @ work, the prospects of a home computer seem more optimistic. Look forward to joining your fan club.
(Robert Bowen - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. My husband and I really enjoy Dean Martin's music as well as the old Martin and Lewis movies and TV shows. There is just something about watching the two of them together that makes a person feel good. The problem is afterwards, when all one can think about is how could two people work so well together and be so close to one another, and then just walk away and apparently never look back? It kind of
puts a damper on things. I guess these videos would be more fun to watch if one could believe that they never stopped being friends and maybe even occasionally played golf together. Anyway, thanks again.
(J. Boyd, Maryland)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin is the Greatest! I recently saw the movie "Airport" again, and was on the edge of my seat. I forgot how great an actor he was besides being a beautiful singer!
(George Bototin - Hungary)
Dear DMFC : What happened? It seems like ever since the HBO movie was on TV, the interest in the group slowed down. My friends aren't even going out to the clubs much. I hope this is just a small time out!
(Elliot Redgrave - California)
Dear DMFC : Did Jerry Lewis attend Dean Martin's funeral? Was there any evidence of a friendship in the last years of Mr. Martin's life?
(J. Boyd - Maryland)
Dear J. - Yes & Yes. Your question could take a book to comment on.
(Web Director - DMFC)
Dear DMFC : When was the last time that Sonny King (Dean's old roommate) and Dean saw each other? I believe that Sonny was the one who introduced both Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis to each other.
(Wayne Sawyer - Belgium)
Dear Wayne - Probably in February of 1983 in Palm Springs, California. It was a "Rat Pack" benefit for Desert Hospital with Sinatra and Davis. Rumor is that Sonny was slightly mad at the fact that Dean had not made any attempt to correspond with him for many many years. Maybe soon we can interview Sonny and hear his real stories.
(Web Director - DMFC)
Dear DMFC : It was so nice to hear one of Dean Martin's daughters mention your organization. I am glad that we were able to learn about you and your club. I want to join immediately!
(Josie Lynn Campbell - New York)
Dear DMFC : If Jerry Lewis is reading this... please let us hear more about your partner Dean Martin. Could you write a book or do some sort of TV special showing all your old clips? That would be so wonderful and such a great tribute!
(G. Greenwood - California)
Dear DMFC : I have always heard about and read about the reunion of Dean and Jerry on one of Jerry's old telethon's, but it took me by surprise to see it broadcasted again today!
(Bobby Carcoa - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Very nice tribute Jerry Lewis did to Frank Sinatra on his telethon. It was wonderful seeing the clip where Frank brought he and Dean together again.
(Linda Fawn - Utah)
Dear DMFC : Nice review in "Discoveries Magazine" about your web-site. I'm glad they helped me find you! Dean Martin has been my idol since I saw my first Martin and Lewis movie in the 50's. With all the attention he is getting again, it's hard to think that he's gone.
(Brian Reynolds - Texas)
Dear DMFC : When I was in high school I was taken to see Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis at the Fox Theater in San Francisco. I cannot remember when it was. Do you know when they were there?
Dear Lola - Let's see if someone out there may know the exact dates you are seeking.
(Web Director - DMFC)
Dear DMFC : I have recently became a new fan of Dean.  I've always been aware of him but never really started to listen to his music until I saw the special presentation of a "Rat Pack" performance on TV Land.  Since then I haven't been able to get enough of Dean.  Being only 28 I know many of my peers can't get into this type of music but I could care less.  This is how legends live on!
(Greg Harrington - New York)
Dear DMFC : Don't forget over this Labor Day weekend that the Jerry Lewis telethon for the fight against MD was started by both Jerry Lewis AND Dean Martin!
(Lilian Geary - Minnesota)
Dear DMFC : What a great program I heard this morning on KDKA. Please have more of these devoted to Dean!
(T.J. Barken)
Dear DMFC : How much would an autographed picture of Dean's be worth? I saw one at an autograph dealer store, and was going to purchase it for my Mom, but I thought I'd do some research, and someone told me about you guys.
(Sally Milan)
Dear Sally - We get this question all the time. First thing you must remember is that MOST of the autographs out there are not really Dean's. They were either signed by one of Dean's personal secretaries or simply just forged. The only way for us to tell is to look at the actual item itself. The market value for a typical signed 8 X 10 is somewhere in the range of $50.00 to $ 75.00. It may be low, due to the facts of all the counterfeits out there.
(Web Director - DMFC)
Dear DMFC : You need a show of you own! Rob Pratte sounds like a great Dino fan, and you two seem to know so many interesting things.
(Louis Rosen - West Virginia)
Dear DMFC : Once again, thanks for a wonderful show. When I heard that Neil from the Dean Martin Fan Club would be on the radio again, I set my alarm to not miss it! He hits the nail right on the head when asked about specific questions in Dean's life. It seems that we all hear the same stories over and over, except they get added to and built upon. I often wondered if these people who say these things about Dean today would have said these things back in the sixties or seventies when Dean was in his hey-day.
A lot of it stems from an earlier book that was written, which in my opinion isn't very good except for a cronilogical listing of facts. Most of the opinions are that of the author. This source is the root of most of what we hear today. It's refreshing to hear other things, and to hear Neil say to just view it all as "entertainment" and not read anymore into it. An earlier person posted that Neil should write his own book with the first hand knowledge he has. Thanks again for an entertaining show.
(Corine Miller - New York)
(Bob Shore - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : Just want to say hi to the family. I guess you've heard it all, but I grew up on his songs & movies,and it is a gift from the Good Lord to provide such wonderful entertainment such as Dean gave to the world. Thanks
(Sue Klug)
Dear DMFC : I am a big Dean fan, so was my dad.  When will Dean get his day without Frank being mentioned in the same sentence. Dean was more talented, a better singer, actor and also a lot better looking. I can't wait til Martin Scorceses releases his movie about Dean. Maybe Dean can stand alone without the press pushing Frank down our throats.
(Mike Kiefer)
Dear DMFC : I was in Atlantic City last week, and overheard a conversation between a fellow that worked there and a hotel guest, about Dean Martin. He told the customer that a show is in the works with "Rat Pack" impersonators of Dean, Frank, Sammy, Peter and Joey, and that they hope to have it ready by Thanksgiving. That would be so much fun for all us fans!
(Helen Wickersham - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Could you please tell us more about Dean's children? What are they doing now? How are they and how have they coped with the loss of their father?
(Greer Archer)
Dear Greer - We are planning on having an article soon in our newsletter about what you asked, and YES... all are doing very well!
(Web Director - DMFC)
Dear DMFC : Okay, so I blew up when I first saw it. Actually, the Dean Martin part of the HBO special wasn't too bad at all. Still, the rest was crappy, but like I just read, it's over and forgotten!
(Kelly Tewall - New York)
Dear DMFC : I am a big Marilyn Monroe fan, and have heard from other MM fans that you have got lots of scenes from her last motion picture with Dean Martin that hasn't been seen yet. We just want you to know that we would all love to be able to see what you guys have!
(Donald VanCummings - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : Saw a book on the life of Peter Lawford at a garage sale, and there was plenty of Dean Martin in it. I passed it up, but now I wish I could remember the name of it. Maybe someone could help me.
(Mrs. S. Drastil - Mississippi)
Dear DMFC : I am brand new to Dean Martin. We don't see many of his movies here in Brazil, but we do hear his songs sometimes on the radio. I heard about you from a friend who heard on the radio about the Dean Martin Center. I am very happy to learn more and thank you for all you are doing. Very best.
(Picado Hima - Brazil)
Dear DMFC : I guess the HBO movie pooped out. With all the hype, print ads, commercials, billboards and talk... I don't hear a word a week later!
(Deidre Gilman - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : I wonder why Dean did not receive a  Catholic  burial Mass like Sinatra did. He  made a lot more references to being a (lapsed) catholic than did Sinatra? God bless and take care.
(Terri Haskins)
Dear DMFC : I've been a fan of Dean Martin for some years.  I love listening to him and saw several of his concerts on TV.  Unfortunately, he died before I could get a chance to see him in real life.  I just wanted to say I love him. Thanks for your attention.
(Barbi - Mississippi)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin has been my favorite since I was just a child. I am so glad that I found your organization. I read an article on Frank Sinatra's Pack, and what you had said about Dean Martin's involvement. I am glad that I can now understand it better thanks to you clearing some questions up. I will be joining your fan club right away!
(Eben Burrows - New Zealand)
Dear DMFC : The "Rat Pack" movie was on HBO, not "Biography" or an educational network. Entertainment, but at the expense of people who have passed on.
(Tom R. Johnstone - New York)
Dear DMFC : I am glad that the role of Dean in the Rat Pack movie was more laid-back. The attention focused more on Sinatra and Kennedy and the underworld, but Dean was depecited more like who he really was... a man who went along for the ride, but stood up when he saw what was coming! I think they did a decent job.
(Tammy Stevens - New Hampshire)
Dear DMFC : Does HBO have any Mob Ties?
(Anthony DiMacco - Italy)
Dear DMFC : HBO... (H)iddeously (B)ad (O)rdeal. Don't blame the actors... blame HBO and Rob Cohen for it.
(Kelly Tewall - New York)
Dear DMFC : I found the HBO movie very interesting. I didn't see a lot of personal stuff about Martin but it was loaded with stuff about Sinatra and the mob and the Kennedys.  Some if Sammy too. It had a very interesting look to it.  Very overexposed and all colored yellow/orange with a  lot of smoke added to almost every scene.
The acting was fairly good - Martin's character had very few lines but mostly they were side comments or snide remarks about a given situation.  Of course I take it for what it's worth, a TV movie of the week.
(Lawrence Blythe - California)
Dear DMFC : You guys were right. I just read your bulletin board page, and the comment from Signa Bartlett is right on the money! This wasn't the "real" Rat Pack or even conveyed what the real group "had". People need to go back and see the originals.
(Donna Harpark - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Just finished watching the awful HBO movie on the Rat Pack (Frank, Dean, Sammy, Joey, Peter, Kennedy and all). I could have just found some old copies of the National Inquirer and read it all in 5 minutes!
(Joe Cardellia)
Dear DMFC: Listening to Neil Daniels this Saturday morning on KDKA Radio, 1020, Pittsburgh, PA made for a wonderful start to my day.  I have always been a fan of Dean Martin's, hearing the stories and lore of Dean by Mr. Daniels was true enjoyment for me. Although I am in my early forties, I can recall the many movies and television shows of Dean's from the sixties that kept me enthralled of this mega-star talent.  The Dean Martin show on NBC was one of my favorite shows of that era.  When I play my Dean Martin tapes at home my children, 12 and 9 years of age, tell me I'm playing the "dinosaur music"..........I tease them and tell them, "no, it's my DINO-soar music"..........more young people need to be enlightened to the musical successes of Mr. Martin.  Look at how the young listeners today have taken to Tony Bennett !  If only Dean had had that opportunity while he was still healthy and among us.  Thanks for making this a nostalgic and most delightful day, Neil.
(Ed Bronowicz, Jr. - PA)
DMFC : I heard Neil Daniels this morning on KDKA and was very enthralled by his stories and facts. I hope that the Dean Martin movie that Warner Brothers is making will be made with more respect in doing it truthfully. It seems that all these things that are coming out are from people wanting to profit on Dean or Frank or Sammy, and can say and do whatever they want. The problem is, the younger generation won't be able to sort truth from fiction, unless people like you tell the facts as they really are.
(Bob Arthur Forbes - Pennsylvania)
DMFC : What ever happened to Ken Lane, Dean's piano player?
(L. Gamba - Connecticut)
Dear L. - Sadly, Ken Lane passed away a couple years ago. We were very fortunate that the Fan Center was able to have an interview, as ill as he was. Just like Dean, all those years performing in those smoke filled arenas and rooms, along with smoking himself, led to respitory problems. Ken Lane was a very quiet, talented, wonderful man!
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : Listening to you and your comments on the HBO movie was very interesting. I am glad that you told everyone to view it as entertainment. I think that if anyone really wants to know the REAL Dean, they should WATCH the REAL Dean. Go rent his movies, and listen to his CD's. The HBO movie tries to cram so much into a couple of hours, and they are only hitting the highlights that the tabloids tossed back and forth for years.
(Signa Bartlett - Pennsylvania)
DMFC : Mr. Daniels, you were marvelous to listen to on the radio. As soon as you finished, I had to visit your web-site!
(Hank Tublin - Ohio)
DMFC : There is a great site that has a page devoted to "The Golddiggers". It is at www.tvparty.com . I heard on the radio a while ago that your president, Mr. Daniels was once president of the "Golddiggers" club back in 60's and 70's. I'd love to hear his stories.
(Sanga Papett - Belgium)
DMFC : Can you please tell me who played the part of a "drunk" on the Dean Martin Roasts?
(William Raycraft - Canada)
William - His name is Foster Brooks. Foster had a couple of records out in the late 1970's, and one of them, "Highlights from the Dean Martin Roasts" was re-issued on Compact Disc a couple years ago.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : In case this announcement has not been posted yet, the TV Land Cable Channel will rebroadcast the 1965 Rat Pack concert which
Johnny Carson emceed. The 90-minute special will air Thursday, August 20, at 9 pm.
(Bill Goldsbury)
DMFC : I just discovered all about Dean Martin. I am only 20 years old, so I need to do a lot of catching up! I hope some of the things like the TV shows come out so I can see them for the first time!
(Leigh Claymore - Switzerland)
DMFC : When is the next CD going to come out?
(J.B.J. - Kentucky)
Dear JBJ - "Making Spirits Bright" a Christmas compilation is scheduled for the very end of September.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : Saw Deanna's interview on Hardcopy, and it looks like you guys are right about it being just an entertaining movie, and nothing more. The Rat Pack fans are probably going to be talking about this for a long time. Thanks for telling us to keep everything in perspective. After all, it's only a TV movie !
(Mario Sambino - West Virginia)
DMFC : Was Dean's birthday June 7th or June 17th? This is important to me because both days are used.
Dear BJB - It is June 7th. We have his birth certificate on file here at the Dean Martin Fan Center.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : The Dean Martin TV show would be great to see again. Also, how about all those Colgate shows that Jerry Lewis owns? Will they be coming out soon too? Let's not forget them. They were the foundation for Dean's career later.
(M. Schwartz - New Jersey)
DMFC : I am so glad that the roasts are finally becoming available. A big thanks goes to you guys for helping get this done! We can't wait until the regular TV shows become available!
(Catlin Webster - Wyoming)
DMFC : Just saw an interview with Tom Hanks, and the name "Dean Martin" came up. He skirted the issue, but had that wide grin plastered across his face from ear to ear.
(Marian Clandam - Austria)
DMFC : I am a journalist for a major newspaper here in New York, and have seen your site promoting the upcoming HBO movie. I would like to comment on how HBO does not return phone calls or seem to be interested in wanting to give any information about the "Rat Pack" movie. From the moment you call their offices in New York or California, they treat you like you shouldn't be calling them even before they know who you are or what you are calling for. It's very interesting the way they seem to treat interested people with a "we're not interested in you" attitude. Maybe they're trying to hide something... My question is: What's so secret about the Rat Pack movie? I have a feeling that is something they aren't proud of!
(Robert Kanan - New York)
DMFC : Thanks for the info on the Celeb Roasts. It's about time!
(Kay-gee Mullon - Germany)
DMFC : Yes, Next to Dean, "King of Cool", Jerry is going to reign as "Jester of Nerd". I have to agree with your other posts that Jerry Lewis is going to be coming into the forefront very soon.
(Elizabeth Wynet - New Hampshire)
DMFC : I have heard that you guys (Dean Martin Fan Center) have acquired some never before seen footage from "Something's Gotta Give", the movie that Dean had started shooting with Marilyn Monroe before she passed away. I have seen some documentaries that have shown some scenes, but through the "grapevine" I hear that you have unearthed some really rare stuff. I hope you are planning on making this available to us fans!
(Don Patterson)
DMFC : Does anyone have any information about the proposed movie? Will it be filmed in Steubenville?
(John Cilli)
The script is still in the writing stages by Nicholas Pillegi (who wrote Goodfellas & Casino). No one has been casted yet for a number of reasons, mailnly that no one will commit until a final script is submitted. Secondly, as the "Wish List" of actors has been talked about... most of these people have commitments extending into the future, so...
It won't even be a YEAR or more before anything is even started.
As far as Steubenville... The town, is of course written into the script (and as the birthplace of Dean), but the production hasn't even reached the point of assigning a location scout or securing anything other than a working idea. I know that the city of Steubenville would love to see part of the film made there, as would we.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : I wanted to warn Dino fans that someone is bootlegging Dean and Jerry "lunch pails" now. They are even finding old (rusty) tin pails to strip and refinish to make them look very old and authentic. Beware... these are counterfiets. There was never any Martin and Lewis lunchboxes made !
(Jerry "Noon-time" Nolan - Indiana)
DMFC : I have called the Museum of Broadcasting (LA) to get tickets for The Rat Pack movie, and they were all sold out for the performance. They are going to add another showing the next day.
(Charles Hollister - California)
DMFC : I had belonged to the Jerry Lewis Fan Club from France, and I guess I just plain forgot, but yes it seems that they have ceased operations. It's too bad because they were very good.
(Jerry Bothwell - Nebraska)
DMFC : Army Archer's column stated that Martin Scorsese has put the Dino movie on hold because the actors he wants are busy with other things.
(Terry Begeran - Los Angeles)
DMFC: I have been a fan of Dino since the 60s and have collected in excess of 50 LPs etc. My greatest ambition, when I finished serving in the RN was to visit the States and try to meet my crooning idol.  I even wrote to Sir Jimmy Saville to 'fix it' for me to sing with the man!
Alas, this was not meant to be...I still sing and remember the great man
Any news would be welcome news
Stan Dickson-Lowe - U.K.)
DMFC : Is Dino King of Cool ? No... He's EMPEROR!
( No Name Sent)
DMFC : I heard that there was a Jerry Lewis Fan Club in France. Does anyone know where?
(Derrick Lammont - Washington)
Dear Derrick - The Jerry Lewis fan club in France has been inactive for a while now, but may consider operating again.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : I saw an awful short televised on cable last night. It was one of those "claymation" cartoons with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis punching it out in a boxing arena. Frank Sinatra was in Dean's court, and Sammy Davis, Jr. was in Jerry's. Although it was made to be humorous, I found it a bit insensitive to air this soon soon after Frank Sinatra's passing. It's someone else just trying to capitalize once again. So sad for their families.
(Eve Paich - Florida)
DMFC : I am a member of what you would call the "Lounge Scene" or the new term, "Easy Poppers", and yes, there is a lot of talk about Jerry Lewis among all us fans of that era. Not necessarily a fan of Jerry's movies, but more of his relationship with Dean Martin, and the years that followed with Sammy and Frank. Jerry also had his own "Las Vegas" years, and was the number one comedian on "The Strip" throughout the sixties and seventies. The amazing thing is that Jerry (Just like Tony Bennett) is still doing it today!
Another person who is bubbling underground is Vic Damone. Keep an eye out for a change in his career with all the attention he's starting to get! Still, none can top the "big three", except I think Dino was the leader of the bunch!
(Brandon Gardner - Los Angeles)
DMFC : There is an article on Joey Bishop in the new issue of "The Big Reel" and the new TV Guide. He is always mentioned with the Rat Pack.
(Lesley Dupree)
Dear Lesley - It seems that Joey Bishop is finally getting his due, and Jerry Lewis is getting another round... but this time it's back to the beginnings with Dino!
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : To Add To Derrick From Washington's comment, Yes it's true. Jerry Lewis is the "Underground" happening right now. I know collectors who are hording up all the Jerry Lewis items that they can find and pack away.
(Frank Darren - Washington)
DMFC :   Dean Martin made a magnificant or amazing contract for his film "Something Big", in which it is said word by word "The production
makes Mr. Dean Martin and his crew 5 bottles of exquisite Scottish Whisky 'xxx' available daily." Which brand is it? - Ballantines - Glenlivet - something special ... Does Someone Know? Many Thanx
(Theo Metzger - Denmark)
DMFC : Quite a nice article on Joey Bishop in this week's TV Guide. It even has a small photo of him with the Rat Pack.
(Greer Archer)
DMFC : With all the talk about Tom Hanks and his new movie "Private Ryan" receiving Oscar nominations, wouldn't this make it very hard to get him to play the role of Dean Martin next? I mean no disrespect, I just thought his salary would be way too high, along with acting in a bio not being in his league anymore.
(Jack Cader - Montana)
DMFC : I saw a commercial for the upcoming HBO movie on the Rat Pack! It didn't show much, but is coming!
(G.G. - Maine, USA)
DMFC : We heard about your organization here in England through the BBC, and want to commend you and your group on the great job you are doing. One question: the chap speaking about your fan center went into a brief summary of your president's (Neil Daniels) connection with Dean all these years. Will he ever write a book or anything outlining his fascinating recolections?
(Kelley Chambers - England)
Dear Kelley - Very possibily so.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : Just as there was a surge for "Lounge" material and various artists last year, guess which person is having underground bubblings right now?...... Dean's old sidekick, Jerry Lewis!
(Derrick Lammont - Washington)
DMFC : Is there a chance that a CD version of Dean singing, "Marshmallow World" might be out there somewhere? I would love to find a clean copy. Thanks
(Rich Wilson)
Dear Rich - Capitol Records has acquired the rights to the Reprise catalog (which has Marshmallow World), and the very next item up is a compilation Christmas CD. It will have Marshmallow World on it, and is due to be released in a few months.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : Regarding the book that is being turned into the Dean Martin movie, how much of the book do you think they will use? I find it a bit hard reading, and it's hard to know where writer Tosches leaves off from fact and interjects his own thoughts.
(Kay Brinkley - California)
Dear Kay - All we can say is that Nicholas Pilleggi, who is writing the movie, is doing an excellent job of going beyond the book. I think there will be some surprises. Writing has still not been completed yet, so lets not speculate yet.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : I hope now that the movie "Sergeants 3" can come out on video.
(Dr. N. Harrington)
DMFC : I have heard recently that Pierce Brothers have sold their mortuary (where Dean is laid to rest). Do not know if that is true.
(J. Sheer)
DMFC : Are they filming scenes for the new Dean Martin movie yet? I heard that both Tom Hanks and John Travolta are doing other things at the moment.
(Josh Atwood - UK)
Dear Josh - Filming has not begun, and probably won't until next year. Also, the cast has not been chosen as of yet. What you have heard is a "wish list", that may or may not come true. We'll surely keep everyone informed about the movie here on our web-site and in our newsletters!
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : Is Capitol going to put out more of Dean's latter stuff?
(H Chen)
Dear H Chen - Next Up is a Capitol / Reprise Christmas Compilation.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : (To Jerry "Noon-time" Nolan;) Was there a half eaten sandwich in that paper bag you have? Does it look like a small bite or a "Big Mouth" Jerry bite?
(John McMurty - Scotland)
DMFC : The info that I hear from a very good source is that Jim Carrey was never considered for the part of Jerry in the Dean Martin movie. I hear they have someone else in mind.
(H. G. Farnol - California)
DMFC : Regarding Madonna, I heard the same thing years ago.
(Lucas Getz)
DMFC : I am sure glad that I found you. I didn't know there was a club for Dean Martin so now I am excited.
(Christina Powers)
DMFC : Here's more info on my earlier post: It's the library of congress and the smithsonian instution that are working with Bob Dole on developing a national music museum. Nancy Sinatra is heavily involved.
(Vincent Evans - Deleware)
DMFC : Just thought you'd like to know that an ashtray from Dino's Lodge just sold in an auction for over $ 500.00! COOL!!!
(Scott Arnett - Canada)